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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Sexy Masseur Maid Got Wet In The Rain

Hi everyone. Ronak here from Ahmedabad. I am back with the concluding part of my story. Those who have not read the first part will not miss much. But reading it will definitely increase the excitement!

So after that first massage, it became a regular affair between me and our maid Tara. Every month twice or thrice I will get a massage from her. She was also happy doing it as it gave her an opportunity to make that extra money. Many times I would just be in my boxer. She would also massage my legs and thighs.

Once in a while, she would put her hand deep inside the sleeve of my boxer during massaging my thighs. My tool would jump up with a jerk whenever she did that. She would smile looking at the movement inside my boxer. I could see her peeking at my hard-on from the corner of her eyes and blushing.

She also gave me a massage on my chest and stomach. She really teased my nipples while massaging my chest. I gauged that now was the time to make my final move. I was sure that she had kept our massage sessions a secret between us only.

It was in the month of August when one morning it was quite cloudy. She didn’t turn up on her regular time. My wife left for work as usual. I asked her to take an auto as it looked like it was going to rain. I was in no hurry as I had an appointment with a customer at 10:30.

His office was nearby my house so I was supposed to go to his office directly from my place. It was 8.20 when it started raining. It was slow in the beginning but in no time it became quite heavy. It had become quite dark like 7:00 pm in the evening. I was taking my own time getting ready when the doorbell rang.

I was not expecting anyone at that time. So was very happily surprised to see Tara standing at the door. She was drenched in water from head to toe. My god what a sight that was! It is giving me a hard-on while I am writing this. It took me a while to gain my control. I let her in.

She took a towel and started wiping her body. Her saree was stuck to her body and all the curves are prominently visible. She was aware of her situation so was standing facing the opposite direction. That gave me an opportunity to have a look at her velvet like exquisite back. My cock stirred inside my boxer and started rising by that sight.

I asked about her being late. She told me that she met with an accident on her way to our place and had to go back to change her clothes. By the time she was halfway, it started raining. She stopped for a while and waited for the rain to stop. But then felt that it wasn’t going to stop so again made her way to our place as she was worried about my lunch-box.

She sneezed 3-4 times while describing all this. I told her to change her clothes because otherwise she would catch a cold and might fall sick. I gave her my wife’s shorts and a vest like top which she had put in the clothes to be washed. I did it deliberately as it was quite a sexy combo.

I wanted to have good look at Tara’s assets today. I knew it was the day for me to lay her. It was now or never moment. She looked at me with surprise when she saw the clothes. I told her to use them as they are supposed to be washed anyway. I told her that I couldn’t give something else from my wife’s wardrobe.

She understood and went inside the bathroom to change. I was waiting eagerly for her to come out.

When she came out, what a sight that was. My wife’s short is not too short. However, it ends about 5 inches above the knee. It was light yellow with the pink floral design printed on it. The top was sleeveless and ended just above the waistband of the shorts. Her milky white thighs looked so inviting.

I was licking those thighs in my mind. She felt quite shy when I was ogling at her. She carried on with her work after putting her clothes in the dryer of the washing machine. I told her to take her own time as I was in no hurry to leave. She was relaxed. I asked her about the accident.

She told me that a cow hit her from behind while she was coming to work. I asked her if she was hurt badly. She said it wasn’t very serious. Just that she had a sore back where the cow hit her. She finished all her work while we were talking.

Then she took out her clothes from the dryer and changed. Then she washed the clothes that she had put on and put them for drying. I saw a little red mark on her back when she changed back to her saree blouse. I pointed out to her and said,

Me: I can see where you have got hurt. It must be hurting badly.

Tara: Yes. It’s paining a lot.

Me: Come inside. I have a pain reliever cream. I’ll apply it there.

Tara: No, no, Saab. It’s alright. I will be ok.

Me: No Tara. Just 2 minutes. Come inside.

Tara: Ok.

We both went inside the bedroom and I made her sit on the bed. I brought out the medical kit from my cupboard and took out the pain relieving ointment. I went behind her and started applying the ointment on and around that red mark. It was just on the right side of the spinal cord. While applying the ointment I also inserted my finger under the blouse.

Me: Don’t worry Tara. This cream is very good. Your pain will be gone in no time.

Tara: Thank you, Saab. You are so nice.

Me: It must have hurt at other places also na Tara?

Tara: Yes. But it’s alright. Pain is not so much.

Me: No Tara. You can’t take these things lightly.

Tara: Actually I have a bad pain in my lower back also.

Me: Do one thing. You lie down on the bed and let me have a look at it.

She lay down on her stomach. I pushed her saree aside and started caressing her lower back. Pressed a little here and there. She started moaning with pain. Then I took some oil and mixed the ointment with it. I started massaging her lower back with that mixture of oil and ointment.

It helped to move around my hands over her skin smoothly. She was lying inside the left-hand side edge of the bed and I was sitting on her right side (left actually as she was lying face down). I increased pressure and from her moaning sounds, it looked like she was enjoying it.

I took some more mixture and started applying on the exposed area of upper back, neck, and area connecting her neck and shoulders. I myself am an expert masseur and I know how to arouse a woman by massaging certain points. While massaging my hands would also go over her blouse and sometimes I would insert my fingers inside her blouse. Then I made my next move.

Me: Tara.

Tara: Yes Saabji.

Me: May I suggest you something?

Tara: What?

Me: I think you should remove your blouse. It will get dirty by this mixture of oil and ointment.

Tara: No, no, Saabji. I’ll feel ashamed.

Me: What is there to be ashamed of Tara? It’s only you and me here. Let me give you a proper massage. You need it. You have been massaging so many people. You must have desired to enjoy a massage for yourself. Now today you have got it, enjoy fully.

Tara: Ok. But you please turn around.

Me: Ok.

I looked on the other side while she got up to remove her blouse. I tried to peek from the corner of my eyes but could not see much as she also faced on the other side while opening the hooks of her blouse. I could just see the movements of her hands as she opened the hooks at the front one by one.

She opened the front flaps of the blouse slowly and lied back in her original position before removing the blouse completely. She kept her sides covered by placing both the arms tightly pressed at her sides.

Tara: Saab, you can turn now.

Me: Ok Tara.

There she was. That back. So many times I had restrained myself from putting my hand over it. It was stunning. She had buried her face in the pillow as she felt shy. Slowly I sat on the bed and started working up again on her back. I had full access to her back. I explored every millimeter of it with my palms and fingers.

I was so desperate to lick it with my tongue and wet it with my saliva. Just a little longer, I said to myself. I kept working upon her back by giving long strokes of my hands from lower back to upper back. I kept my thumbs along the spinal cord on both the sides and cover the other parts with my open palm and fingers.

Then moved both the hands together up to the nape of her neck. Then I moved to her shoulders from there and then again back to lower back. Time was ripe to take the game to the next level. She was also probably waiting for my next move now.

Me: Tara.

Tara: Hmmm.

Me: How are you feeling now?

Tara: Very nice Saab. I give massage too, to so many madams. But never thought that a massage would feel this good.

Me: It is getting a little difficult for me. I can’t reach out to the other side properly.

Tara: What do you want to do Saab?

Me: I’ll just come over you. That way it will be more comfortable for me.

Tara: Ok.

She spread her legs wider to make space for me between her thighs. To do that she had to raise her saree higher. Her milky thighs were exposed now. I got on to the bed and settled between her thighs. I sat on my knees and resumed massaging her back.

Because of my movement, her saree rose a little higher and more of her thighs exposed. I was savoring the sight of her thighs with my eyes while enjoying her silky smooth back with my hands. It goes without saying that my cock had stiffened to a strength I had never known it could get.

Me: Tara

Tara: What happened now?

Me: This is still not comfortable as I have to stretch to reach your shoulders.

Tara: So what do you want now?

Me: Do one thing. Let me sit above your thighs instead of between your legs. That will be more comfortable for me.

I’m stopping here as of now. Action will go to the next level in the next episode. Till then keep shagging, fingering and cumming!!! Eagerly waiting for comments and feedbacks. Love you guys. Please write all your criticism, comments, suggestions and praises to [email protected]

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