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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Popping The Cherry Of Hot Virgin Schoolmate

Hello everyone, I am back with another story. Thank you for your love and feedback for my previous story, looking forward to getting the same response. This story is about me and my best friend, Neetu.

Neetu is 5 feet in height with sexy curves of 38-36-38. She is dark in colour but her beauty is to die for. She was called ‘black beauty’.

We studied in the same school and after school, she went to a different city for college and further studies. I never spoke to her while in the school, I just knew her as I knew others.

Several years passed and I saw her on FB through one of our common friends. I saw her profile and trust me guys, looking at her pics I could not stop sending her a friend request. I was eagerly waiting for her reply and so I got one after 2 days.

She accepted my friend request and we started to talk. We started with those school days, college and now work. She was working in Pune and I was in Mumbai. We use to chat almost daily and our chats soon started to get flirty and naughty.

I still remember it was 31st December and I proposed her on chat. She asked me to give her some time, I agreed.

The next day, I got her reply in the morning saying that she agrees to my proposal and that even she liked and kind of loved me!

We decided to meet next weekend and I was eagerly waiting for the day to meet her. Soon it was Saturday and we planned the whole day.

To be honest, that day we just met and talked about our likes, dislikes, love, romance etc. We went for a movie, dinner, shopping. The day passed and she went back to Pune.

After that day, we use to talk on the phone and chat as and when we use to get time. Our chat did change to personal and almost kind of sex chat. We use to share nude pics, talk about sex and all.

After a month of talking, we decided to meet again and this time, fulfill our desires. I asked her to come to Mumbai as I was staying alone. She agreed and the day was decided and everything was planned.

So it was that day and she reached Mumbai in the morning at 10 am. I went to pick her up. I guided her to the location I was waiting and as I was waiting, there was a knock on the car window and there she was!

Neetu was looking beautiful in a black sleeveless t-shirt and jeans. I praised her for her beauty and she thanked me for the same. She was hungry and so was I.

We went to a restaurant and had breakfast and headed towards home. We reached home at 11.30 am and she informed me about her whole schedule. I was happy to know that she was gonna be with me until Monday morning

Soon we reached home. Neetu went to get fresh. She was back in 15 minutes.

I guided her through my whole house and she complimented me for keeping it well maintained. I took her to my bedroom which I already kept ready for us. She asked me what the arrangement was for? I told her it was for us.

She turned around after heating that and gave me a tight hug. I responded and while hugging, I kissed her neck. She just smiled and went away.

I ran towards her and hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck and back. I turned her around and kissed on her lips. She responded back and we were lost in our kiss for some time.

Then we broke the kiss and I pushed her on the bed and came on top of her. I kissed her again and started exploring her body with my hand running all over her. She was enjoying that so did not stop me even slightly.

I placed my hand on her boobs over her t-shirt and pressed it hard. Within no time, I slid my hand inside her t-shirt and reached over her bra and started pressing her boobs. She was moaning slowly.

Then I made her stand and took off her t-shirt and unzipped her jeans and threw it on the floor.

Neetu was standing there only in her white lacy bra and pantie. I took off my clothes too and was now only in my underwear.

She was feeling shy and so she covered herself with the bedsheet. I went under the bedsheet and started kissing her all over. She was enjoying it and started moaning.

I kissed her from the top, reached her boobs and licked her dark brown nipples over her bra. She liked that a lot and was pressing my head hard towards her more.

I made her bra wet with my saliva. Going down, I reached her navel and licked it. She started shivering like a fish without water. Wasting no time, I spread her legs and reached her pussy.

Then I slid her pantie aside and saw her clean shaved pussy. I started licking it and she was moaning.

I rolled my tongue all over her pussy and she was moaning loudly now. I gave a small bite there and she screamed! Neetu asked me to be gentle as it was her first sex. Hearing this, I could not control myself but somehow managed to lick gently.

She liked it and was enjoying it so much. After licking her pussy for almost 15 minutes, she came. It was her first orgasm. She pulled me up and gave me a passionate kiss.

I then turned her around and started kissing her back. I unhooked her bra and took off her pantie completely now. Then I licked her back and made it completely wet with my saliva.

Slowly, I reached her asshole and licked it. She liked it but asked me to wait as she wanted to enjoy that for the next time. I obeyed and turned her around.

I again kissed all over her body passionately and then removed my underwear. I confirmed with her that she was ready for real pleasure. She said yes but she was worried about the pain.

I consoled her with the truth that it would pain a bit initially but that would vanish with pleasure after some time. She agreed and asked me to go slow.

I licked her pussy and made it completely wet. I also applied my saliva on my penis.

Then I placed my dick on her pussy and rubbed on it slowly. She was moaning and holding the bedsheet tightly.

I placed my dick at the opening of her pussy and gave a small push. She closed her eyes and screamed! I paused and asked her if she is okay. She nodded yes ad I gave another push. This time, my dick head was inside her pussy. She was in pain and couldn’t talk.

I asked her to look at me and she obeyed. I told her that I was going to give a final push which would pain.

She was ready for it and so I gave a final push and my complete 6 inches dick was inside her pussy. I assume her hymen was broken. She was in a lot of pain and was screaming. To calm her, I started kissing her and asked if she is okay again.

She was okay by now. I started to go in and out in slow pace and her screams changed to moans. She was moving her body with the pace and started enjoying.

Soon her pain vanished and she was fully enjoying her first fuck. I increased my pace and was kissing and licking her boobs as well. She was enjoying it a lot. I fucked her in the missionary position for almost 10-15 minutes and then turned her around.

I positioned her in the doggy style and fucked her from behind. I placed her elbow on the bed and raised her hips as high as it can go to penetrate deep.

I gave a hard push and penetrated deep inside her. She was liking it. It was a bit painful for her but she was definitely enjoying it.

I fucked her the same way for another 10 minutes and I was about to cum. I told Neetu that I was going to cum and she asked to cum inside her as she wanted to feel the warmth of my cum.

I obeyed and soon, exploded inside her and so also she came at the same time.

She was happy and satisfied with her first fuck and thanked me for that later. We lied there cuddling and kissing each other. Then she went to the washroom to clean up.

She came back after 20 minutes, wearing just a towel. She was looking damn sexy in that. We took a shower later.

We had all the time until Monday morning and so we made it to full use in order to enjoy our sexual desires. We also had a night sex at the open balcony which I will share in another part.

Please let me know your thoughts and valuable feedback at [email protected]

Any girls, married females, mature women, looking to satisfy their sexual desires or want sex chat can ping me on email or hangout.

Thanks for reading this story.

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