Indian Sex Stories Who Needs Coffee When You Have SEX To Wake You!

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Who Needs Coffee When You Have SEX To Wake You!

Hey all! Another of my experiences. You will love it if you’re a romantic person because I am one hell of a romantic man. So, a few months back me and my girlfriend went for a weekend getaway to a hill station. A very calm cozy place to be.

We booked our room, which was small but amazing with one wall made of glass and a beautiful view outside. It all started on the first morning. I woke up a bit early than my girl that day. I ordered some coffee for us and stared at my girl. OMG, I was unable to let my eyes off her.

She was wearing one of my shirt and shorts. she was looking drop-dead gorgeous. Her white legs and her amazing ass were tempting me so much that I got an instant boner! (BTW I have approximately 6 inches and enough thick dick).

To kill my view the room service guy rang the bell. I got the coffee just the see that my lady is already up. I went near her gave her the coffee and was staring at her.

She: What are you looking at?
Me: Just looking at my gorgeous girl! How about we let go the coffee for a while and let me have my morning breakfast.

I just said this and she kept the mug in a second and started to smooch me. Her soft lips were rolling on with mine, I was sucking her lower lip. I made her lie down on the bed without letting our kiss break at all. I pinned my hands in hers and started playing with her tongue.

Our tongues were fighting inside our mouths and her legs were holding me so tightly from my back that she could easily feel my hardness over her shorts. I moved from her lips to her ears and started to lick her ears, she started to moan slowly. Then from her ears, I went down to her neck and gave a small bit over her neck.

I was licking her neck all over. My hands got on her boobs. She has the finest pair of boobs I’ve seen till date! (Girls: prove me wrong maybe?) I was pressing her boobs slowly and sucking her neck and collarbone. She was going crazy by this.

I lifted her up and removed her top and she removed mine. All of a sudden she pushed me down and got over me. She started to bite my neck and went down to my chest biting and licking it.

She: Let me also have some fun!
Me: I am here to get you all the fun sugar!

She started to bite my chest while going down. She took off my shorts and underwear in one go and held my dick in her hand while stroking it slowly.

She: Your dick is far better than that coffee. I can wake up to this every day.

Me: That’s what I want you to do baby. Now, are you taking it in your mouth or not!

She started to tease me by licking my dick head slowly. I was in a very different zone. I was so horny that I just held her by her head while she was teasing me with sucking my dick head and pushed her head on my dick and choked her right there!

She saw me and said, “Relax baby, let me do it na!” I said, “Then start doing it na, stop teasing me more please.” She, like a wonderful girl, didn’t let me down and started sucking my dick.

She was so amazing with sucking my dick that I almost lost the track of time. All I could feel was the warmth of her mouth on my dick. I was about to cum and I told her that I am cumming.

She: As I said earlier I will drink it.

She started stroking it hard and I came in her mouth. She didn’t even let a drop out from her mouth and licked my dick clean. Now, it was my turn to work on her. I got on top of her and started sucking her tits like a small kid. I love sucking boobs!

She started moaning heavily, while I was sucking her boobs and pressed my head into her boobs. My hand got down to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy slowly initially and changing my pace every now and then. I licked her cleavage and sucked her boobs till the became red!

I also left some marks on her tits. (Just marking my territory, haha.) I started going down on her from her boobs to her stomach, from her stomach to her navel. I sucked all of it. I sucked every inch of her sexy perfectly toned body while she moaned like there was no tomorrow.

I was fingering her with my two fingers and started licking her inner thighs right next to her pussy but not her pussy.

She: Stop taking revenge and suck that pussy!

I was not really listening to her as I was too lost in my own. Then I went to her pussy and gave it a small kiss. Then I started smooching her pussy lips and my hands were on her tits crushing them harshly. She took my fingers in her mouth while I was sucking her pussy.

I started to play with my tongue, putting it inside her pussy and licking her pussy as much as I can. It was an amazing properly shaved pussy. Then she got really horny and pushed my head in her pussy hard and she was pulling my hair as well. I wonder how she did both the things together but she did!

Now, my dick was enough hard to fuck her. I placed her one leg over my shoulder and placed my dick over her vagina and gave a small push inside. She left out a very seductive moan which made me even hornier. I pushed my dick completely inside her in one go.

I started fucking her faster and she was moaning like anything. We had a nice fuck in different positions. We did a lot of fun things on that trip.

I can tell all that to you. All you need to do it share your review on [email protected]

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