Indian Sex Stories Banging A Hyderabadi Pussy In A Hotel Room – Part 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Banging A Hyderabadi Pussy In A Hotel Room – Part 1

Hi ISS readers, I am Abinash from Bangalore. I am 5 ft 9 inches tall with 6.5-inch dick size. I am working in MNC. Today I am going to share one of my unimaginable stories. I was slightly hesitant to share as I have never shared stories. But someone wanted me to share the story here. So I decided to dedicate my real experience to all readers. I am big fans of ISS. Please forgive me for my spelling mistakes.

Without wasting time, I am coming to the story. I have a female friend whom with I am friends with benefits. We were batch mates. We used to study together sometime and we do fulfill our physical needs together. She used to post stories here about us. We had a very happy life. But later we got separated because of the job posting.

One day, after reading her stories, one girl named Arushi (name changed) reached out to her and asked her about sexual life and about me. When she came to know that I am in Bangalore, she asked for my email id to my friend.

I got Arushi’s email on my birthday. Initially, I thought this was a hoax. So I ignored the email and got busy partying. Later at night, I got a call from my friend.

She: I have sent you a birthday gift. You might have received an email from ***
Me: Yes. What’s the gift?

She: Read the email and reply.
Me: Ok, madam.

Then I read the email and started chatting with Arushi. She wished me on my birthday. And we had a normal chat for some time. Suddenly, she asked about me and my friend

Me: What are you asking?
Arushi: Do you and your friend have any physical relationship?

Me: Oh. Ask it straight like if I have any sexual relationship with my friend. And yes, we used to have sex a lot. But because of the job, we got separated.

Arushi: Oh, so sad.
Me: Yeah.

Me: What’s the story with you?
Arushi: I am not a virgin. But I had been fucked only once.

About Arushi: She is 24 years old from Hyderabad. She is fair, slim and has a hot figure (32-28-34). Her boobs are so attractive. She was single by that time and was fucked once by her ex-boyfriend in a drunken state. So practically she did not have any sexual pleasure in her life. She needed someone to satisfy her.

After that day, we used to have sex talk on hangout. I used to make her wet and make her go crazy. So her desires to get fucked were increasing day by day. I used to tease her before sleeping. After 4 days of all these, we planned to meet on a Saturday.

I thought to meet and spend some time with her to know about her before taking her to the bed. But she had different plans. She asked me to meet her at a hotel room. She wanted to spend a day with me and wanted to make the day memorable.

The day arrived. I met her near a famous mall in Bangalore. Then we both greeted each other. That was the first time we met each other. Then we checked into the hotel. It was the summer season and we met around 11 am. So I just wanted to settle in. She started staring at me. She was expecting me to take the initiative.

I looked into her eyes and placed my lips on hers. Immediately, I got to know that she does not have any experience in kissing. I started kissing and sucking her lips one after the other. It went on for 10-15 minutes.

By this time, I was on the bed and she was on top of me. After kissing, she got down from me and started removing her clothes. She was wearing a blue colour top, black jeans, and a purple bra and black pantie.

I was staring at her. It was a beautiful sight to enjoy. In a second, she became fully nude. I was still in my full clothes. After being naked, she came on me and started kissing me again while unzipping my jeans. While kissing, she removed my jeans. Then I helped her remove my t-shirt and inners.

Finally, we both were nude. She was constantly looking at my dick. I took her hand and placed her hand on my dick. My hands went to her boobs and they started massaging and playing with the nipples. I took one of the boobs in my mouth and started sucking her boobs gently while squeezing the other one. It went for some time and then I started playing with her nipples with my tongue. She started enjoying my tongue movements.

Finally, I reached her pussy. She had her periods over 2 days back. She had shaved her pussy clean though she didn’t do it properly. I started moving my fingers on her pussy. I was touching very gently and she was enjoying that. Then I opened her pussy with 1 hand and started touching the upper part of her pussy.

She was going crazy. This was a new feeling for her. She never experienced this before. I started moving my finger in circles on her clitoris. Her breathing was getting heavier.

Arushi: Aaaahhhhh. Abi, uuuuuffffff
Arushi: I never felt like this. You are awesome. Keep doing that. Uuuuuffffffff oh my god. Aaaaaaahhhh
Arushi: Do it fast. Fast.. Aaaaaahhhhhh

Arushi was on cloud nine. She had closed her eyes out of pleasure and was enjoying that moment. I stopped doing this to tease her. She opened her eyes with an angry look.

Arushi: Why did you stop?! Please do this. I am loving this.
Me: Why should I do it? What’s in it for me when you are the only one enjoying.

Arushi: Please do na. Pleaseeeeee.

After hearing this, I touched her pussy with my middle finger. And after one second, I inserted my finger into her pussy. She was caught by surprise and jumped out of shock. I started laughing after watching this.

To be continued.

If you want to share feedback, then send me an email at [email protected] Looking forward to it.

If any girl is feeling lonely and seeking some private time with someone in Bangalore, then reach out to me. Drop me an email. Satisfaction and privacy guaranteed.

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