SISTER SEX After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-7}

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    She acted normal for the rest of the evening. We talked a little during homework. Dad wanted to know if we were interested in a board game. We'd played a lot of board games, growing up. It had been good family time. That had faded a bit when we hit our early teens, and we were less willing to cooperate with parents in general. That said, I didn't think it was odd he'd suggest that again, after all these years. It just seemed like something we hadn't done in a while and it seemed fitting to try it again. As I look back on it now, I suspect our father saw something between us that we weren't aware we were broadcasting. I'm not talking about sexual attraction. What I mean is that he saw we liked each other ... that we respected each other ... that we enjoyed being in the same family ... that we were proud of being siblings. A lot of brothers and sisters fight, compete, and hate each other. And we'd gone through a phase like that as puberty kicked in. But that was gone now. And I will forever believe that it was Vlad Zharkov who was responsible for that. He had unlocked something within us that was more important than the things that typically pull siblings apart.

    We played The Game of Life, an oldie but a goodie. When I was ten, the joy of the game was going to college while my father did not, and having more money than him. Now, as my sister got twins ... I got an erection under the table.

    Dad won the game and crowed about it. His reward, he said, was that we had to put everything away and wash the dishes and clean up the house, while he went to his bedroom to read in peace and fall asleep early.

    We were silent, putting the game pieces away. I reached for Addie's pink, plastic car and caressed the round-headed peg occupants with a fingertip.

    "I'm jealous," I said.

    "Why?" she asked.

    "You got married, got it on with some other guy and had twins."

    She giggled. "You want to have twins with me? Isn't that taking things a bit too far?"

    "Well, no," I admitted. "Not twins. But I've thought of doing ... that. You know, while I masturbate."

    "It makes me hot," she said, softly. "I know we can't do it, but it makes me hot to think about it. I've even thought back to when I tried ..." She stopped. I looked at her and her face was red.


    "Nothing. Never mind."

    "Addie!" I warned.

    "It's too embarrassing!" she whispered. "Leave me alone."

    "Come on, you can't do that. Especially after what you put me through today. Besides, I can't think of anything that would embarrass you. Not after what we've done."

    She put the top of the box on the game. "You have to swear you'll never tell a soul," she said.

    "I'll add it to the carload of other things I can't talk about with anybody other than you," I said, trying to keep her going.

    She looked toward the opening to the hallway that led to the bedrooms.

    "Remember that sleepover I went to at Janice's house?"

    Janice was the head cheerleader when Addie made the team. She had graduated and was gone now, but they'd had a bunch of sleepovers that were billed as squad-bonding and planning sessions while she was the head cheerleader.

    "Which one?" I said.

    "The first one," she whispered. "There was an ... initiation."

    Let me take a moment here to set the scene. I had a friend named Brad, who moved away when we were in 10th grade. But we kept in touch via email. And recently Brad had sent me a link in an email that went to an article online about this teacher in Tennessee or West Virginia or somewhere around there, who was also the sponsor for the cheerleaders. And she had sleepovers at her house that were billed as "team bonding sessions". But it turned out that what the girls bonded with were the pricks of the football players and the sponsor's husband. They basically had sex parties, and that was how you got initiated into the cheer squad.

    So of course, when she asked me if I remembered the sleepovers at Janice's, the first thing I imagined was some football player climbing on top of my sister. I was not pleased at that thought.

    "What's wrong?" asked Addison, breaking my train of thought. I told you I wasn't pleased, and she could see that plainly.

    "Has anybody had sex with you?" I growled.

    She blinked. "Of course not!" she yipped. Then she got it. "You think that happened at Janice's sleepovers?"

    I had already jumped to one embarrassingly wrong conclusion that day. Now it was two. But I wasn't going to explain this one.

    "I should have known better," I said, trying to mollify her. Apparently it worked.

    "Well, there were no boys ... but you were close."

    "Close?" I was confused. "How can I be close if there were no boys?"

    She blushed again, and bit her lower lip between her front teeth.

    "Come on," I said.

    She looked at the hallway again, and then back at me.

    "Janice had a rule. She insisted that we all follow it, and said that if she found out we didn't, we were off the team."

    "How could Janice make a rule like that?" I asked. "She was just a student too."

    "Our sponsor ... um ... sort of agreed with it."

    I was intrigued. "What was the rule?" I asked.

    Addie got even redder in the face. "Toys, not boys."

    "What?" My brow furrowed as I tried to make sense of that. I laugh about it now, but when you're a male in your teen years, there's not much available to you that you would think of on a daily basis as a sex toy. So "toy" has a different connotation to a boy than it does a girl. At least it did for me.

    "You are so dense," said Addison, seeing my confusion. "Dildos! Vibrators!"

    Understanding flooded through me. Understanding was hot, at least it was as it reached my face. I realized I was blushing at the same time I realized the blood that rushed to my penis had a different effect.

    "You used ... one of those?" I whispered.

    She looked away. "We all had to." Then she looked back at me. "Actually, if you used tampons you had to. If you used pads and still had your hymen they didn't make you do that. But they had to watch while the rest of us did it."

    "You're shitting me!" I gasped. "I can't believe it." I frowned. "You'd think it would have leaked out somehow."

    "Everybody there knew that if it did, people would probably go to jail and the whole world would know that you either stuck one in you or watched half a dozen other girls do that. You think any girl is going to blab and put herself in that position?"

    "Do you still have it?" I asked.

    "You mean the one I used?" she asked, her eyes widening.

    "Yeah," I said.

    "Why would you ask me that?"

    "Can I see it?"

    She took a deep breath. Then she let it out slowly. "No, you may not see it. The one I used belonged to Jessica Freemont. There were arrangements where we could get our own, but I decided not to do that. You are a pig ... do you know that?"

    "Pig? Why am I a pig?"

    "Because you paid no attention to the fact that when all that happened I was embarrassed almost to death. All you can think about is getting to see something I've stuck inside my pussy." Her last word came out as a hiss.

    She was really mad, and that bothered me. In the past, I probably wouldn't have cared. In the past, if she was mad it was her problem, not mine. But I felt differently about that now. I don't want you to get the impression that I only cared because if she was mad the sexual activity I had so lately enjoyed might get cut off. I didn't think about that at all. I had hurt her feelings, and that was what made me feel bad.

    "I'm sorry," I said. "I had an extra helping of stupid at breakfast this morning. I was just curious, that's all. I can't imagine you doing something like that back then."

    "I couldn't either," she said, relaxing a little. "It was bizarre. Several of the girls freaked out about it. But by the time the night was over, everybody understood. They weren't trying to get us to do anything. It was the opposite. They were trying to make sure that we didn't do something stupid."

    "So you did it," I said, softly. "You put one inside you."

    The smallest one there," she said. "That's why I chose Jessica's. It was only a little bigger than my finger and it still stretched me. That's why, when I saw your beautiful, sexy penis I was sure it was huge, because it's lots bigger than Jessica's dildo. It actually convinced me that waiting for the real thing ... not being in a hurry to lose my virginity, I mean ... was a good idea.

    "Toys, not boys," I said. "I get it."

    "It's a good policy," she said.

    "Please don't tell me we're breaking up." Based on our conversation before we got home, I wasn't worried about that. I was just making a little joke.

    "We're not going together," she said. "You're my brother. Sometimes that pains me."

    "I was kidding."

    "I wasn't."

    "Are you mad at me?" We'd been getting along pretty well, but now she was sniping at me.

    She picked up the game and sighed.

    "No. Not really. I just feel all jittery inside."

    "Why do you think that is?" I asked.

    She went and put the game box on top of some others on the top shelf. Then she turned and looked at me.

    "Maybe it was you being jealous of me having twins. I'm going to bed now."

    And with that she left the kitchen and went to her room.

    One of the benefits of working for Vlad, at least recently, was that I had a lot fewer urges to jack off at home. When you get your balls drained two or three times in two hours, that pretty much satisfies you for the day.

    So I had no urge to beat my meat that night. Instead, I tried to get a little further in Ford County Stories. I had gotten settled and read exactly two paragraphs when Addison opened my door and slipped into my room. Again, she was wearing a T shirt, and her long legs were delightfully on display.

    "I figured out why I'm so jittery," she said.

    "You want to talk about it?" I asked.

    "Not really," she said.

    "But you're here anyway," I replied.

    "I want to do something about it," she said.

    "What do you want to do?"

    "Get in bed with you."

    The front of my shorts swelled outward. Her eyes watched.

    "Naked," she added in a whisper.

    That pretty much completed the transition. I noticed the nipples under her T shirt had erected right along with my penis.

    For an answer, I simply pushed my shorts off and tossed them on the floor. I lay there with my cock almost lying on my stomach.

    "Under the covers," she said, pulling off her T shirt to reveal she was gloriously naked.

    I got up, turned down the covers, and got back in. She followed and pressed her front to my left side. Her breasts were so hot I was surprised. I worked my left arm under her and she snuggled against me, lying her head on my shoulder.

    "This is nice," she whispered.

    "It is," I agreed. "You don't actually feel jittery."

    "I am inside," she said.

    "Because of what you want to do," I prompted.

    "Yes. Actually, we've already done it once ... at Vlad's."

    I thought back to all the things we'd done at Vlad's. We'd done all of them at home already. Except, as it turned out, one thing I hadn't thought about.

    She crawled up on top of me and then moved on over to my right side. I didn't understand, because while it was delightful to have her wiggle across my body, she ended up in basically the same position as she had been. But she got me to turn toward her so I was on my right side.

    Then she lifted her right leg and draped it over my hip while reaching for my penis. She wiggled around some more and I finally got it.

    She pushed the tip of my prick between her pussy lips, and then rubbed her clit with it.

    She had changed sides because she was right handed, and could only get the kind of control she wanted by using that hand. Once she got things going, she whispered, "Kiss me,"and we snogged away while she happily diddled herself with the tip of my cock.

    There were a couple of problems with this new game of hers. While Vlad had, indeed, pressed the tip of my prick between her flowering inner labia, he had done so only to take some pictures. He had not done what she was now doing. And it was really different. I had a hazy memory of how hot she had felt on the tip of my cock, but Vlad had kept telling us to keep still. And as much fun as that had been, it was way different without Vlad clicking away right next to us.

    Then there was the fact that, as she tried to rub her clit off with my penis, she dipped it into her opening a lot deeper than Vlad had. A couple of times it felt like the whole head went in, but she was moving it so energetically, it was hard to tell.

    Her kisses got more and more energetic too, until we were basically eating each other's tongue and moaning into each other's mouths.

    I think we'd have been fine if she'd have just had fun rubbing. But she was so excited that she had an orgasm. I didn't realize it until she mumbled into my lips, "Oh fuck, Bobby, I love you so much!"

    The other problem was that, as she jerked my cock around, rubbing herself to orgasm, she basically jerked me off. It surprised me when I realized I was going to cum any second. Then she said what she said, and added, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, it's going to happen, Bobby!"

    That was when it registered she was about to cum. About the time my first shot rocketed down the middle of my penis, It also registered that our upper bodies were crushing the only pillow within arm's length, and that I'd never get it out from under us on time. So I used my hands to grab her head and pull her lips against mine as my prick delivered two or three more healthy spurts. I didn't mean to be as brutal as I was, but besides being in the middle of spurting, I knew that if she went off like she had before, our father would be in there within seconds, wanting to know who had been murdered.

    The result was that she grunted and groaned and said, "Owwww," into my mouth as she kissed me and snorted through her nose and squeezed the living shit out of my manhood.

    I have to say, here, that while it was fun, it hurt too much to want to do it again the exact same way. Not only did I bruise her lips, I smashed mine too. Plus it felt like she'd tried to lengthen my penis by a foot ... by pulling it away from my body. At the same time, there were all those endorphins from having cum.

    I could only hope that the amateur quality of our performance would improve with time and perhaps more careful practice.

    Addie, on the other hand, had enjoyed it more than I had. I deduced this when she rolled away from me and flopped her arm down on the bed, saying, "That was fucking awesome!" Her hand went toward her pussy under the covers. "You made a mess!" she chided me. She pulled her hand from under the covers and her first two fingers were drenched with my milky white sperm. She shoved them in her mouth and cleaned them, smacking her lips. "Yup," she said. "That's you."

    I whipped the covers back and found a disaster. Her bare mons and pussy lips were coated with my cum. She'd rubbed the tip of my spurting cock right in her pussy mouth. But a lot of it had gone on her thighs too, and run down onto the bed. There was a big wet spot between us. As I got up on my knees and looked at her sperm-soaked pussy lips, I could see it dripping down and making another set spot right under her pussy.

    "Don't move!" I whispered, imagining her getting up and dripping spunk all over the floor.

    "I'm not going anywhere," she panted, tiredly. "I don't want to move. I just want to go to sleep right here."

    "Well you can't," I hissed. "I have to clean you up, and then you have to go back to your room. If Dad came in here right now, he'd think I fucked you!"

    "We can't do that," she said, dreamily. "I'd like to, but that's too much."

    I stopped, frozen as I heard my sister say she wished I could fuck her. But there was too much to do to let that throw me. Every passing second presented more opportunity for something to go wrong.

    The sheets had to get into the laundry, with the water going, before Dad could see them. Obviously that wasn't going to happen that night. I had one other set of sheets, the ones I'd normally put on as soon as I stripped off the old ones on wash day. But wash day was Saturday, and today was Monday. I looked at the top sheet, and saw that it was cum-smeared where it had been on her abdomen. I pulled it off the bed and to use to wipe off her body.

    By the time I had it ready, and looked at Addie, she was masturbating slowly with two fingers, circling her clit with her legs cocked apart and her knees bent.

    "Your stuff is slippery," she sighed. "It makes it so easy to do this." I saw her dip her middle finger into her pussy and pull up. It must have brought intense pressure on her clit. She wagged that finger back and forth. "Mmmmm, that feels so good!" she moaned.

    "Do that later!" I whispered. "We need to clean you up!"

    "I know," she said. She stopped, sucked her fingers clean again, and reached for the sheet. She cleaned everything she could see easily, and then stood up. I used another part of the sheet to wipe her inner thighs clean. I dabbed at her pussy, which looked flushed and dark.

    I pulled off the bottom sheet and balled both soiled sheets up. I turned, trying to figure out where I was going to hide them, and saw that Addie had gotten the clean sheets out. I got down on my knees and pushed the old sheets under the bed, and then got up and helped her get the fitted sheet over the corners of the mattress. The rest of it went quickly.

    Finally, she put her T shirt back on. I got my shorts and pulled them on.

    "That was a nightmare," I sighed.

    "No it wasn't," she said. "That was awesome. We just have to figure out how to do it without making such a mess."

    "Those are my last set of clean sheets," I reminded her.

    "Not tonight, silly!" she giggled. She came over and hugged me, rubbing her breasts against my chest. "I love you," she said, softly. "Thank you."

    "You're welcome," I said. "You're going to get us caught if you keep doing stuff like this."

    "You worry too much. Daddy never comes down to this end of the hall."

    "All it will take is once," I said, sliding my hands over her back. "Just once, he catches us naked, and it's off to military school for me and boarding school for you."

    "They'd never do that," she scoffed. "It would be too expensive."

    "Well, I'm not willing to find out," I said. "From now on, we agree on what we're going to do and when and where we're going to do it."

    "Not at Vlad's," she said, immediately. "I don't like that he watches us do things."

    "Addie," I said, softly, "he's the reason we do things! I shouldn't have to remind you we never did any of this stuff until we met him."

    "That's because we were stupid," she said. "If we'd have known then what we know now, we would have started doing things a long time ago."

    "You're insane," I said. "Go to bed."

    "Okay. Thank you." She kissed me. It was a nice kiss.

    I felt my cock try to stiffen, and then give up with a sigh.

    The next morning, when I got to the kitchen, it was just me and Dad. I got a bowl and dumped Raisin Bran in it, along with some milk and sugar. I was chomping away when Addie sailed in, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She ignored us both and opened the fridge. She bent over at the waist to peer inside and reached to pull out a hard-boiled egg. I felt my groin tighten as her tight, round ass was showcased in the process.

    She went to the sink and started cracking and peeling the egg.

    "Daddy?" she said. "Did you put baking soda in the water when you boiled these eggs?"

    "Huh?" he asked, looking up from his morning paper. "Why would I do that?"

    "Because it makes them easy to peel," she said. "I'm tearing this one up trying to get the shell off."

    "Where'd you learn that?" he asked.

    "From my mother?" she said, sounding disgusted. "The woman you've been married to for eighteen years?"

    "Oh," he said, "she must not have told me."

    "I'll get something at school," she said, handing our father the mostly destroyed egg. She looked at me. "Come on."

    "I'm eating!" I said around a mouthful of milky Raisin Bran.

    "Well hurry up."

    "You know," said Dad, "In some families, brothers and sisters love each other, and try to cooperate with each other for the common good. You two could use a little work in that area. Though, I do have to admit I've seen some improvement since you started working together."

    "We love each other," said Addison, her face straight. "You know that."

    "Well then act like it," he said. He was in the process of using his coffee spoon to scoop the egg out of what was left of the shell. It was messy.

    "I will if he will," she said.

    "Likewise," I said, getting up to put my bowl in the sink.

    When we got to the car and got in, Addie looked over at me and said, "I checked out your room this morning. I opened the window. You have to get those sheets into the wash tonight."

    "And what do I tell dad about why there's a window open in my room in the middle of winter and that I'm washing sheets in the middle of the week?"

    "Tell him you spilled a soda on them."

    "I don't want to start lying to our parents, Addie."

    "Then spill a Coke on your sheets before you put them in the washer," she said, smugly.

    "Okay," I sighed, and put the Bug in gear.

    School can be a pain in the ass when you spend the whole day trying to remember what it felt like for the tip of your cock to press into your sister's pussy. People keep interrupting you, asking questions, telling you what to do, trying to make you learn things.

    But I got through the day. I was sitting in the car when Addison sauntered up and got in.

    "Hurry up," she said. "Take the long way home."

    "What long way?" I asked.

    "I don't know," she said. "Just take a while to get home. And don't drive through the middle of town."

    "What's going on?" I asked, putting the Bug in motion.

    "I'm going to suck your cock while you drive us home," she said, giggling.

    "You're crazy," I said.

    "I'm horny," she corrected. "I can't get it out of my head how good it felt when you shot off on me last night. It was so warm and slippery and yummy. I can't wait to do it again. But it's too long to wait until tonight. So I need something to hold me over until then."

    "I'll wreck the car," I said. I looked down at my lap. I was pretty sure her head wouldn't fit in the available space.

    "Then take me somewhere I can suck your dick."

    If you're not a guy, you have no concept of what hearing something like that will do to a man.

    I ended up driving to the library. When I'd checked out Ford County Stories I'd had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. The bathrooms were between the two halves of the building. One half was where the book stacks were, and the other half contained reading rooms, and an auditorium and an area where they read stories to kids on Saturdays. Unless something was going on in that part of the building, they turned all the lights off. It was Tuesday, and I didn't think there'd be anything going on.

    There wasn't, as it turned out. Addie called Dad and told him where we were, and that we'd be a little late getting home. She asked him if he needed us to pick anything up on the way home, when we were finished at the library. She sounded so normal I almost expected her to go look at books.

    She didn't, of course. She peered into the darkened part of the library and said, "Come on."

    I looked around, to see if anybody was watching us. Nobody was, so I followed her. I thought we should go to a reading room, but Addie went to the doors that went into the auditorium and slipped inside. When I followed, the only light was what came from the exit signs above the door we'd just come in through.

    "Perfect," she whispered.

    She pushed me up against the wall and fell to her knees. Her nimble fingers got my zipper down and my belt undone. Tenderly, she pulled my cock and balls out of my jeans. I felt her hand fondle my balls, gently.

    "I never paid any attention to these before," she said, holding my soft penis off to one side. She leaned forward to kiss their hairy surface. "I love you, pretty balls," she said, softly. "Thank you for making all that yummy cum for me." Then she turned her attention to my cock. It occurred to me that she'd never handled it when it wasn't hard, and wondered what she thought of the shrunken, limp thing now.

    I found out when she sucked the entire thing into her mouth and basically chewed on it.

    I became erect slowly. I think the danger excited Addison, but it wasn't the same for me. I wasn't so much worried that someone would come in the door, three feet away from us, as that someone might turn on the lights, in preparation for play practice, or a musical dress rehearsal or something like that. There we would be, standing at the back of the auditorium. We'd have our shit in order quickly, but the obvious question would be, "Want to tell me why you were standing there in the dark ... at the back of an empty theater?"

    But once it was hard enough she could jack on it, lust replaced anxiety. She took her time, because she loved sucking me. But maybe six or seven minutes after she got it nice and hard, and had sucked it like she meant it, she started talking dirty to me.

    "You gonna shoot for me, Bobby?" she whispered. "You gonna shoot your stuff in my mouth?" She kept that up, saying, among other things, that she loved the taste of my cum, and couldn't wait to get a mouthful. And when a girl says those kinds of things to you, while she's stroking your cock and sucking it at the same time, it's not all that hard to give her what she wants.

    She got her mouthful, and she went, "Mmmmmmmm, thank you," after she swallowed it.

    Then, quite calmly, she said "Get straightened up. We need to get home."

    Next thing I knew I was the only one standing there in the dark in an empty theater.

    After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-7}

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