Indian Sex Stories Wife Swapping- Part 3 (Directed By Asma)

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عضوية ذهبية
19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Wife Swapping- Part 3 (Directed By Asma)

Hello friends, Rahul here. I am back with the continuation of my previous story where Khalid and Asma shared their wife swapping journey. After listening to the whole story of Khalid and Asma we had our food. Shruti and I were really excited for the coming session.

All four of us took a shower together where we kissed and rubbed each other partners passionately. While we came out of the bathroom I took Shruti at one corner and asked her, “Baby, just tell me frankly. Are you comfortable with these guys after knowing their other side?”

Shruti-“Obviously baby I am comfortable with this moment. I have been waiting for this game since long. I am glad today we entered into swapping world with this awesome couple.”

Me – “Ohhh ya that is true. I am really lucky to have a wife like you who gave me the opportunity to fuck the swapping world diva. I am just little worried like what Asma is planning now for us. “

Shruti – “Trust me, baby, I am very horny at this moment. I am ready for anything that Asma has planned “

Me- (looking at Shruti with eyebrows up) “Don’t tell me you want to experience that gangbang moment what Asma had.”

Shruti- (winks at me) “I wish if I could have that moment.”

Asma – “Guys what’s going on? Come here I will disclose the suspense now about our further session. I hope all of you will agree on that.”

Shruti-“Baby, I am ready for anything. Please don’t make me wait for anymore.”

We all started laughing at Shruti.

Asma-“Ok guys so here it goes. For the coming few sessions we will be doing threesome sex where the fourth partner will not participate in the sex. But he/she will be the director for the threesome action. So the only rule we have here is that three participant actors of sex will obey the director’s order. They can’t say no for anything that the director will ask them to do.”

Shruti and I looked at each other with wide eyes open. Both of us looked at Khalid expression and he was laughing. We got to know that Khalid already knew about the play.

Shruti-“Asma that sounds fucking awesome. I am ready for this play guys. I promise that I will go to any extent whatever my director asks me to do.”

Me- “I agree too but who will be the director for the first session?”

Asma – “I will be the director for the first session. Khalid and I have lots of experience in this play.”

I was a little disappointed to know that Asma will not be participating in the first session. But on the other hand, I was happy to know that I will be experiencing Shruti with another guy for the first time.

Shruti-“Love you Asma, that means I will be getting banged with your and my husband at the same time “

Asma – “Shruti are you sure you will be able to take two guys together?”

Shruti confidently replied, “Asma you can call two guys more at this moment and I will take them as well.”

Asma- “That’s what I was expecting from my bitch. I am sure you will give a good fight to both the lund.”

Just listening to this Shruti took my lund in her hand and started rubbing it.

Asma – “Khalid get up and go to Shruti.”

Shruti was sitting between me and Khalid. She started rubbing Khalid’s lund as well.

Asma-“All of you stand up”
Asma-“Shruti and Khalid start making love to each other. Khalid, eat Shruti’s lips.”
Asma-“Rahul, remove Khalid and your wife clothes while they are making love.”

That was the first moment where I was making my wife nude for some other guy and also the first time where I was making nude any guy. I made both of them nude. Shruti and Khalid were busy with each other. While smooching Khalid was pressing big boobs of my slutty wife and my lovely wife was rubbing his lund.

Asma- “Rahul while both of them are busy with each other why don’t you lick your wife’s chut. Sit down and lick her and make her hornier.”

I did as she asked me to do. I was licking my fucking wife’s chut which was already so wet. Here while licking her Khalid’s lund was touching my head.

Asma- “Khalid is nayi raand ke boobs bhi chus.”

Shruti was rubbing her boobs in pleasure and by holding my hair she got me all inside her chut.

Shruti-“I am already raand Asma, bahut lund khaye hain maine shaadi se pehle. Ab mere wohi din wapas aa gaye hain. Mujhe ab tum apni jaisi raand banana. Bahut lund khane hain mujhe. Rahul bhi bichara meri chut se bore ho gaya hai. Isse bhi bahut saari chut ka maza dena hai mujhe.”

Khalid – “Behanchod teri shaadi ke pehle ki photos dekhi hai humne. Hume pata tha tu bahut badi raand hai aur bahut lund khaye hai tune.”

I was just listening to them and kept licking my raand wife’s chut.

Asma- “Khalid, yeh chinaal ke muh main apna kata hua lund dalke chod. Poora lund iske muh main jana chahiye.”

Khalid sat on her boobs and gave his lund in her mouth. Shruti opened her mouth for his lund and by removing her tongue she started licking his precum.

Shruti-“Kate hue lund ka taste alag hi hota hai. Khalid chod apni iss raand ke muh ko. “

Asma asked me to get up and go near Khalid.

Asma-“Khalid ab iss raand ke aadmi ko nanga karne ka waqt aa gaya hai. Iski biwi ke muh ko chodte hue iske aadmi ko nanga kar.”

Like how Asma said, Khalid removed my clothes and he made me nude. Now I was waiting for Asma’s instructions.

Asma – “Khalid now start your task and take Rahul’s lund in your mouth.”

Shruti and I were surprised by this move. Khalid without wasting any time started sucking me. Fuck that was one of the best lund sucks I ever had. I never thought Asma will ask for anything such. Khalid was sucking my lund deep and he tasted my precum. At the other end, he was fucking my wife’s mouth.

Asma- “Rahul, how is it? I hope my husband is doing a good job with your lund.”

Me- “He is fucking awesome. I wonder to what extent you guys have experienced.”

Asma – “You just keep guessing Rahul. We have done almost everything that exists in this world in sex. There are lots more to come your way.”

Asma – “Khalid, leave Shruti now and let her also taste her husband’s lund with you.”

Shruti was so happy to see me in that position where I was standing. My lund sucker, my wife and Khalid were doing a great job by eating their lips in between my lund. That was out of the world experience.

Asma- “Shruti did you like watching your husband getting sucked?”

Shruti- “I just loved it. “

Asma- “Ohh really….here I change the game. Khalid, get up and give your lund to Rahul. Let’s see how good he is. Shruti teach your husband how to suck lund. See how I taught Khalid to suck lund. Now he sucks the lund better than me.”

I knew it Asma will ask this. Back of the mind I was already prepared and excited to experience this side of sex. Shruti was desperately waiting for that moment to watch her husband sucking her fucker lund.

Khalid took her lund near my mouth and without any hesitation, I started sucking it. As if I was waiting for that moment. I tried to copy Khalid like how he was sucking me. Shruti was surprised to watch me the way I was sucking Khalid.

Shruti-“Wow Rahul, this is unexpected. I never thought you could do this. I don’t think I need to teach anything to him. It looks like he has sucked so many lund before.”

This is something which every guy desires to experience but he will never open up until he gets the opportunity. I just took advantage of the situation and accepted the request of my mistress Asma.

Asma – “Good job Rahul. Get this lund ready for your wife chut which is dying to get fucked.”

Shruti and I kept sucking him for some time.

Asma- “Shruti time to get fucked. Just lie down. Now your both fuckers will eat you up.”

Asma-“Rahul and Khalid eat chut together. Fuck her with your tongue so deep so that she could take both of your lund together. “

Shruti- “Ohhh fuck!”

I and Khalid were doing a great job on my wife chut where Khalid was in 69 position with Shruti. Khalid was licking Shruti’s clitoris and Shruti was sucking Khalid. Here I was lying down between Shruti legs and fucking her deep with my tongue.

Asma- “Rahul why don’t you go down and make that ass hole big with your tongue.”

Shruti has a big round ass. I took both of her legs up and started licking her asshole.

Asma- “Time to fuck guys, Khalid come down and fuck this chut. Rahul, make Khalid’s lund wet with your mouth and put that inside your slutty wife chut.”

I did as commanded. Sucked Khalid and inserted that big Muslim lund in my wife’s chut. Shruti was moaning loudly. Khalid was fucking in missionary position.

Asma- “Rahul get in 69 position and fuck your wife’s mouth. You keep licking her chut for my husband. Just make sure if his lund comes out then you insert that back in her chut.”

Asma- “Shruti get into doggy position.”

Shruti did the same.

Asma- “Khalid it’s time to fuck this moti gaand.”

Khalid and Asma thought that Shruti will be scared with this but they didn’t know that she loves getting her ass fucked. Khalid licked her ass to make her wet and then he inserted his lund inside.

Shruti was enjoying with the sweet pain. Khalid was an awesome fucker. He really knows how to satisfy a woman. Khalid kept banging her gaand very hard.

Asma- “Khalid remove your lund now let Rahul fuck this gaand. “

I took the position of Khalid. Since Shruti’s asshole was already big it didn’t take any effort for me to make way for my lund. Just small push and my lund were inside my wife.

Shruti- “Ohhh fuck Rahul, madarchod apni biwi ko randi banade. Behanchod ab dekhna kitne lund ka maza lungi main. Tujhe ab shaadi se pehle wali Shruti banke dikhaungi.”

Me – “Behanchod mujhe toh pehle se hi pata tha tu bahut badi raand hai aur tu ek lund se satisfy nahi reh sakti. Asli raand toh tujhe ab banaunga main.”

Asma- “Wow, this is turning me on now guys. Khalid trust me we have discovered one of the best raand today for our group. She can take all of you guys together.”

Asma- “Shruti get ready to take two lund together now in your chut and gaand.”

Shruti “Ohhhh fuck Asma, I just love this play. Please fill my both holes.”

Khalid lay down and Shruti took her lund in her chut and here I was fucking her gaand. Shruti was sandwiched between me and Khalid and both of us were fucking her real hard.

Shruti- “Ohhh fuck me hard bastards….faad do meri chut aur meri gaand ko….chodo iss raand ko dabake.”

Asma- “Fuckers do as your raand requests. Faad do iski chut aur gaand ko.”

Both of us were ready to cum.

Asma- “Dono apna paani iski andar chodna.

Finally, both of us came together and we cum inside my wife.

Asma- “Come on Asma, time to clean up your fuckers. Suck both of them and dry them up.”

Shruti did as Asma ordered. She got up and started licking our cum like thirsty raand. She cleaned us completely.

Asma clapped for all of us and said, “Awesome guys! I hope you guys enjoyed the unexpected sex encounter today. Rahul, especially you. How was your experience? Be frank and tell me the truth.”

Me- “Just one-word ‘thanks’. I never thought I could be so good sucker. I would have never realized this.”

Shruti- “That means you are ready to do this again?”

Me- “Obviously, I would like to go to the next level.”

Khalid laughing, “I knew it bro that you will like it. The same thing happened to me also. Today I enjoy sucking a different lund with Asma. Credit goes to Asma because she forced me to get into this.”

Asma- “Trust me guys I have controlled a lot. Now I just can’t wait anymore so please decide and let me know who will be the director now.”

Khalid- “I will be the director now but I would suggest to take some rest and eat something to charge for next round.”

All of us agreed with Khalid. I will continue the next round in my next part.

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