Indian Sex Stories Milky Adventure Alternate Plot Pt 2 (Boys Watching Porn)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Milky Adventure Alternate Plot Pt 2 (Boys Watching Porn)

So both Shreyas and Rajesh had started feeding milk from me along with my baby. Shreyas and Rajesh are 19. And my baby has turned to a toddler from an infant. Rajesh used to visit us often as he likes Shreyas and my company. I loved their company as well since it used to make me forget the loneliness created by my husband’s stay abroad.

Both of them were very loving towards me. I was overwhelmed with the affection they showed me. So I got used and comfortable with their feeding from me. I myself used to call one or both of them if my baby did not empty all the milk from my breasts and that pained me.

So one afternoon, after our lunch, boys were busy in their online games in their bedroom. I was reading a magazine on a couch in the drawing room with my baby sleeping in the bassinet beside me. I felt bored after some time. So I thought I will spend some time with my boys as my baby was sleeping.

So I quietly entered their bedroom. They did not seem to notice me coming in since they were glued to the desktop screen. I initially thought they were playing some online game. But their hands were motionless. That surprised me and I wanted to check what was it that they were watching so keenly.

So I went behind their heads and was shocked to see that they were watching a porn video playing on some website. It was a sex video where a guy is fondling a lady’s breasts and sucking and kissing them. Both the guy and the girl were completely naked and low moaning sounds were heard.

I was shocked to see that and my maternal instinct made me worried about it. I immediately shouted – ‘Boys! What is this! What is it that you are watching?’ They both got startled at my presence and were trembling a bit with fear. Shreyas quickly closed that window in which the video was playing and kept mum. Both of them had their heads down.

I shouted again – ‘Answer me both of you! How could you do this to me?’ They still kept silent obviously guilty after what they have done. I left the room with anger and sat on the couch with my head rested on both my palms and elbows rested on my thighs. I was worried.

Both boys came in front of me and sat down beside my legs, Shreyas on the left and Rajesh on the right. I was silent and unmoved. Shreyas started explaining – ‘Mom, we are sorry about what we did. But It was not intentional. We were playing an online game and there were some ads popping in. We got curious and opened that and then it started playing that video. We never saw something like that before and so got curious and continued watching that.’

Rajesh added – ‘Yes mom, we clicked that out of curiosity but later got stuck to that. We never thought it will make you angry and sad. Sorry, mom, we will never repeat that if it makes you angry or sad.’

My anger got down a bit. I felt what they told might be true. Since they were curious teens and watching some ad like that must have lured them into opening that. So I calmed down myself and said – ‘Ok but promise me, you will not watch such videos again.’

Both of them held my leg and said – ‘Promise mom.’ I said – ‘That’s ok. I am sorry too for reacting more than required. I was worried. I understand you were curious but there is a certain age for all that and so you will get to know all that you were watching, with time. So don’t try to get into all that right now. Ok?’

Both of them nodded and placed their heads on my thigh. They kind of hugged my legs from their sides and were down with sad faces. I could feel their innocence and the guilt they had. I felt sorry for them. So held their hands and pulled them onto the couch. I made them lay on my shoulders above my breasts on each side.

I caressed their heads and kissed on their foreheads, first on Rajesh and then on Shreyas. I said – ‘That’s ok my dears, Don’t worry about it much.’ They had their heads down. So their heads were touching my upper breasts and my boys seemed to like it. I could feel it from the way they embraced me. But since I was used to their touches on my breasts from the feedings, I felt normal.

Shreyas raised his head and kissed my left cheek. I smiled with affection and kissed him back on his cheek. Rajesh was still silent. Then he asked – ‘Mom, What is that they were doing in the video?’ I took a second to think about how to reply. I was making sure I answer that in a proper manner to them. I replied – ‘That is just one other form of love.’

Then he asked – ‘So, we also love each other, Then why did you say that we should not watch that till we are older?’ I replied – ‘Not every relationship shares the same kind of love within them. You will get to experience each form of love in each phase of your life. And the one in that video will come to you in later stages of your life.’

He was silent. He looked like he understood a bit of what I said. Then I said – ‘That is fine. Don’t think about it much. Just go out and play for some time.’ I thought that playing some outdoor games might get their mind out of it. Both of them went to the lawn what we had in front of the house and involved themselves in their game.

I was watching them from just outside the entrance of our home. They seemed to play but not actively. They seemed out of focus and gloomy in their actions. I knew the reason. I thought they needed some more time. But as the time progressed, I could sense there wasn’t a big change in their mood.

Meanwhile, my baby got up from his sleep and started crying from the bassinet beside the couch in our drawing room. So I went and picked him up from the bassinet and tried to console him. He looked like he was hungry. So I sat on the couch and placed the baby in my lap. I unhooked my blouse, pulled my left breast out of my bra and started placing my nipple on his lips.

He started sucking after my nipple touched his lips. After making sure that my baby was comfortable in his sucking, I turned towards my boys again to check their mood. They were playing opposite to each other and Shreyas was facing me and Rajesh had his back towards me. So Shreyas had a view of me.

He still continued to play. But was trying to get a glimpse of my breast which was exposed a bit because I was sitting on the couch with my left end facing him. I did not mind since he had seen my breasts earlier. But those looks struck me. It reminded me of their curiosity and love towards my breasts and the feeding.

They enjoy feeding on my breasts and they seem very happy after every feeding. I thought probably I can feed them now and it can bring them out of what happened earlier. So once my baby finished his part, I placed him in his bassinet back. He was busy in his playing. So then I took a cloth placed in the bassinet and cleaned my left breast.

I then called out to them – ‘Shreyas and Rajesh, Can you come here honey!’ Both of them stopped their game and entered the drawing room. So my left breast was out of my bra and it was exposed still with my right breast still inside my bra. I left it as it was since I had to feed them anyway. Of course, Shreyas had this sight from far away, so he seemed delighted to watch it from close.

Rajesh, on the other hand, had no idea about it until then. He was staring now at the exposed breast with surprise. Both of them probably knew why I called them after seeing me in that position. So their eyes got lit up and they looked at each other with excitement. I wondered how they get excited even after they had this chance several times earlier.

So I asked them – ‘My dears, Tarun has been fed just now but there is a lot of milk left in my breasts. So can you please help me empty it.’ They anticipated this and were ready with the answer. Shreyas replied – ‘Definitely mom. Why not!’ Rajesh added – ‘We love to help you, mom.’

So I asked them to join the couch on either side of me. They just did the same, Shreyas on my left and Rajesh on the right. Meanwhile, I pulled out my right breast even from the bra. Both my breasts looked full since my baby doesn’t feed much of the milk from it. They looked at it with delight and moved down a bit to adjust their face near my breasts. I held their heads and gently dragged them towards my breasts.

They opened their lips and took my nipple inside. I felt happy since it seemed to divert them and spending some loving time with my boys always felt good. Shreyas was quick to take my areola and more of my breast and started to suck harder. Meanwhile, Rajesh was slow as usual. He picked the nipple, licked it slowly and sucked slowly till milk started to flow.

I enjoyed the feel of their lips on my breasts. Soon they got involved in the sucking and were enjoying the taste of milk with their eyes closed. Both of their hands encircled each of the breasts they were sucking. They used to do this earlier in order to keep the breast in position so I let them do it. But they seem to hold it tighter.

Rajesh was brushing the sides with his fingers slowly. Shreyas was holding it tight for a few seconds, then releasing a bit and holding it tighter again. Slowly they moved closer towards me with their lower bodies touching either of my thighs. They started kissing and licking the nipple several times. They did this even earlier but I felt the frequency and intensity increasing this time.

It seemed strange but later felt that probably that they were just as usual and I was thinking too much. Soon they moved even closer towards my body and I felt some hard touches on my thighs. I knew that it was their crotches touching me. I had this touch even earlier but I felt that they have become harder this time.

Just like when my husband’s cock gets erect during our lovemaking. I felt that unusual but just let them finish the milk. Soon they did, but continued to lick and kiss the nipple and even around the nipple a couple of times and were trying to grab my breasts more into their hands. It certainly did give a good feeling since I never had such touches on my breasts for a long time.

Both of them simultaneously doing it certainly gave rise to my feelings inside. But I felt that this might go out of control if I don’t stop it. So I politely said – ‘Thank you, my dears, I am feeling better now. You can continue your game.’ They stopped, but their faces showed the satisfaction from the sucking. They seemed disappointed to stop that.

I cleaned my breasts with the cloth and hooked my bra and blouse hooks back. They were looking at my breasts all this time. Soon I pulled my pallu over it and still they seemed to continue looking at the cleavage my blouse formed through the transparent saree. But I got up from the couch saying that I will start preparing the dinner.

So I entered the kitchen and started gathering vegetables for chopping thinking about what happened just now. I felt they got excited a bit more than usual. I thought that it must be because of what they watched in that video. I felt that it might be natural since every young boy is curious at their age. Also, their hormones get active at this stage and watching that video might have triggered their curiosity.

So I thought they will come out of it eventually. And started chopping, thinking that they must have got involved in their games. But sometime later, they both entered the kitchen and Shreyas said – ’Mom, I am hungry, Is there anything to eat?’ I certainly forgot about that thinking about the earlier incidents. They had my milk for sure, not long back.

But at their age, they definitely need some solid food to satisfy their hunger. I then replied – ‘Sorry dear, I forgot about that.’ I took some snacks and biscuits from the shelf and handed them in a plate to both of them. Both of them started having it. They soon seem to finish but continued to stand inside the kitchen. I asked – ‘Are you not going to play?’

Rajesh replied – ‘We felt hungry and bored. So we thought we can have something and talk to you for some time.’ I said – ‘That is good my dears. Then why are you standing there? Just pull the chairs.’ I continued preparing dinner by sitting down on the floor while they got a couple of chairs from the drawing room and sat on each of them.

I felt their stares on me. So I looked up and saw them watching at my chest area. With my saree being transparent, it gave a not so clear but slight view of my cleavage through itself. Usually, I would not have minded it since they were my kids and had seen my naked breasts. But with the way things have been, I have become cautious.

So I lifted my upper back and adjusted my pallu to cover my chest. They dropped their faces down and continued to finish the snacks. So I started to talk – ‘How is college? Are both of you good in your preparation for exams?’ Rajesh replied – ‘Yes mom, we are comfortable. I feel that I will top my class even this year.’ Shreyas then added – ‘Yes mom. Even I am good and can be among the toppers.’

I replied – ‘That is great my loves. You should continue doing that and I hope you achieve what you aim for.’ They both replied – ‘Thank you mom, we will work hard.’ They continued to discuss the incidents in college and it felt good to see them slowly getting out of it. Soon it was time for dinner and I arranged everything on the table.

We enjoyed the dinner continuing the chats about the incidents in their college. Then I went to the kitchen and started cleaning after asking them to move to their bedroom to retire to sleep. So they seemed to move to their room. I even moved to my bedroom after finishing the cleaning.

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