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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fucking My Ex-girlfriend – Erotic Sexy Story

Hi, guys, this is Karan. I’m 26 years old, 5’8” tall from Hyderabad. I am new to ISS. I really want to share my sexual intercourse with my ex-girlfriend who got married and is a mother of a child.

Coming to the story, let me start about the introduction of my ex-girlfriend. Her name is Vaishnavi. She’s 5’6” tall and has a sexy figure of 34-28-34. She has a perfect figure that if you see her you just only think of fucking her. She’s a sex goddess.

Vaishnavi and I were lovers in our college days (B.Tech). We casually had romance in the college. Everything was going well those days. Suddenly due to some reasons, we broke up in the 4th year of our B. Tech. After completing our college she got married.

I felt very upset and I tried to forget her. After about 4 months after her marriage, I came to know that she’s pregnant. That disturbed me even more. So I tried my level best to forget her. Days passed and one day I heard that she is a mother now. I ignored totally and I started to search for a job in Hyderabad.

I couldn’t find any job so I started to prepare for government jobs. One day all of a sudden I got a call from Vaishnavi. Actually, I didn’t know that was Vaishnavi because I deleted her number after the breakup. We talked casually and that day on the phone she was very sentimental.

We talked for some time and we hung up. After that day she started to text me through WhatsApp. In the beginning, the conversation between us was quite good. A few days passed on she started to ask me did you find a new girlfriend. I said no. On the same day, she said that she wants me in her life even though she is married.

Vaishnavi: I want you in my life even though I’m married.

Me: That is wrong you are married and you must be with your husband.

Vaishnavi: I don’t want my husband I want you.

Me: Sorry yaar.

Vaishnavi: Okay if you don’t want to come into my life again, then I want a child from you.

I was totally shocked and I said, “Are you mad? You are married and a mother of a child and you want a child from me. She said, “If you give me a child I will be with him/her rest of my life thinking about you.” I started to convince her that this is wrong but she is not ready to listen to my word.

She literally wants to have sex with me and make her pregnant. After a lot of conversation, I told her I will fuck you and give you a child. So we started to plan how to have sex when her husband is here. After a few days after the conversation, her husband has some office work.

He has to go to Mumbai for 4 days and that was the chance for us both to have sex and make her pregnant. Vaishnavi’s husband left in the evening. She called and told that her husband left. She told me to come to her house. As it was a 4 days trip, I packed some clothes and reached her house.

It’s been a long time since we met so I took some flowers. I rang the bell and she opened the door. She was in a red saree with a red sleeveless blouse. She is so beautiful than before her marriage. She is looking so sexy in the red saree. She is not a girl anymore.

She is a milf who became very sexy after her marriage. But she didn’t lose her body shape after having sex with her husband and giving birth to a child. She welcomed me in and as it’s been a long time as I went in I hugged her. I placed my hands on her cheeks and slowly I started giving her liplock very gently.

Her lower lip was in between my lips and we started playing with our tongues. We were exchanging our saliva and we started gaining some sexual mood. I placed my left hand on her waist and pressed it. She was moaning a little bit. We started to walk while we were kissing and we reached sofa.

I pushed her on the sofa. I started to remove my shirt and she was looking at me. Her eyes filled with lust and she started saying, “Let us begin to give me a baby, Karan”. I slowly removed her saree pallu from her shoulder. I can see her milky white chest part.

I placed my hand on her neck area. I was moving my hand very gently. I started to kiss her neck and then placed my hand on her right breast. I slowly started pressing it, it is still stiff as it was in our college days. I started removing her blouse, kissing her breasts. She is wearing a red bra which is matching her saree.

I pulled down her bra cups. I can see her tiny light brown nipples. I started licking her right nipple. I was pinching her left nipple and she was moaning. Her moans were so romantic. She placed her hand on my head and she started pressing my head with the breasts.

I squeezed her both boobs with my both hands and pinched her nipples. After sometime Vaishnavi started to unzip my pants. She caught my rod with her smooth hands and gave a jerk to my rod. She slowly pulled my penis skin down. She brought her tongue out and licked my penis from my balls to the top.

Then kept my 7.1’’ rod in her mouth and started sucking. I was like in heaven. I was in total shock. I was in cloud 9. The feeling of your dick getting sucked by a sexy girl. She has sucked my dick for more than 20 minutes. After that, I took her to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. She has a good body structure.

She is half nude. I was eager to see her pussy. So I told her to remove her petticoat. She removed her petticoat. She wore red panties she told me to remove that. So I laid her on the bed. I did not remove her panty but I tore it suddenly by pulling it.

Her pussy was shaved cleanly. I spread her legs. Then I spread her cunt lips and I put my tongue into her pussy slightly. It tasted good, so I sucked her pussy like an animal. She started screaming, “ Suck it Karan suck it like an animal.” Vaishnavi pulled her right leg towards her breast.

Her left hand was pushing my head into her pussy. I sucked her sexy pink lips pussy for thirty minutes. Vaishnavi said, “Stop it, Karan, I am satisfied, please stop sucking it and start hardcore and give me a baby.” So I told her to make my penis wet. She sucked my penis for two minutes.

I made her lie down and told her to spread her legs. She pulled her legs towards her breast and spread her legs. I first beat her pussy with my penis. She moaned. Then I slowly entered my penis into her pussy. It is very warm inside and it is very wet too. I first pushed my penis slowly into her pussy.

She moaned slightly. Then I slowly increased the speed and the feeling was awesome. I could not stop myself. I increased my speed. As I was pushing my rod into her pussy, she started shouting. For each and every push she screamed loudly. But I did not care that. I fucked her like that for five minutes.

I made her sit on me and made her jump. She actually sat on my penis like a porn star and she moved her ass like a porn star. She started jumping and while jumping her boobs were bouncing like springs. I caught them and I squeezed them like melons. I pinched her nipples.

While I was pinching her nipples she was looking at me and laughing. She was tired of jumping. But I lifted a little bit and pushed my penis into her ass. She screamed. I fucked her like that for two minutes and then I told her to bend to fuck in doggy style. So she bent in doggy style.

When she bent in front of me I saw her ass. I could not stop myself and I licked her ass and ass hole for ten minutes. Then slowly I rubbed her pussy from the back with my rod. I pushed my rod in her pussy. She was shouting in pain and she actually was crying.

She could not bear the pain. I was ready to cum so I told her. Then she said me to cum in her pussy. I did as she said I cummed a lot. After that Vaishnavi sucked my cock for two minutes and told me that her husband did not fuck me like this.

She told me you have satisfied me and told me “I LOVE YOU KARAN.” We laid on the bed for sometime and started the session again. We had sex continuously for nearly 20 times in 4 days. After her husband came back I left the place. Now she is the mother of my son. Now I got married to a beautiful girl but whenever we get a chance we have sex.

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