SISTER SEX After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-9}

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    We both stood there mute for a few seconds, stunned, as it sank in that Vlad had just offered to pay us ten thousand dollars to make a movie.

    "Each?" Addison squeaked.

    "No, no," he said, waving his hands around. "Five thousand each." He smiled his famous smile. "But we can do many movies. If you become popular, maybe the price will go up."

    I noticed that his accent had gotten better, and realized, suddenly, that it had always gotten better when he was talking business and worse when he was trying to get us to do something sexual.

    Addison said, "I need to talk to my brother."

    Vlad said, "Of course."

    She turned to me and pointed to the studio door. She wasn't satisfied with just going out where all the costumes were, on racks. She took me all the way outside where the Bug was parked.

    "He wants us to do porn, Bobby!" she gasped.

    "What do you think he's been doing?" I asked, a little bit confused.

    "He's been taking pictures!" she said.

    "Yes, of us naked ... fucking," I said. "That's porn, Addie."

    "Okay, I guess so," she said. "But this is different. He wants to make a movie of us doing it!"

    "You're right," I said. "That's what he's asking us to do."

    "But what should we do?" she asked. "The pictures were scary enough. At least at first. But movies? I don't know, Bobby."

    "Come with me," I said. I'd been thinking about his accent, and remembering things he'd said, and trying to remember what accent he'd used when he said them. I had already figured out he was going to try to get us to go as far as we would go. The movie idea freaked me out a little bit too ... but I wasn't surprised.

    I took her back into the studio, where Vlad was putting up a fake tree off to one side of the candy house. He turned to look at us and waited for one of us to speak. I took over now.

    "How many of these movies have you already made?"

    He grinned. "Few dozen."

    "And how many have you made with Kerry and Natalie?"

    "What?" Addison's voice yipped, high in the soprano register.

    Vlad's smile remained on his face, but it was different somehow.

    "I not loose with the privacy of my models," he said. His accent was slipping into heavy Russian. That meant he was trying to convince us to do something. "How about I just say there have been other brothers and sisters who enjoy learning about sex together."

    "Can we see one of them?" I asked.

    "Will you do one for Vlad?" he countered.

    I turned to Addie. "If he shows us one of Kerry and Natalie having sex, will you agree to do one?"

    "Nat and Kerry?" she asked, her eyes wide.

    "Or of Jerry and Cindy," I said. "Somebody we know, so we know he's made a movie and we had no clue about it."

    Her eyes widened and her lower lip curled in to get bitten by her pearly whites.

    "Kerry and Nat," she said. "If they did it ... I'll do it."

    I turned to Vlad. He'd heard the conversation. The ball was in his court.

    "Vlad does not show these movies in America," he said.

    "Can it, Vlad," I said. "I know you only have that accent when you're trying to talk us into something. Those are the terms. And I want Addie to wear a wig when we do it."

    "And you swear you'll never tell them I showed you their movie?" he asked, all traces of his accent gone.

    "Deal," I said.

    Five minutes later we were staring at the big twenty inch monitor, watching as Natalie, playing Little Bo Peep, watched over a bunch of fake sheep while Kerry, with a fake wolf skin on, "snuck up" on her. He was already naked. Not long after he caught her, she was too. They were obviously enjoying each other as we watched his cock slide into her belly like they'd done it a hundred times.

    While we watched we learned that Vlad, it seems, specialized in B grade "reenactments" of fairy tales. They were insanely popular with collectors, and priced high enough that the casual purveyor of mass produced porn would scoff at the trailer and leave it alone. The secret - and the primary reason the collectors would pay so much - was that the unofficial word was out that Vlad found real siblings to play the parts.

    In other words, Vlad specialized in cheesy authentic incest porn, where the actors were guaranteed to be actually related. He'd done all the classic fairy tales, including ones in which fathers had pretty nubile daughters, and evil stepmothers had sexual interest in their stepdaughters and all that kind of thing. He had the best of all worlds. His overhead was practically non-existent, at least in terms of employees and props. But that obvious low budget look was one of the things that drew the buyer, because he knew he was getting genuine incestuous action for his money, instead of expensive production, and actors who couldn't read. And, apparently, these collectors loved having multiple versions of the same movie, but with different actors.

    "You may not tell them I showed you this," he said. "Not unless you agree to perform in a movie with them."

    Addie, whose hand had reached for mine while we watched Kerry fuck the shit out of his sister, squeezed mine hard at that point.

    "I don't think I could do that in front of them," she said, softly.

    "We'll cross that bridge later," said Vlad, confident now that he had us. He was, after all, a professional, and he knew his business. "For now, I have in mind doing Hansel and Gretel with you two. What do you think?"

    It was pretty obvious he thought we'd agree, what with the scene already being set up. Then again, if we refused, he could always get Kerry and Natalie to do it.

    Addie squeezed my hand again.

    "I remember Cindy saying that she and Nat had posed together for you," she said.

    Vlad displayed one of the few frowns I ever saw on his face.

    "That was indelicate of her," he said. "She was only supposed to get you to pose for regular modeling photos."

    "Were those real?" asked my sister.

    "Of course," he said. "I make all kinds of money on all kinds of photography. Your pictures will, in fact, appear in various catalogs."

    "But Kerry and Nat ... and Cindy and Jerry have ... um ... starred ... in ... um ... movies together?"

    "We have a deal, right?" asked Vlad.

    "We have a deal," I said. Addie squeezed my hand again, even harder.

    "Okay then," he said. "Yes, they have made movies together."

    "And did Nat do ... those things ... with Jerry?"

    "She did not mind," said Vlad. "Perhaps because Kerry acted in scenes with Cindy as well."

    "I won't do that," said my sister. "Only Bobby can do that to me."

    "Not a problem," said Vlad. "I can respect that."

    "Wait a minute," I said. "Cindy and Kerry aren't really brother and sister. And neither are Natalie and Jerry."

    Vlad gave us a blinding grin. "Discriminating collectors do not mind such things as long as there is an actual brother and sister in the movie. In fact, some of my most popular movies start with the sister and her boyfriend, and then brother joins in. I make more than fairy tales. One popular movie is when brother takes sister to prom because parents are too strict to allow her to date. Afterwards, he deflowers her, just like a date would have. Or father takes daughter to prom. That one is very popular too."

    "You actually know fathers who do that with their daughter?" asked Addie. "I could never do that with my father!" She frowned. "Is it weird that I like doing things with Bobby, but nobody else?"

    "Different strokes for different folks," said Vlad, shrugging. "I take what I can get. When I move to a new town it is always difficult to find new models and get started again. If I find a girl who likes her daddy more than most girls do, then I make that kind of movie."

    That last part of his comment would turn out to be quite important later, but I was too busy thinking to give it any special attention just then.

    Long story short, when we were out of questions, Vlad finally said, "Okay. So let's get cracking. We've already wasted half an hour of your time tonight. We can still get this puppy in the can, but we need to move right along."

    The classic fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel tells the story of two children who are sent into the forest to die by their evil mother, where they happen upon the candy house and the wicked witch. It does not say much about what happened after they shoved the witch into the oven and killed her.

    So Vlad took over from there, starting the film with Hansel and Gretel somewhat grown up, and living in the house made of candy, where they were carefree and happy.

    The first scene was of me, dressed in high water pants with suspenders but no shirt, pushing a wheelbarrow full of firewood up to the cottage, where Gretel, dressed in peasant clothing, was tending the garden, which was made up of fake plants in clay pots. I told you it was low budget.

    First I noticed how, with her on her hands and knees, the short dress she was wearing revealed that she had on no panties. Vlad had already had me lick her until her inner lips bulged outwards, so the camera got a nice picture of a juicy, fuckable pussy below her bare ass.

    I informed her of how delicious she looked, and slid a finger in her from behind.

    She got up and told me how hot I looked, offering to cool me down by taking a wet rag and rubbing it all over my body. I shrugged off my suspenders, which dropped my pants, exposing my hard cock, which she also "cooled off" with the rag. Then she swallowed my tool and pulled off to announce that no matter how much of the house I ate, my penis still didn't taste sweet. I told her to wait, and we finished that scene with me masturbating and shooting off in her mouth. She looked at the camera and said, "Now that tastes sweet, dear brother."

    Then, while I recuperated, we shot a scene in the "woods", which was the fake tree, with a ladder in front of it. Gretel climbed up to pick some apples and Hansel held the ladder steady. Of course he looked up her skirt, and when she came down he ducked his head under her voluminous skirt. She oohed and ahhed and then pulled up her skirt to show me licking her pussy. She ended up sitting on my shoulders with her legs wrapped around my back, having "orgasms" while I ate pussy with the best of them. I have to say, her "orgasms" were really quite good, compared to her real ones. All that practice we'd done had not been just for fun, it seems.

    Then there was a scene of us waking up in bed together naked, and four positions of lovemaking there in bed. This time, when I shot, I had to fuck her until I felt it coming, and then pull out. The first shot showed the camera I was really cumming. Then he had me push it back in her so everybody watching the movie knew I was actually cumming in her pussy.

    Her line during that was, "You're making a baby in me, Hansel!" I guess nobody was supposed to wonder why we didn't already have several toddlers running around, seeing as how we'd ostensibly been doing this since we were eight or so.

    That pretty much did it for that night. Vlad told us he'd clean up, and for us to go on home and act normal. He said we'd finish it up Thursday night.

    "You better not be lying about the money for this," said Addison, who had started off very nervous and stiff, and ended happily fucking me with abandon, able to ignore the camera.

    "I would not lie to you, sweet Addison," said the man who had corrupted us so thoroughly. "You are going to enable me to keep living in the lifestyle I have come to enjoy. I cannot do that unless I keep my promises to you."

    We went home, did our homework while eating supper, and then, after Dad had gone to bed, lay naked in Addison's bed and talked in whispers. You'd have thought that after all the fucking we'd done, neither of us would have been in the mood. You'd have been wrong. She sat on top of me and rocked, slowly, not so much trying to have an orgasm as just enjoying doing it for fun, instead of for the camera. In the end she lay down on me and we rolled over. If we moved too quickly, the bed made noises, so she closed her legs and we tried one of the things Vlad had taught us, and then filmed.

    I went in deep and then rotated my hips in little circles. That massaged her clit and made it feel like her pussy was jacking me off.

    She had a nice, long, gentle climax, and I pumped a load of sperm into her without making a sound.

    I really wanted to stay there that night, but that was too dangerous.

    So I padded back to my room and went to bed.

    As I said before, there was more going on in our lives other than me getting my stiff cock in her warm pussy as often as possible. Winter break was half over at this time. Christmas was past. That had been difficult, since Mom wasn't there. New Year's Eve was coming up. Both Addie and I were anticipating going to New Year's Eve parties, and both of us had secured dates. We had even decided to take the same people out more than once, because we thought that would make us look normal.

    But I have to be honest and say that our sexual relationship was a huge part of our life, which we planned a lot of our life around.

    For instance, we did not have sex either Tuesday or Wednesday night of that week. We decided we should probably save it up for the movie. Our mother was a professor at the university, and because of that, our college education was pretty well paid for with legacy scholarships, as long as we kept our GPA above 2.8. But those scholarships only covered tuition and books. We'd still have to have someplace to live, and food to eat and all that. This kind of money would mean we wouldn't have to work while we went to school. So we didn't want to chance me not being able to get hard. That's kind of necessary when you're shooting a porn video, you know? And yes, I admit we had no plan on how we were going to explain where that money came from to our parents. But that was a problem for the long term future. Right now, the immediate future was all we could handle trying to plan.

    Thursday night he had us shoot five other scenes. He showed us how he "lied just a little" In other ways. He had this thing that had a tube leading to a bladder. I could hold my hard cock with the tube on the side away from the camera and, with him backed off a bit, could make it look like I was cumming when, in fact, I was not. It wasn't easy, but it was easier than trying to cum five times in one two hour session.

    Why he didn't just have us do fewer scenes over a longer period of time, was answered when, at the end of the session he asked us to help him pack away Hansel and Gretel and help him set up Sleeping Beauty. Apparently Kerry and Nat were going to do Sleeping Beauty. Somehow they were able to spend all day Saturday with him, and he planned on shooting that movie that day and then starting us on Rapunzel Monday.

    He shot his entire repertoire with all his actors, which meant there were who knows how many copies of Hansel and Gretel already out there, with other brothers and sisters playing the parts. Like I said, that was part of collecting. Each collector had his favorite actors. So while he was working through his list of films with them, he was also working through it with us.

    That night I guess Addie had had enough. She did come to my room, but all she did was sit on the side of the bed.

    "I wonder what films he does with all of them together," she mused.

    "I thought you didn't want to do that," I said.

    "I don't. I just wonder, that's all."

    "Do you wonder what it would be like to be there, watching them do it?" I asked.

    "No," she said, flipping her hair. "Watching them on the computer was more than enough for me."

    "You afraid Cindy would show you up?" I teased.

    She looked down at me.

    "Do you want to see her naked?"

    "I'm a guy, Addie. Guys want to see every woman naked."

    "Even Mrs. Jacobsen?" Mrs. Jacobsen was our next door neighbor. She was in her seventies.

    "Every girl who might be good looking naked," I amended.

    "Hmmm," she said. "Weird."


    "I'm actually jealous."

    "You don't need to be jealous," I said. "We're men. We're just wired that way."

    "Think about me and Jerry," she said, a gleam in her eye.

    She didn't give me a chance to think about it. She lay back on top of my legs and threw her arms wide.

    "Ohhhh Jerry," she sighed in a high voice. "You're so big, Jerry. You're so strong, Jerry. Take me now, Jerry!"

    "Okay, okay, I get it," I said. "I don't want to see Cindy naked."

    "Liar," she snorted, sitting up. She turned and slid her hand inside the leg of my briefs. My cock was soft and she grabbed both it and my balls.

    "Remember when I told you that, as my brother, you sometimes pain me?"

    I nodded, wondering if she was going to punish me by squeezing my balls.

    "Well sometimes, you don't pain me at all. I love you very much, Bobby."

    "Thanks," I said. "I love you too, you know."

    "I know," she said. Her hand moved until she had only my penis in it. "This is my toy now."

    "Your toy?"

    "Toys, not boys?" she said.

    "Oh, that," I said. "I don't think that's what they had in mind."

    "I don't care what they had in mind," she said. "This is the only thing I'm sticking inside me."

    "For the foreseeable future," I said.

    "I've been thinking about that. We could room together at college," she said.

    "Addison, you have to get married some day. Mom will croak if you don't give her grandchildren. Me too, for that matter."

    "I know," she said. "And I will, eventually. But he'll have to be awfully special to compete with you."

    "Take your hand out of my shorts," I said.

    "What? Why?"

    "Because I want to kiss you, and I don't want to break your wrist, tear my underwear or crush my balls while I do it," I said.

    "Oh," she said.

    She pulled her hand out after giving me a little squeeze.

    "How come it's not hard?" she asked, lying down to let her lips hover over mine.

    "Because you wore it out tonight," I said.

    "So it's my fault," she pouted.

    "It sure isn't Cindy's," I said, lifting my head to kiss her.

    The conversation might have gone on, but just then we heard the distant ringing of the phone on the wall of the dining room.

    "I wonder who that could be?" mused Addison. " I better go! It could be for one of us."

    The problem was that if Dad got up to answer it, he'd be in the hallway. So I went to the door and looked out. Sure enough, he was hurrying down the hall.

    "I got it," he said.

    I waved, and then as soon as he turned the corner, I waved Addie through the door. She scurried back to her room.

    It was good she did that, because about ten minutes later he came to my door and stuck his head in without knocking.

    "Come to your sister's room," he said. "I have something to tell you."

    I got up. I was nervous about what this might be. What if Vlad's house had been raided? What if the local police saw the pictures or, worse yet, the movie of us and recognized us? We had, in fact, both worn wigs during the movie, but when we watched the scenes on the monitor I was pretty sure anybody who really knew us would recognize us anyway. I was so nervous that I went to her room still dressed only in my briefs. When I got there, the door was open. Addie was sitting up in her bed. For some reason I looked at where the tips of her breasts pressed against the cloth. They were completely smooth and rounded, as if she had no nipples at all. Dad got right to it.

    "Your mother is coming home early. I have to leave tomorrow to go get her."

    "What happened? Is she okay?" Addison threw the covers off of her legs and swung them to the side of the bed.

    "She's fine," he said. "Their funding got cut off. Something to do with the sequestration."

    "But I thought the university was paying for that," I said.

    "They were, but some of it must have been covered by matching grants, and I guess that money stopped coming in."

    "When is she coming in?" asked Addie.

    "Tomorrow morning," he said. "But that's not the problem. The problem is they're bringing back all the material they were going to study over there. I guess the Peruvian government agreed to loan it to them because otherwise it won't get catalogued and identified and so forth. But the only place our government will let them go through customs at is LaGuardia."

    "But that's in New York," I said. "That's clear across the country!"

    "I know, and they don't want to pay for air transport to get the artifacts from New York to here, and her team refuses to be separated from them. So they're going to rent trucks to move the materials back here. And I'll be damned if I'm going to make her do that alone."

    "How long will you be gone?" asked Addie.

    "I'm guessing a couple of weeks," he said. "Depending on weather and all that."

    "What about us?" asked Addie.

    "You're both almost adults," he said. "You'll be fine on your own. No parties, of course." He grinned. He didn't actually expect us to have a big blowout party while he was gone. And he knew we were both going to parties on New Year's Eve.

    "Damn," I said, trying to sound dejected. "I was hoping to have my first kegger."

    "You don't even like beer," he snorted.

    "You don't throw a kegger for the beer, Dad," I said. "You throw a kegger to get girls there, and then you get them drunk."

    "Bobby!"squealed my sister. "You're a pig!"

    "No parties!"said our father, a little less jokingly. "Now, I have to pack. I'm going to get an early start, so you're on your own for breakfast. I'll leave a credit card on the table, but don't go wild, okay?"

    "Got it," I said. "So you don't forget it, I'll just come with you right now to get it."

    "Why do you get to keep it?"complained Addison.

    "Because I'm the big brother," I said.

    "Knock it off, you two," said Dad. "I expect you to get along while I'm gone."

    If he'd have known how well we'd get along ... he might not have gone.

    When I got up Friday morning, Addison was already in the kitchen, sitting at the table, eating her cereal. She looked up at me when I came in.

    "He's gone," she said.

    "I figured."

    "What do you want to do?" she asked.

    "Seriously?" I laughed. "Oh ... I don't know. How about we do a picture puzzle? Or maybe we could play Scrabble."

    "I'm going to my room," she said. "I think I'm going to get naked and lie down on my bed."

    "You don't mess around," I said, grinning.

    "Then you better not either," she said.

    This was our honeymoon.

    We stayed in bed all day. The next day we got up and went to the grocery store. When we got home, we put away the cold stuff, but then ended up in bed again.

    We basically ate, slept, and had sex for the next two days. When New Year's Eve came we both blew off our parties and stayed home to fuck in the new year. I was sitting on the couch, with her sitting on top of me, impaled, bouncing up and down as the ball dropped on TV. I tried to time it to spurt in her right when the ball hit the bottom, but I didn't quite make it.

    On January the third, we both woke up in her bed when the alarm I'd set went off.

    "Do we have to go to school?" she asked, sleepily.

    I looked at her. "What do you mean? Of course we have to go to school."

    "Oh," she said. She sounded downcast, but I knew it was an act. "I was hoping I could stay in bed all day."

    I stared at her. She was a morning person, and rarely stayed in bed later than anybody else in the house.

    "With you," she finally added. She followed that up with a grin that easily matched Vlad's.

    "We have to go to school, Addie," I said, gravely. I wondered if she could feel my cock beginning to swell against her thigh.

    "I know," she said, happily. "I just wanted to give you something to think about all day."

    "You mean you want me to fail all my classes because I'll be distracted all day," I said.

    "Ooooo, does the big, strong boy have such lack of control that he can't stop thinking about these for a single day?" She pushed the sheet down to bare her breasts and pushed them toward my face.

    "We're going to be late," I said.

    "No we're not," she scoffed. "We have plenty of time."

    "Not if I crawl on top of you to and have my way with you," I said.

    Damned if she didn't lower her lashes and look through them as she pinched both of her nipples until they turned cherry red.

    After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-9}

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