Indian Sex Stories Motherhood From Special IVF -Pt 2 (Blindfolded IVF)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Motherhood From Special IVF -Pt 2 (Blindfolded IVF)

Next day I searched his place which was a resort on road to Mandav. Within a few minutes of my reaching the resort, a lady came and welcomed me. I didn’t bother if it was legal or illegal, but my goal was important to me. On the specified date, I informed my husband that I would be going for IVF.

He wished me all the best and even advised me to visit a temple on way, perform pooja. I thanked him for his concern. I dressed simple but I knew that I always looked stunning.

Of course, I was told that IVF will be done by injecting donor semen medically. So I had waxed my private part the previous day and on that day I took special care to clean, put on light perfume between my legs so that the doctors will not get any bad odor. I reached the resort before lunchtime.

The receptionist welcomed me and I was given fabulous food. The special drink, which they told would help was very delicious. I was waiting to be taken to an OT. After half an hour of rest to my surprise, I was attended by a few girls who removed my clothes in a very provocative way.

I was, in fact, getting nervous and also excited. I thought they are doing preparatory works for IVF. Yes in a way it was. In the corridor, a few men were walking briskly but they were masked with a black cloth leaving their mouth only open. I laughed and wanted to know about them. The girls told that the donors who had come to donate their sperm but do not want their face to be seen.

They also told me that even my face would be covered likewise which ensure complete confidentiality. I was by then getting a bit sleepy. I was given a very sheer gown to be worn. I was then lead carefully to an air-conditioned spacious room. The room was big, dimly lit, fragrance all around.

The bed had pure satin or silk sheets. I thought that they may want me to take some rest before the procedure. A doctor came to the room and showed me an album of kids. She asked me to go through the photos and say which child I liked most. Then she added that the sperm of the father of that child which I choose would be used to impregnate me.

It was funny but I flipped through the pages. Each and every child was very attractive. One was more beautiful than other. Finally, my eyes fixed on a girl and I could not take my gaze out of the child. The lady was looking at me and asked, “This baby?” I nodded and Okayed.

She called someone on her mobile and asked me to lie down and take rest. She also gave me a tablet which she said would help. My eyes were closed and I had half slept when the door opened and a man whose head was covered with a black mask entered. She put on a black mask over my head.

It was fully dark but the mouth was open. As his head was masked he might not have seen me and I could not see his face. I was instructed not to speak at all. Anyway may be the effect of medicine, I was in no mood to talk at all. I was lying on the smooth bed of satin sheets, feeling its smoothness.

On the contrary, a rough and touch hand touched me. I knew that must be that of the doctor who would conduct the procedure. The hand was now moving up and down my hand, sleeve. Another hand was on my leg and moved up to my thighs. I could not speak as I was told not to.

The touch and the slow movement of the rough hand were mesmerizing. I was highly excited. Those hands didn’t stop. The caressing continued and for the first time in my life, I felt I was experiencing unbearable orgasm. Automatically my thighs had widened and those rough hands no more felt rough but were now very smooth.

The invisible hands helped me to rid off my robe. I was semi-conscious by that time. I wanted more and more of the experience. I was not disappointed as the hand now was exactly between my legs on my clean shaver pussy. One finger of that invisible hand was now rubbing at the center of my triangle, a bit up, a bit deep, in out, in and out.

Certainly, this cannot be a medical procedure. Nevertheless, I wanted it more of it and didn’t want it to stop. I shivered, bit my teeth and exploded with another orgasm. The room was perhaps pitch dark. Those magic hands then moved up along my belly and held my breasts lightly and then squeezed them turn by turn. My nipples were erect which were held between to fingers and rubbed.

Slowly I could sense a pair of lips pressing on them and suckling, biting the nipples, left, right, left right. Oh my God is there no end to those continuous orgasms. I didn’t want either. Yes, yes, yes, I wanted more and more. My lips were trembling on which suddenly another pair of lips sealed them in a long kiss. As my mouth was open from the mask, those lips tore open mine and a very hot and long tongue entered my mouth.

Our tongues twisted and danced, kissing and our saliva flowed in both directions. His hands were holding my head from the back and pressing further to unending mouth to mouth kisses. Those fat fingers were again inside me exciting me. I stretched my thighs to provide greater access. My hands were automatically prodding in dark in search of something which I myself didn’t know.

Sensing my mind that person gave what I wanted in my hand. Yes, it was his long and fat dick. It was gigantic. Coming slightly up he guided my hands on to his testicles. They were too heavy and big. With his hands, he further widened my legs and placing the tip of that huge weapon he slowly pushed inside my wet valley.

He was probably informed that I was still a virgin and he handled me very carefully. Once I was fully lubricated he pushed in one fast stroke which sent a chill along my spine and I shouted with pain when the hymen broke. Immediately his mouth sealed my mouth to prevent my shouting loud. The kisses were in millions which made me forget that pain.

Within a few minutes, the pain had vanished completely. My legs surrounded his body and he was raising me slightly making entry complete. While he was hopping on me I was clinging to him like a baby monkey to its mom. My legs gripped on thighs rising on to his hips and my hands circled his back digging my nails in uncontrollable excitement.

Our bodies moved as one sealed, welded, and fusion as if we were inseparable. I was imagining that we might be looking like Siamese twins with two head and one body. There were silence and action except for the creaking of the cot, the AC and my moaning.

He was not allowing me to shout loud and any attempt he was stopping by sealing his mouth on my open mouth. I had lost all senses and didn’t know if it was day or night. After a spate of orgasms, my thighs pressed his testicles urging him to release his load, but he had no courtesy for my request. Did I really want it to end? No.

In fact, I would have spent whole life in that heaven. I was able to sense his climax and he guided me to tighten my thighs around him and dug further in. He came in me starting with drops, continuing to spasms, ending in gushes. After minutes of flooding inside me, he pushed a pillow below my hips. We stayed fused for a long time.

When we detached I was exhausted. I don’t know when he left. After about fifteen minutes two ladies entered my room and woke me up. I felt shy but it was natural for them. They game my clothes and asked me to wear. They checked the sheets but there was only slight wetness.

They smiled and even told me that it may be a success as entire semen has been sown inside. Only I have to wait for my next MC. On my coming out of the room, the doctor met me in her room. She told that I have to visit every alternate day till conception is confirmed. I was too glad about that news. But she cautioned me not to discuss or reveal what happened here to anyone including my husband as it may be very risky for all.

I agreed. My only goal was to get pregnant. I returned home and took bath. My body was aching and I at many spots on shoulder, thighs and my breasts there were red, purple biting marks which burned in hot water. I touched them and felt excited. My husband returned at night and asked me about the day. I told that a doctor attended and examined and did some procedure in minor OT.

I told that I could not know what exactly they did but they injected something from cold storage into my uterus and then told that it will take time and I have to go every alternate day for examination and more procedures if needed till I conceive. He was convinced and was happy. I slept recollecting all the heavenly feelings I experienced that day and had a deep satisfied sleep.

Next day looked to me as if it had 48 hours. I just wanted to run there. Now only I understood the real meaning of IVF in their terms. It was not In Vitro Fertilization, as it stands for but it was Intimate Vaginal Fucking!!! Oh my God, what I had missed in all these years. Now I had no bad feelings for my mom who lost my dad and was intimate with the politician.

I questioned as to how can a woman stay without sex? How I stayed without it all these years? Now I decided to compensate for what I lost in my life. Come what may I will go every alternate day. Though I was curious to know the name of the donor it was not allowed. Also, he may not be interested to reveal his identity.

It really didn’t matter no and it was enough as long I got what I wanted, my physical satisfaction and motherhood. That day I had taken extra special care to be completely hairless, put on best body spray and perfume, lipstick which I wanted to be erased by his lips. In my purse, I took mouth spray which I wanted to use just before going inside the room. I reached the center a bit before the prescribed time.

The receptionist had a big smile and welcomed. She teased me about my eagerness to be there before time. I smiled and kept quiet. A girl came to me and gave me a drink which was given the first day also saying that it will increase my desire for sex. I was already burning with heat and this drink now!

She led me to another room inside which, to my surprise, there was no cot but the entire room of 14×14 had wall to wall foam mattress. I went to the washroom, looked at myself, put mouth freshener a bit, corrected my lipstick. The girl was waiting with a black mask. How much I desired not to use it but it was compulsory.

The zip of the mask also had a small lock so that both would not be able to remove during “procedure”. I lay down on the floor mattress waiting for the donor to arrive. Just a few minutes there was the sound of door opening and closing from inside. My heart was pounding and blood rushed into my adrenaline.

Suddenly I was hugged by two strong hands and not allowing a second he sealed his mouth on mine. As he almost tore open my gown my hands were searching for his penis. He was already undressed and I held his penis for the first time. He had a gigantic tool. He lifted me and took me on him, spreading my legs and placing on either side of his legs.

I was right on top and holding his tool in my hand I lowered on to him completely. He hugged me and we kissed for a long time. The kiss was different than the first day (Let me call him A). Also, I felt his (B) chest wider and arms stronger. As I was descending on him I felt his weapon also fatter and longer.

Was this donor different than the first day? I thought for a moment but the intensity of mating was not allowing me to think further. Let it be anyone, I was getting what I needed. Be it anybody’s child, no problem as all photos of kids which I was shown were all very beautiful. Yes, I was right.

This man was different which I realized as my breasts rubbed his chest which was bushy and hairy tickling me all along. He rolled me down and was thrusting in and out, again rolled taking me on his top. We probably were rolling all over the room without detaching. That was the idea of wall to wall mattress. Oh! Fantastic experience.

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