Indian Sex Stories Dhanya’s Diary: Chapter 3: (Two Horny Men On The Train)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Dhanya’s Diary: Chapter 3: (Two Horny Men On The Train)

Rajesh could feel his body freeze and his hand felt numb. The deafening sound of his heart beating filled his ears. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, he didn’t know what to do. He could feel the courage draining from his body. The flashes of light fell on the fellow passengers’ face, It seemed grim. The grin on his face seemed evil with the momentary flashes of light.

“Hi, I am Arun”, Rajesh heard him, but he didn’t know how to respond to it. This stranger had witnessed all the naughty deeds he had been indulging in over the past hour.

“Here, use my phone, I want a few photos of these marvellous breasts as well”, whispered the handsome stranger.

“I want her face and mine in the photos”, he added.

‘Goddamn!!’, said Rajesh to himself, this bugger was a deviant pervert as well! This came as a huge relief to Rajesh who had his heart in his mouth in these few seconds.

Arun handed Rajesh his silver iPhone and posed next to the sleeping beauty. A few flashes later, Arun wanted to take more pictures of his lips next to her light brown nipples which were erected by the winds which were getting colder by the minute.

They kept their phones aside after their photo session and started to lick the tip of her nipples. They could not control their urge. Arun was running his erect cock over his formal trousers and Rajesh had lifted his ‘mundu’ and was rubbing his hands over his erect shaft.

Rajesh closed his eyes and took her breasts in his mouth as much as he can and started sucking on it, careful as not to wake her. Arun, on the other hand, was just as greedy. He was lifting her saree and her underskirt. Slowly, he lifted her saree up to her calves and inched upward toward her knee.

He kept an eye on her face to check if any of their antics had awakened her. Surprisingly, she didn’t even have a twitch on her face as he was groped and enjoyed by these men. This didn’t even seem odd to the men who were lost in their own world of sexual fantasy. They were getting the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of an angel.

Arun moved his hand up her legs, feeling up her smooth, waxed legs which felt like butter. He could not contain himself, he lifted her saree till her knee and grinned at Rajesh signalling his achievement.

Rajesh stopped sucking her naked breasts and moved his attention toward her fair smooth shapely legs. He ran his fingers from her ankles to her knee and could feel his erect penis jerking. He wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard. His cock was dripping precum.

Rajesh cupped his hand under his penis, took a palmful of his precum and rubbed it on her legs. This urged Arun to do the same as he unzipped and released his 6-inch erect cock which was suffocating under his tight trousers. He gripped his shaft with his right and placed his hand on the exposed right leg of the gorgeous woman in slumber. He also did the same as Rajesh while Dhanya’s exposed legs glistened in fading light.

This just wasn’t enough for these horny men, the desire for sex had taken hold of their minds. They would not come back to their senses unless they cum. Their greed knew no bounds. They wanted to slide her saree even higher and expose her fair thighs so that they could explore more of this forbidden beauty.

Dhanya sat there with her gorgeous breasts exposed, with two hungry and horny men on either side. Even if she had woken up long back, she would have her own fun watching two grown men feed on her breasts like babies. It has been a horrible and hectic couple of weeks and she needed to unwind and was desperately in need of it. Little did she know that this private party would help her unwind and take her mind off things.

Slyly, she glanced at the arduous effort undertaken by the perverts on either side to move her saree above her knee as it was stuck under her thighs. She giggled inside watching the horny perverts.

Arun tried his best in his attempt to move her saree up her knee and so did Rajesh. Sensing failure and the fear that Dhanya might wake up, they decided to abandon that battle and focus on her exposed breasts and navel.

“How about we try it one last time?”, Rajesh said to Arun in a hushed tone.
“Sure”, said Arun

Dhanya figured, she might as well have some fun with it and decided to lift herself a bit so that the saree could slide from under her thighs. Arun and Rajesh couldn’t believe their eyes, it worked! The men were acting like teenagers in their attempt to control their happiness, They kept sliding the saree until they could see her pink coloured panties.

The men grinned at each other. Time to make this adventure more exciting, they thought to themselves.

Rajesh got down on his knee between the seats and licked her exposed legs, from her knee to her inner thighs, Arun followed suit and attempted to do the same. He ran his tongue from her calf to her thighs. Even if he could taste his own precum he smeared on her earlier, he didn’t care.

Rajesh wrapped his arms around her exposed waist and started kissing her navel, inching upwards. Rajesh couldn’t resist licking her breasts and he was losing control of himself. He was being intoxicated by the sensual aroma of her skin. He didn’t care if she woke up, throwing all caution to the wind as he continued kneading her nipples, grabbing both her breasts and squeezing them with increased vigour.

With the next station approaching, Dhanya looked at both of them and asked: “Are you fuckers done?”

The men looked up to see Dhanya smiling at them.

To be continued.

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