Indian Sex Stories A Widow’s Sexual Journey

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عضوية ذهبية
19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
A Widow’s Sexual Journey

Hi, guys, my name is Raj. I am a well-built guy from Kerala and I am gonna share one of my sexual experiences here. It happened when I was just 19 years old.

My mom had a friend named Sumitha. Her husband had died years ago and she was a widow. She worked with my mom and I usually went to her apartment to drop off my mom.

Sumitha was just 34 years old when this happened. After her husband died, all of her friends told her to find someone new but she was old-fashioned. She didn’t want anyone else touching her. She was fair skinned and was a little chubby. But she was chubby in the right areas.

Sumitha and I were good friends and we used to talk a lot. I used to discuss things about my relationships with her and she was always a good listener.

One day my mom asked me to pick up her purse that she had left in Sumitha’s apartment. Since she was my mother’s best friend, there were spare keys to her apartment with us. I, thinking that she had gone to the office, went to Sumitha’s apartment and opened the locks. I found the purse on the table and when I went to get it, I heard a muffled sound from the adjacent room. What I saw in there made my dick stand up in a salute.

There she was. My mom’s best friend – a woman who is almost twice my age – lying on the bed pleasuring herself! Her nightie was pulled up to her knees. She was facing the wall with her head towards me. Her eyes were closed as she moved her fingers. Her whole body was moving rhythmically.

Suddenly, she sensed a presence in the room. She jumped up and saw me. Her face showed a mixture of fear and embarrassment.

I decided to play the role of the mature man. I kept my cool as if it was a normal sight for me.

“I am sorry, Sumitha. I shouldn’t have barged in like this. Sorry for intruding.”

I immediately closed the door and walked out.

“Wait, Raj!”, she cried. I went back in and found Sumitha sobbing. I acted surprised and asked her what was wrong.
“Please don’t tell anyone about this.. Please..”, she sobbed.

“What?! No of course not! What kind of man do you think I am?”
“I am so sorry, Raj. I am not a bad person and I was just trying something new. I am not a vile woman”. She sobbed and stuttered like a teenager discovered by her parents.

I went close to her and sat on the bed.

“Sumitha, you don’t have to explain anything to me. I don’t think you are vile. This is natural. This is something everyone does. You don’t have to be embarrassed or feel guilty.”
“But.. Oh god, you must think that I am a slut or a whore”.

“Of course not, Sumitha. This is something that every person does. I do this. Almost every man and women on this earth does it. You have been alone for a long time. It’s okay. You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” I said holding her hands.

She looked at me with admiration. She was in awe. This wasn’t the reaction she was expecting. She suddenly looked down and saw my boner through my pants. I understood that and immediately got up.

“Anyway, I should leave. And you should uh… enjoy”, I said with a naughty smile as I walked back. Sumitha had a shy smile on her face.


Days passed and whenever we met there was that smile on her face. One fateful day, we finally got some alone time. I and my mom were visiting Sumitha and my mom had an urgent call from the office asking her to check some files which were left at home.

Sumitha was cooking us food and she asked me to stay back and eat and told that she would come soon to pick me up. After eating, I and Sumitha sat on her couch, waiting for my mom.

There were a few moments of awkward silence between us and I finally broke the ice by asking about her work. We talked a bit about that and she asked me about my college and friends, to which I replied by saying that most of the time I am left alone as my friends are with their girlfriends.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend and slowly but steadily, the conversation got hotter.

Finally, she said, “Raju…um.. I have to ask you something. That day.. You said that… you also did it..”
“Yeah,” I said casually.
“Don’t you feel guilty? I mean isn’t it a sin?”

I laughed at that comment. “Sumitha, I don’t believe in sins. I believe that we can do whatever that makes us happy. Masturbating makes me happy so I do it.”

She blushed as she heard that word. Soon the conversation got even hotter as we started talking more about porn and stuff. I was getting an erection which I tried to hide. She noticed it but acted as if she didn’t.

Hours passed and the time was almost 9 pm. It had started to rain so my mom called me and said that due to rain, she won’t be coming and asked me to spend the night at Sumitha’s. She agreed to it instantly as we were discussing those interesting topics.

She asked me, “So when do you do it? I mean is there a particular time or do you do it every time your dick gets hard?” (playfully pointing at my bulge).

“Oh I am sorry about this,” I said embarrassingly covering myself with a cushion. “All the talk about porn excited me,” I said laughing. “I usually do it whenever I am horny. But I always do one before I go to sleep.”

“Oh. you mean around this time..” she said. “You can do it now if you want to. I don’t mind”, she laughed shyly.
“Haha okay. So what about you? when do you do it?”

“Oh, I do it rarely. Before sleep usually.”
“Oh, so around this time? You can do it now if you want. I don’t mind” (I repeated her dialogue in a naughty way).

She instantly blushed. “No No.”
“Come on, are you telling me that these talks about porn haven’t excited you?”, I taunted her.

She became even more shy and redder.

“Maybe”, she said blushing. “Raj, can I ask you something? That day, when you saw me, what did you feel? Did that make you horny?”
“Haha of course it did. When I got home I even..”, I stopped with a smile.

“You what?”
“I thought about that…and did it.”

“What…No Raj, that’s wrong.”
“Why? I am sorry if it offends you but you are a really beautiful woman. I couldn’t control myself.”

“Mmm”, she said blushing. “You wanna do it now?”
“I will if you will.”

“What.. no.. So you can think of me doing it while you masturbate?”. she asked.

“No no.. That’s wrong”, she said. “I am older than you. And… no… it’s wrong”
“What’s wrong in that? To my eyes, you are a beautiful woman. I am sorry if I offended you, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“How do you do it? Do you think of people or just watch porn?”
“How can you even ask me something like that?”, she said blushing.

“Come on, Sumitha. Tell me.”
“I.. don’t know. I definitely don’t watch porn. I just do it when I feel horny. I don’t think we should talk about this anymore.”

“What’s so wrong in that? We are both adults. And I have never been so open with anyone else. You wanna do it, I wanna do it. So what’s so wrong in that? If you want maybe we can even help each other out”, I said as if it wasn’t a big deal.

She looked at me with awe and disbelief. It was as if I said something that should never have been said.

“That’s enough talking for tonight”, she said as she stood up. “Go to bed. Goodnight.”

She walked off. I thought I had really offended her. I followed her and asked her to stop. She stopped but didn’t face me.

“I am sorry if I crossed any limits,” I said.
“Mmm. Goodnight.” And she tried to walk.

I suddenly held her hand to prevent her from leaving. It wasn’t anything new. We were really close and we usually hugged without any bad intentions. But this time, I felt a spark.

“Please, Sumitha. At least face me. I don’t wanna leave things like this. Are you okay?”

She turned around. Her face was red. She was blushing and her lips were trembling. “I am fine”.

She was taking deep breaths. I understood that she was turned on. I looked deep into her eyes and said: “Wow, you are really beautiful.”

She looked at me with big unblinking eyes. I could feel her breath. She then looked down, breaking the eye contact. I slowly lifted her face with my hand. She really liked that move. I kept my hand on her left cheek and she just leaned onto it. I leaned towards her and kissed her. She suddenly withdrew and looked at me in surprise. I understood that she had rejected me.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I walked backward.
“No, wait”, she said. “Nobody has touched me like that since my husband.. it… it felt nice.”

She walked towards me and embraced me. It wasn’t like we hugged before. She pressed her body against mine. I put my arms around her and kissed her. We kissed passionately for a few seconds. She then stopped and withdrew.

“Raj, I haven’t been touched like this since my husband died. I will need some time before we..”
“I understand. I can till you feel comfortable with me. Until then, let me help you”, I said, keeping my hands on her thigh.

“Help me with what?”
“Help you in pleasuring yourself”, I said as I slowly grazed her thighs.

She just looked at me and then looked away. I again started kissing her. My hands moved all over her body, feeling her curves. She was wearing a t-shirt and pants. I slowly squeezed her breasts over her t-shirt. My other hand slowly went between her thighs and started to massage her between her legs. I felt her breathing increase and her shivering.

Slowly, she laid on the couch. I pulled down her pants and then her panties. The smell of wet pussy filled my nose.

Her pussy was shaven but there were a few hairs. It was wet. I slowly moved my fingers over her pussy. She jolted as if an electricity ran through her. She had her eyes closed. Slowly, I put one finger in, took it out and licked it. I slowly placed my head between her laps and kissed on her pussy. She let out a soft moan.

I slowly put my tongue in. My fingers found her clit and pinched softly on it. My tongue moved inside her vagina like a snake. I slowly reached out and grabbed her breasts.

Her breathing pace increased and I understood that she was closing in on an orgasm. Her pussy felt so tight. It grew even tighter as her breathing increased. She started cooing and moaning. And suddenly, she grabbed my hair, lifted her head and let out a big moan. A river of juice rushed onto my face. I tasted it.

Then I slowly got up and kissed her, making her taste herself.

She hugged me, pressing her body against mine. I felt her soft breasts against my chest. I didn’t stop with that. I started massaging her pussy and slowly rubbed her clit. I put on finger inside her. She wasn’t expecting that. She suddenly jolted.

I held her close to me by pressing her against the bed with my body. I kept fingering her and she couldn’t control herself. She was shaking her head wildly and grabbing the bed sheets. She put her legs around me, finally. I tasted her sweat as she squirmed. She moaned and cried. Her eyes were wide open and with each passing moment, her breathing increased. She was nearing to a second orgasm.

Then I stopped. I took my fingers out and lay next to her before getting up. She looked at me with confusion and disappointment. The waves of pleasure hadn’t left her body yet. As she was vibrating, she asked me with a broken voice: “Finish me, please. Make me cum.”

I smiled. “Not yet”, I said as I slowly caressed her sweaty body.

“Time for me.”

She slowly got up. The orgasm had taken a lot out of her and it took some time for her to catch her breath. She just sat on the bed naked and wet, looking at me as if she was asking me what she is supposed to do. I kissed her and led her hand to my pants. She slowly massaged it over my jeans.

Then she pushed me on to the bed and unzipped my pants. Within seconds, I was naked with my dick standing up towards her.

She slowly grabbed it and started stroking.

“It’s been a while since I took a dick. So you will have to guide me”, she said as she stroked.

“You are doing good,” I said as I laid back, enjoying the hand job.

After a few minutes of stroking, I knew that her hand was getting tired. She kept exchanging my dick between her left hand and right hand. I just laid there enjoying the amateur and sloppy hand job.

Suddenly, she surprised me. I felt her lips on my balls. It gave me a sudden jolt and I looked up. She was looking at me with lustful eyes as she sucked my balls.

“I have always wanted to suck a cock,” she said taking a moment from my balls.

She grabbed my dick and licked up the shaft. She reached the top and circled my dick head with her tongue. Whilst doing this, she fondled with my balls. She was keeping me on my toes as she sucked me like a pro. I knew I couldn’t keep it up long as she would make me cum.

On the verge of an orgasm, I reached out and stopped her. She stopped with a smile of satisfaction.

“Finally. I thought that you would never get near an orgasm”, she said, giggling. I also smiled, stood up on the bed. I sat next to her.

We sat next to each other, looking into each other’s eyes. We were panting and we were sweaty. I slowly grabbed her and hugged her, pressing my naked body against her. I moved my hands all over her back and she did the same. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

I kissed her on her necks, slowly subduing her. She rested herself on my arms and I slowly placed her on the bed. I leaned on to the table to take the condom out of my jeans.

After wearing it, she made me climb on top of her. I lay on her, kissing and sucking her lips. Slowly, I pushed myself up and positioned myself.

My dick penetrated her, Making her moan. I moved my lower body rhythmically, stroking her. My ass raised and fell, delivering hard strokes. The sound of our bodies striking together filled the room.

I put my arm around her, grabbing her closer to my chest. She put her arms around me, pulling herself up. She put her legs around me as if she was being one with me.

The bed shook violently as we copulated. I kept stroking her for a few minutes. With each stroke she held me tighter and tighter, moaning louder and louder. She moved her ass, increasing the intensity of the stroke on both of us. We kept fucking like animals for a long time. But time passed quickly for us. We were both nearing to an orgasm.

I increased my pace, fucking her unlike before. Her moans became more violent as she dug her nails into my bareback. But the pain only fuelled my lust. The bed shook more and more violently.

“Raaj.. Oh god..” she screamed.

She started to have an intense orgasm. I felt her juices leaking on my balls. I kept stroking her screamed with pleasure. I felt the urge built up in me. I didn’t stop. I felt myself release.

I slowly decreased my pace. Finally, within moments, we came to a stop. We lay next to each other coughing. She took my arms and made me put it around her and rested her head on my chest. I planted a small kiss on her forehead and lay there, looking at the ceiling fan, slowly falling asleep.

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