Indian Sex Stories Fucking Two Lesbians Together

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fucking Two Lesbians Together

Hi, I am Ansh, staying in Delhi and around 26 years old. I stay in a rented apartment in Delhi and work with an IT company. I live alone and two girls from my office stay in the apartment just above mine. Their names are Anushka and Kiya.

Anushka is a typical Indian girl, wheatish but has awesome assets with boobs to die for. She isn’t conservative but isn’t too open with others. On the other hand, Kiya is quite chirpy and is fair. She has blonde hair and is very fair in color. She likes to talk and is quite open.

I have always had hots for Anushka but can’t tell anyone. One day, during the evening, I was on my laptop watching porn when I heard some kind of noise outside my apartment. I looked out to check out and was shocked when I saw what’s happening outside.

Both Anushka and Kiya were kissing each other and playing with their body parts on the stairs. They are both heavily drunk and are unaware of who’s watching.

Anushka: Baby, just spank me.
Kiya: Love you, you know what excites me.

Anushka starts spanking her. It’s getting wilder and wilder and I was unable to control my feelings as I saw Anushka being dominated by Kiya. They were both already down to their undies and bra. Then I noticed a mole on Anushka’s left boob and this is the point where I decided that it’s too much and I’ll intervene.

I silently moved to their back and they didn’t notice because of alcohol. I was standing right behind Anushka and started rubbing her ass and her moans increased. They were so high that they don’t notice me yet, but I felt that this is going too far. I tried to get them to senses and slapped Anushka hard.

Then, the girls all of a sudden started kissing me. I enjoyed the kiss and then broke that and pulled the girls and their clothes to his apartment. We entered and got too wild. Anushka has now her interest more in me and kissed me wildly.

She stripped me of my clothes and started scratching my back with her nails. I was on cloud nine as Anushka had moved to suck my cock. For the first time, I was getting way too much for my control. I then pushed her to bed and kissed Anushka’s boobs.

After about 5 minutes, Anushka fell asleep. I then started getting wild ideas. I decided to make the girls crave for me. I smartly tied Kiya to his bed with hands on one end and legs on another end. Once that was done, I did the same with Anushka. I took all their clothes out and got a smooth brush.

I started rubbing it slowly on their pussies and licked them in between. Both girls were going crazy because of pleasure and were shouting. I, in between, was sucking their melons with occasional hard bites. They both were now doing exactly what I wanted, asking for my cock as they were not able to control any longer.

I was too excited to control myself now. I decided to start with Kiya as I knew I’ll lose first shot early. I really wanted to enjoy more with Anushka. I slowly started inserting in her pussy and she was just screaming. She was in utter pain because of the first time.

Blood was coming out but we are also enjoying a bit with pleasure increasing with every stroke. I was not able to hold at all and released my cum inside her in 3 minutes and lying flat on Kiya and biting all over her body. Her body was red with my teeth marks all over.

I was still trying to figure out how he can make Anushka crave for me and I get to enjoy her whenever I want, which is too much for me. I felt that I hadn’t got Kiya fully yet and turned her with ass facing upward. I started spanking her ass very hard and she screams loud.

Kiya woke with her screams and her head was still spinning but she’s too excited. I started biting Kiya’s ass mounds and kept the spanking on. I was even biting her on neck and thighs. I unlocked my hidden desires. Kiya was in pain and extremely high. She’s not able to resist nor bear the pain.

I then decided to fuck her in the ass but wasn’t aware that doing it directly without lube or licking would be a disaster. I simply pushed my dick inside and after about an inch. We both shouted too loud. Then Kiya regains some senses and asked me to take it out and use some lubricant.

I decided I’ll lick first and then use Vaseline. After licking her ass for 10 minutes, I poured some chocolate over her. I licked it which made all three of us too high. Anushka is shouting because she’s tied and unable to satiate her needs at all. Then I got some Vaseline and applied a good amount of it on her ass.

Then I fucked the brain out of her. It’s getting too rough between the two of us but enjoyment was at its highest. We were both sweating badly and the smell of cum, sweat, Vaseline, and chocolate along with saliva made it more and more erotic.

I was getting too wild and bit Kiya’s body. She’s even bleeding from 2-3 places because of hard bites. Too much of hickeys were there and she’s enjoying every bit of it. Her movement made her ropes a little loose and she’s kissing Anushka and sucking her boobs as well.

She then realized that she’s near another climax. After about 15 minutes, I decided to move to Anushka, my crush. I decided to take it slow and last long. Kiya asked me to increase the pace and then in around a minute we released our cum.

Once I and Kiya were done, we were laying on the bed exhausted for about an hour with my dream girl, Anushka laying right next to me with her hormones high as fuck. I had already decided that I would make Anushka crave for me so much that she would never say no to me ever.

Once I regained enough strength, I went out and got some stuff from the kitchen which included honey, chocolate syrup and lots of ice along some clothes. I kissed Anushka for around 5 minutes and then decided now to make her my bitch. I completely stripped her off.

Since Anushka’s hands were tied, she couldn’t do much to satisfy herself. Shewas facing a hard time and wanted me or Kiya to satisfy her. I then took some ice cubes and inserted them in Anushka’s pussy. Anushka was screaming for which I gagged her.

Once I pushed 2-3 cubes, I tied a cloth covering her pussy. Anushka was moaning and the pleasure and the chilling effect of the ice cubes in her hole were making her mad. I then took out the cloth from her mouth and she was moaning heavily. After letting her moan for some time, I smooched her hard.

She was dying for any sexual act as she was now on cloud nine. Then, I bit her nipples softly and once I realized that she’s out of control, I stopped doing anything. Anushka was begging me to fuck her holes and suck her boobs but I was staring at her and laughing.

I had planned that she had to beg to me so hard that once I fuck her, she loses her senses and becomes my slave. I was playing the waiting game while the ice in Anushka’s pussy was playing a different game altogether. Though a large part of same had already melted because of heat, whatever was left driving her nuts.

Kiya lying next to her was so exhausted because of alcohol and fuck that she didn’t even wake up. After about 20-30 minutes, I took out whatever was left of the ice cubes from Anushka’s pussy and inserted two new ones. Anushka was begging me. I was liking the fact that my dream beauty is craving for me.

I was now playing with my cock in front of her in order to make her crave for the same. I then went close to her and asked what did she want? Anushka made an attempt to take my now hard cock into her mouth and succeeded a bit in getting to its tip when I slapped her hard.

I then bit her nipples hard which made them even redder. I again asked her that what is she craving for?

Anushka: Fuck me. I want to be fucked. Lick my pussy and suck my boobs.
Me: Why should I do that?

Anushka: I am dying to get fucked. Please don’t make me wait any more.
Me: Ask your lesbo friend to do the same. (Had Kiya been awake, the game for me would have been spoiled but she was out.)
Anushka: I beg you to please fuck me. I’ll do anything to get your cock inside.

I was feeling so good that someone is craving for his cock which nothing more than an average one of about 5.5″ so desperately.

Me: What’s in it for me? (I knew I had succeeded in teasing her.)

Anushka: What do you want? I am offering you myself.
Me: I don’t want you just now. I want you forever. I want to fuck you wherever and whenever I want to.
Anushka: I’ll do whatever you say. But for now, please fuck me.

I started the camera on my phone and asked Anushka to repeat whatever she had said once again over video. I also made a nice video of her. Then I went closer to her, took out ice and gave her pussy a nice lick which initially calmed her but later increased her desire for the cock inside her.

But I was still not in the mood to give her the tool that easily. I poured some honey over her boobs mixed with chocolate and was sucking it which made Anushka moan like, “Ahh, do it harder. Pull these out of my body.” Anushka’s body was labeled with too many bite marks from me.

I then kissed her hard and bit her lips and she was even bleeding a bit. I even bit her neck hard. I then moved to her underarms and licked her. She was trying hard to free her hands and in the process jerking her whole body hard, but there was no success.

Now, I decided to penetrate her. I inserted my cock slowly inside her and started ramming her. She was now just shouting, “Kutte, zor se kar, Maa ya behen nahi hu. Rand hu teri. Chodd mujhe.” It made me go harder and harder and I released his load inside in around 2 minutes itself.

I was now lying on top of Anushka whose needs were still not satisfied. Instead because of such a small session, she was in even more need of a fuck and was just kissing me who was lying on top of her. I rose after 10 minutes and untied Anushka’s hands from the bed.

She just jumped onto me while scratching my body and sucking my cock like a vacuum hole and made me hard once again. I was enjoying. I pulled her hair and pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. She hadn’t done it before but was doing a good job.

It was her desire which made her do stuff which she never imagined at all. She was sucking a man and had forgotten about her mate Kiya completely. I, on the other hand, was still enjoying the moment and released my load in her mouth.

I had now realized that I needed to control his feelings and might not able to do more than one session. I decided to humiliate Anushka and once again took control of the situation.

(to be continued).

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