Indian Sex Stories Milky Adventure Alternate Plot Pt 3 (Helping Her Sons)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Milky Adventure Alternate Plot Pt 3 (Helping Her Sons)

We enjoyed the dinner continuing the chats about the incidents in their college. Then I went to the kitchen and started cleaning after asking them to move to their bedroom to retire to sleep. So they seemed to move to their room. I even moved to my bedroom after finishing the cleaning. I lay down on my bed but did not feel sleepy yet.

I was just thinking about the boys. Sure they seemed to get out of it after the discussion about the incidents in college. But their unusual excitement and their stares kept worrying me. So while I was thinking about the same, I heard some footsteps around the door and soon both of them entered my bedroom. They came and sat beside me on the bed.

I got up and laid my back on the headrest of the bed and asked – ‘What happened my dears? Are you not getting sleep?’ Rajesh replied – ‘No mom, we were not getting sleep.’ Shreyas then added – ‘Mom can we have your milk now.’ I was hesitant to allow it now.

I have made sure that they have their feeding only once in a day or two. With both boys having my milk, it used to help me enough if I feed them that way. And they already had the feeding this afternoon. So I thought that might not be needed now. I used to allow them before. But after what happened earlier today, I was hesitant to allow that.

Seeing me thinking, Rajesh added – ‘What happened, mom? You used to allow us earlier to have your milk. Is it because what we did in the afternoon?’ Shreyas also joined – ‘Yeah mom, Are you still angry about that?’ I immediately replied – ‘No my loves, nothing like that. How can I be angry on you both..’ Then Shreyas asked – ‘Then why are you not allowing us to feed like earlier.’

Rajesh asked – ‘We are sorry mom if you are still angry at it. But please don’t avoid us.’ After listening to these words from their mouth, my heart melted a bit. I felt that I can allow them to feed since they used to help me in pain, and it is unfair if I deny when they want it. So I thought I will allow them and make sure that it does not go out of control.

So I asked them to lie down on either side of me on the bed. Rajesh moved over to my left and Shreyas settled down to my right. I then slowly unhooked my blouse hooks and bra and pulled my both breasts out of it. Then I laid on my back. They adjusted besides me on either side such that their faces are near my breasts and placed their lips on the nipples. Then they started taking my nipples into their mouths and licked it.

They seemed to kiss it long before starting to suck. I asked them – ‘Make it quick dears.’ With that, they started to suck. I felt the milk flowing. I felt as if my love is flowing into them. I felt relaxed and loving. Then Shreyas said – ‘Mom, these hooks are hurting my cheeks.’

I then immediately moved the blouse cups aside, but the bra was still there. I felt that even that might hurt. I gestured them to pause for a minute and tried to remove my bra. Since the blouse was over the bra, I had to remove that in order to take out my bra. So I got up and removed my blouse and bra and laid back on the bed. I felt that since they have fed from me earlier and seen my naked breasts, it is fine to have the upper body naked.

Soon they adjusted back over my breasts and started sucking. This time, they moved over my body a bit, instead of lying on the side. I felt their weight on me. But I felt it must be comfortable for them this way since we are lying on the bed and so allowed them to be so. I placed my fingers on their heads and was caressing the foreheads and brushing their hair aside lovingly.

It felt loving to have them beside and let them taste my milk. They closed their eyes and were enjoying the milk eagerly. Slowly Shreyas moved over my body so that his one leg and half of the upper body was over mine. Rajesh seems to be in the same position he was for now but had moved his leg over my thigh.

With this position, I felt their hard crotches touching my thighs again. Soon they finished the milk but continued to suck. They again seem to lick my areola, kiss around the nipple and suck all the other areas over my breast other than the nipple. I felt their excitement grew again. I felt some feeling in myself rise again as well.

I thought that I need to stop it now. So I said – ‘There is no more milk. So do you feel good now? Can you go and sleep?’ Shreyas said – ‘We feel good mom, but the feel of your soft breasts in my mouth is so good. Can we continue sucking for some more time?’ Even Rajesh added – ‘Yes mom, your breasts feel so good in my mouth as well. If we are not troubling you much, can we continue for some more time?’

I felt that their present request is not just their usual interest in tasting the milk but something more than that. I felt that I cannot allow it after witnessing their excitement. So I said – ‘Tomorrow is a holiday for you. So I will allow you to suck more tomorrow since it is getting late now.’ Shreyas then added – ‘Just for few more minutes, please. We promise you, mom, that we won’t take much time.’

Then I thought it is a matter of few more minutes. So I said – ‘Ok fine, few more minutes only.’ They got delighted and latched back onto my breasts hungrily to make use of the time I have given. This time they continued kissing and sucking all over the breasts, while their hands measured the weight of it. They started touching the nipple with their fingers with their lips moving up and towards the cleavage.

Rajesh kissed my cleavage and it felt good. They moved more over my body. This time even Rajesh had his half over my body. I could feel their erections against my inner thighs and I was feeling uncomfortable with the feelings I was getting. On one hand, it felt good to have their lips and fingers on my skin. Their erections against my thigh, which reminded me of how my husband used to poke against pretty much the same area.

I kind of felt excited with all those touches. On the other hand, I felt worried that their excitement, with their raging hormones, might get into a problematic stage. I felt that there is something that needs to be done to relax them. Else even I might get carried away. Then it struck me how my husband used to relax once he gets his juices out of his cock.

So I thought they have to do the same to get them out of that excitement. Else they can’t stop themselves. But currently, they seem not to have the knowledge of how to relax. If not, they might have done it already. Then I thought I have to take control of it and do it myself before things get worse. It felt wrong to do that to my sons.

But I felt, instead of letting things get out of control worrying about the societal standard beliefs, it is better to go one step ahead to make things better and hold them back. So I caressed their heads while they continued to feel my breasts eagerly. I asked them – ‘Is it enough my loves? Can we sleep now?’ But they were in no mood to listen to my words.

So I moved my hand over their back and rubbed them in order to make them relax. After reaching to such a stage, it seemed hard for them to relax. So with no other option, I placed my hands near each of their crotches and felt their hard cocks. They seemed to pause a bit with my touch and their cocks seem to grow between my palms. But they continued to suck and feel harder.

So I let them continue and loosened their shorts, inserted my hand inside it and then inside their underwears. I placed my fingers around their hard cocks, pulled them out and rubbed them slowly. It was rather uncomfortable to do that in the lying position we were. So I slowly got up while they continued to hold onto my breasts with their mouths.

I sat on the bed and they adjusted themselves close to me with their cocks already hanging out. I was amazed to see such hard and erect cocks at such a young age. Though it was lesser in size than my husbands’, it seemed hard enough for their age. So I again placed my fingers back on their cocks and rubbed it moving my palm to and fro over it.

I continued that motion. I felt the pre-cum oozing out since they were excited from long after sucking my breasts. So in order to finish that quickly, I started to touch their tips with my fingers and rubbed it. Their pre-cum had wet my fingers but soon dried after few rubs. I rubbed it faster and they seem to shiver on my body with that rubbing.

It felt hard to rub both of them together. So I asked them to move closer and move in front of me. They seem to follow that. At that moment, they seemed to follow anything I said. I moved ahead and they placed their hands back on my breasts. I rubbed their cocks again. I leaned forward and moved closer to their cocks and held it tighter.

My grip on those cocks made them jerk. They seem to show their excitement on my breasts. My breasts were hanging loose in that position. So they could grab it easily and they were fondling it eagerly and hardly. I had mixed feelings. I had pain and pleasure at the same time. I told myself that I need to end it quickly.

So I moved my hand to the bottom of the cocks, held it tight and moved it back to the tip. Then I rubbed the tip for few seconds and again moved it back down to the bottom, holding tight all the way. I continued that rubbing and soon they seem to be at their edges. I started moving both of my hands towards Shreyas and held the bottom with one palm and moved the other over the rest of it.

He seemed to moan and was pressing my breast harder in excitement. Meanwhile, Rajesh continued to rub himself imitating what I was doing to Shreyas, still fondling my other breast. Then I encircled the tip and rubbed faster from the tip to the bottom of the cock. It seemed to trigger him and he seemed to release his juices.

The first spurt landed on my navel since it was exposed already and he was facing me in that direction. Further spurts continued to land near him. He continued to release spurt after spurt. Then he seemed to relax and I cleaned my hands with a cloth and passed on a cloth to him and asked to clean himself. Then I moved towards Rajesh who was rubbing himself faster.

I removed his hands, held the bottom and rubbed the rest of it harder. He felt excited and was pinching my nipples harder. I cried – ‘Ouch. Be gentle honey.’ He then moved his palm towards the flesh and started to press it harder. I repeated the same trick with Rajesh.

I encircled his tip now and rubbed from the bottom to top faster and harder. He trembled in his stance and his juices started coming out. Few initial spurts shooted out on my breasts and rest of them landed down on the bed. I continued to rub and squeezed the cock to get all his juices out.

It took a bit of time to get both of their juices out completely since it was their first time. I then used another cloth and handed it to Rajesh. I took one for myself and started cleaning my hands, navel, and breasts. They were watching eagerly while they continued to clean the cum on the bed and their cocks.

Their cocks were limp and looked clean and pink after all the rubbing. I hooked my bra and blouse back and laid back on the bed. I pulled my pallu over breasts lazily and did not mind to set it right since I was tired after using my hands for so long. They seem to acknowledge that and lay down beside me after pushing their cocks inside their shorts.

They placed their heads above both my breasts and kissed them slightly as a sign of gratitude. I kissed them back on their foreheads and held them close. Their excitement seemed to have come down after that release. They felt exhausted but satisfied.

I felt though it was not right for me to do it, it was needed to make things proper. I felt happy seeing them come back to normal state. I allowed them to rest beside me on the same bed. Soon they seemed to fall asleep and I let them sleep beside me because it was difficult to move them now back to their beds. So I closed my eyes and soon I fell asleep without my knowledge.

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