SISTER SEX After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-6}

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    It is quite possible that time stopped, there for a little while, when my sister first started sucking my cock. My recall is a bit spotty for the first bit of time.

    Words escape me, at this point. Wait. That should be words escaped me at that point. Because that's exactly what happened. I gurgled quite a bit, as I recall, but spoke not a single coherent word. And while I was trying to think of one or two to grace her with, she pulled off and skinned my foreskin back and then sucked the knob like she meant it. Her tongue swirled all around and her cheeks caved in, and then she pushed her head down to take in half the shaft. She sucked it like she was starving, and there was a chocolate milk shake in my balls. It was literally unbelievable. I tried to figure out when I had started this dream.

    But then I realized it was real, and besides blowing my mind ... it blew my balls.


    She actually took it rather well. I was, of course, incapable of warning her. I was incapable of doing just about anything at that point other than ejaculating, and from what I've learned since, that was controlled by my autonomic nervous system, which means I didn't really "do" anything. Not in the usual sense of the word.

    Her first reaction to getting her throat filled with what she'd only seen twice in her life was to inhale as she jerked her mouth away from the offending organ. That didn't work well, because then she had to cough. And when she coughed, she blew jism out of her nose. This, I was later to learn, was because she was trying to cough quietly, so as not to alert our father that she had a mouthful of brotherly spunk. That was also why she put her face in my covers, like she was trying to eat her way through my bed to the monsters that lived under it.

    But in the end, she lifted her head, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, rubbed her eyes and cheeks clean with her palms, and then said, "Actually, that doesn't taste nearly as bad as Cindy warned me about."

    "Cindy?" My paralyzed vocal cords finally began to work again, minimally.

    "Where else do you think I got instructions on how to do that?" she asked. " It was my first time. Did I do okay?"

    "Cindy?" I swallowed.

    "Yes, Cindy Jenkins? You know, the redhead on the cheer squad?"

    "Cindy Jenkins has given a blowjob?" I croaked. "She's only fifteen!"

    "That's only a year younger than me," she said. "Come on. You can tell me. Did I do okay?"

    "How am I supposed to know?" I asked. "Nobody else has ever done that to me!"

    "Well, you did squirt, so I guess that's one measure of success." She licked her lips. "Actually, I don't know what Cindy was talking about. I like the taste!"

    "You're kidding," I said. I tried to imagine liking the taste of my own semen. I did not have any measure of success, as Addie might have put it.

    "Not at all. I'm going to do it again."

    "You are?" I was still a little befuddled.

    "Maybe many times," she said, licking her lips again. "Will you please do me now?"

    A state of befuddlement is a really poor time to field a question like that, whether it's your sister or some other girl you have a letch for. Part of that is because when a guy hears the words "do me" come from a girl's lips, he wants it to mean one thing that all men understand. Part of my befuddled brain thought that way, and responded with, "You should have fucking asked that before I blew my wad!" But then the unfried rest of my brain caught up and I realized she was talking about oral sex.

    Let's just be honest. I was willing. Even if she asked me so politely that it didn't sound like her request could possibly have anything to do with sex.

    She pulled me up and then whipped off her T shirt, leaving her gloriously naked. Then she flopped down on my bed, lay her golden tresses on my pillow, and spread her legs, making it crystal clear I was very welcome between them.

    This was all going a little quickly for me. A boy yearns for a girl - any girl - to throw herself on his bed and open herself to him like that. He never believes it will ever actually happen, but he yearns for it. And then there was the "do me" thing that was still bouncing around in my skull. I will say this to any girls who may be reading this: Do not ask a man to "Do me" if you have not already (and recently) sucked his balls thoroughly dry. When my sister flopped like that and spread her legs, if I could have gotten an erection, things might have developed into a "sticky wicket" as our British friends like to call it.

    In any case, my penis made the call for me by hanging there limp and happy as I licked my lips and decided to try to find the mysterious clit again.

    I did!

    And I got to actually watch those pussy lips blossom. It was fascinating. I'd always thought there were just one pair of lips there, but that's not true at all. There are two!

    Of course you probably know that. It seems like everybody knows it. But I didn't. Not until that night, anyway.

    I learned something else too.

    Always have a pillow handy if my sister is going to have an orgasm.

    This started a new phase in our lives as siblings. Addie loved sucking cock, at least my cock. And she really loved it when I went down on her.

    That first time, on my bed (and yes I know it was technically the second time, but the first really didn't count in my book) she was very vocal. By that I don't mean the screaming. That came later. I mean she sort of gave me instructions. There was a lot of "move your tongue up a little" and "press right there" and " I love it when you do that" and "Oh Bobby, if you stop now I'll just die!" and things like that. And the conglomeration of all of them put together taught me how to make her squeal. Literally. When she felt that first orgasm coming, she knew instinctively that she was going to be loud, and she grabbed the pillow under her head and moved it on top of her head. Well, her face, but you know what I mean.

    Even then it was almost too loud. If one of the parents had been in the hallway right outside the room, they could have heard it for sure. We weren't totally convinced Dad hadn't heard it. But nothing happened as we froze, trying to listen for movement outside over her labored breathing. Finally we relaxed.

    And she was a slut about it too. As soon as she was sure Dad wasn't going to storm into the room with a ball bat, demanding to know who had been murdered, she said, "Can you do it a little more? Pleeeeease?"

    That's the thing that isn't fair. A guy comes once and he's grounded immediately. Twenty minutes later he might be able to take off again, but if he does, when he shoots again, he's done for a good while. A girl can fly for-fucking-ever! I actually stopped because my jaw got too sore to go on.

    I'll tell you one thing, though. I slept good that night.

    And the next morning, as I drove her to school (only seniors were allowed to drive to school or park in the lot) she must have told me she loved me ten times.

    Of course it affected how things happened at Vlad's.

    When we got there the next time, he handed us each an envelope. There were ten fifty dollar bills in each one.

    "Mr. Brewster wishes me to pass along his heartfelt wishes that you decide to continue nude modeling," said Vlad, grinning. "He is willing to pay even more if he can see your features."

    "And what guarantee do we have that he's the only one who will see our ... features?" asked Addison.

    "None," he said, calmly. "Except that I know he does not resell his pictures. He uses them only in his villa. Some he displays during his parties. Others he uses only in private. Of course your ages have much to do with his excitement, and he knows that if he ever let any of those pictures get away from him, he would never get any more. He would kill the goose that lays the golden egg, no? In any case, he has never let pictures I send him get out onto the open market for as long as I have known him."

    "And how long have you known him?" I asked.

    "Long enough for him to help me leave Russia and come to America, where there are no secret police," he said. He wasn't smiling now. " I have known him for twenty years. I am the only photographer he will hire. He says it is because of the quality of my work, but of course I know it is really because he doesn't want those outside his circle of influence to know about his one vice."

    "Vice?" asked Addison.

    "He has a weakness for young girls who look like you, dear Addie. I confess I may have misled him to believe you are only fifteen years of age. And he will pay handsomely for pictures of fifteen year old girls who are willing to take their clothes off and appear to be having sex with handsome young men," said Vlad.

    "Like Bobby," said Addison.

    "It need not be only with Bobby," suggested Vlad.

    "Yes it does," she said, firmly. "If it's not with Bobby, it's not going to happen."

    "Even though he is your brother?"

    "Because he is my brother," she said, just as firmly.

    "Did I not tell you this is normal in Mother Russia?" he asked, beaming again.

    "That's not what I meant," she said, looking flustered. "I trust Bobby."

    "But of course,"agreed Vlad.

    "I mean I don't have to worry about Bobby," she went on.

    "Of course not," he agreed, amicably.

    "Oh, never mind. What kind of things would we have to do for Mister ..."

    "Brewster," prompted Vlad.

    "Mr. Brewster," Addie agreed.

    "Similar to what we did last time," said Vlad. "Perhaps with more realism. Is more difficult to pretend in full light."

    "More realism?"

    "Is difficult to fake a kiss," said Vlad.

    "Oh," said Addie. She looked at me. "I guess I could kiss him."

    "Is difficult to fake other things too," said Vlad. "This is why I thought you might be more comfortable with another boy."

    "No way!" said Addie. "No other boy can ever know I do things like this. It would ruin my reputation!"

    "Not necessarily," said Vlad. "It is possible there are other young people such as yourselves who also pose for pictures like these. They would wish to protect their own reputations too, yes?"

    "Who?" asked Addison.

    "That may be for later," said Vlad. "Let's test whether or not you can be comfortable doing such things at all."

    "Last time didn't bother me," she said, sticking her chin out.

    "I am very pleased to hear that," he said. He leaned close and whispered, as if to her alone, but I could hear him. "Vlad is aware that some of what happened last time was not pretend."

    Addie almost melted down. Her hands leapt to cover her face, and she turned to shove the backs of those hands against my chest. She wasn't sobbing, but she was moaning heavily. Or be-moaning, as it were. Her fate, I mean. She was sure that, regardless of how normal incest play was in Russia, it was only play, and not real.

    It took Vlad ten minutes to get her calm enough to convince her he didn't think any less of us. To the contrary, he said he preferred siblings to pose for these kinds of photographs, because he didn't have to worry about them getting in a fight and breaking up and spreading rumors about each other that might cause him trouble, as he put it. Siblings might get in the fight, but they wouldn't shout out what each other had been doing. Not in America, anyway.

    And, once Addie figured out how much sense that made ... well ... she sort of lost the last of her inhibitions.

    Our first "disguise" was to wear Zorro masks, just thin strips of black cloth with eye holes in them.

    He started us out by having me stand behind Addie, with my arms around her, under her own arms. Then he simply had me slide my hands all over as much of her body as I could reach. Of course one of the first places I moved them was to her breasts. He made me move them higher, and then lower, eventually telling me to slide my fingers right into her sex. What he said was, "Pet her pussy, Bobby. Pet the pretty pussy."

    Then, after we were both turned on (which I think was the purpose of the hands-all-over-her exercise) he ran us through a series of static poses, where we weren't moving. Well ... almost not moving. I'll give you an example. He had me put my hands over her breasts again, with my fingers spread so that her nipples were between them. We were supposed to hold that pose and stare into the camera lens. My fingers had a tendency to both squeeze together a little bit, meaning I squeezed her nipples between them, and to squeeze as hands in general, feeling that spongy flesh give beneath the pressure.

    In the meantime, my boner was pressed into her back, and there was the natural urge to push it against her. At one point she reached behind her, gripped it and pushed it down between her butt cheeks, whereupon she started pushing back.

    The shots of my hands on various parts of her body moved to shots of us embracing each other, front to front. He'd have us freeze and then either move to where my erection was visible to his lens, or have me move so he could see it. More than once he directed Addie to hold it, or move it so it was either pressing against her pussy lips, or hovering near. He also had her kneel with my cock pressed against her cheek by her hands, like she was holding it there because she just loved to feel it against her cheek. He asked her to kiss the tip and she did so immediately.

    "Okay!" he boomed. "New series! No need for masks now. Vlad will shoot faces obliquely, so you hard to recognize."

    He told Addie to lie down on this strangely shaped piece of furniture. It was a little like a bed, except it was upholstered in some really soft fleecy type material. It wasn't flat. Rather it started about two feet off the floor where her feet were, and then sloped up in a curve where her butt fit, going on up from there only to curve back down right about where her shoulder blades were. The effect was of her on some weird altar, being offered for sacrifice, with her abdomen high. Her breasts were thrusting up at the sky, and her head was lying on the same plane with the middle of her back. It was both intensely erotic and a little disturbing at the same time.

    He moved to stand beside her, holding his camera, aimed at her breasts.

    "I tell you how to make love to breasts, okay?"

    I think that was the point where we stopped pretending that we had any kind of brother/sister reluctance about doing all this. It just wasn't worth the effort to try to convince him we were less than enthusiastic.

    He started by having me purse my lips like I was kissing her breast, but then slowly sliding them all around it. I kept moving toward the nipple, but he kept saying, "Not yet, Bobby. Be patient." At the same time he was snapping pictures now and then.

    "I can't see," complained Addie, who was basically helpless, splayed on this sacrificial couch.

    "You can see later," said Vlad. "For now just lie there. You are more beautiful than you can imagine."

    Finally I got to go near her nipple, but only with the tip of my tongue, dragging it all over like I had my lips. He still wouldn't let me touch the nipple itself.

    "Hurry up!"groaned Addison.

    "You are uncomfortable?" asked Vlad.

    "Just hurry," she said.

    "Kiss the nipple," said Vlad.

    I did, and Addie's' hand moved in a little jerk where it lay beside her hip.

    "Kiss it twelve times, but bring your lips away after each one," said Vlad.

    He took at least two dozen shots while I did that.

    "Touch the tip of the nipple with your tongue," he said.

    I did and Addie moaned.

    Suddenly his fingers appeared in front of my face and he gently pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger. It was done so quickly I couldn't react in any way except to watch it.

    Addie's whole body sort of jumped, except the way she was on that couch didn't give her any way to get purchase for her muscles to really move her. Her head popped up, briefly and I saw her mouth form the word "Fuck!" as the sound burst from her lips. Vlad's hand came to her forehead and gently pushed her back to her original position.

    "Give a girl some warning," she panted.

    "Now suck it," said Vlad.

    My lips opened and I sealed them around the tip of her breast. I got maybe an inch more than the areola, and gave what must have been the kind of suck my mind remembered from when I was a baby. It felt so completely natural to suck that tip, letting my lips slide a little so that only the nipple itself was being manipulated. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought to do this before.

    I thought I was killing her there, for a little while. The sounds she made were sort of like what happened when she had an orgasm, but much, much quieter. Her hands came to my head, in the same way they did when I was licking her pussy, and both ruffled my hair, and pulled me to her.

    I heard Vlad taking lots of pictures. Then he said in the softest voice I'd ever heard him use, "Move to the other one. Don't let it feel alone."

    She liked that too, and he took more pictures.

    He put his lips right next to my ear and whispered. "You have sucked her pussy ... yes?"

    I let the rubbery nipple I had been abusing slip from my lips and turned my face to look at him. He was grinning, sure of himself. Suddenly I remembered him saying, "Vlad is aware that some of what happened last time was not pretend."

    I nodded fractionally as Addie lifted her head a little and said, "You're not finished, are you?"

    He let me go back to sucking her nipples and then had me kiss my way down her body while he documented that in photos. As I got to the bottom rib, she sucked air and her stomach caved in. I knew she was ticklish, so I pressed my lips hard on each kiss.

    "Keep going," said Vlad. " I be right back."

    He moved to Addie's head and pointed the camera at her face.

    "Be beautiful for me, Addison," he said.

    "Ohhhh," she moaned as my lips moved onto her abdomen.

    I stopped to tease her smooth, bare mound with my nose. Her legs were moving all around now, but only flexing an inch or two each time. She wanted me to keep going, but not in front of Vlad.

    "Keep going!" said Vlad. "Kiss her everywhere!"

    I rolled my eyes upward to see him hovering over her face and realized he was trying to get her passion as it built.

    I pressed my nose into the kind of triangle of open space where her thighs attached to her body.

    "Ohhhh," she moaned again.

    "Keep going!"said Vlad, louder.

    I stuck my tongue as far as I could into the triangle and licked, but my nose kind of got in the way. It poked her and suddenly her knees bent and her legs sprang apart and she opened to me with her toes digging into the soft fabric. She actually lifted her pussy up and I realized that the support beneath her lower back actually helped her do that.

    I went straight for her clit. I probably shouldn't have. By that, I mean I started making love to her pussy for real, rather than simply posing for pictures. But Vlad didn't seem to mind at all. He took dozens of pictures of her face and then, finally, came down to shoot me just eating her pussy like a starving man.

    I could feel her getting close. I had only given her three orgasms like this in my life, but even in that short time I'd soaked in enough knowledge about her body to know she was about to get there. I wondered what it would sound like without that pillow covering her face.

    But she suddenly lowered her butt back down to the couch and her hands pushed at my head. She sat up with a grimace as her back muscles flexed oddly after having been so relaxed in an odd position.

    "No!" she panted.

    "We will calm down a little," said Vlad. "Vlad knows this can be difficult."

    "Calming down" meant that our roles were reversed, and it was Addison who was doing all the kissing and tickling with the tip of her tongue. I thought it was weird that he had her give my nipples the same treatment I'd given hers, except I was sitting on a regular chair, and she was straddling me, sitting on my thighs.

    Suddenly Vlad said, "Kiss him."

    She looked up at him. "On the lips?"

    "Yes, of course on the lips. Like he is your boyfriend."

    In this position I was pinned to the chair, for the most part. I could have stood up, but that would have dumped her off my lap. So I just sat there as she leaned toward me and kissed me.

    That first kiss was somewhat tentative. Oddly, even after the other things we'd done, the kiss was somehow more intimate. It shocked me and affected me a lot more than I expected. I had made out with girls before, of course, but this kiss felt like electricity was being exchanged between us or something. Then her lips pressed harder and I could feel her passion build as she began moving her head back and forth, grinding her lips against mine.

    Pretty soon we were trying to eat each other's lips like just about any set of teenagers making out on a date.

    He let us do that for a while, taking pictures all the time. Then he said his card was full and that he'd be right back.

    We just kept on kissing.

    When he came back he separated us. We were both breathing hard by then.

    "You two just sit there and breathe while Vlad gets a pretty shot, okay?"

    His "pretty shot" involved him moving her to where he wanted her on my thighs, and then reaching to grasp my prick and moving it until the tip nestled between the petals of her pussy lips. They had blossomed, by the way. Those strange, wrinkly, bruised looking lips seemed to flow around my cock. He retracted my foreskin and wiggled the tip as we both watched, frozen. Neither of us had expected anything like this, and I think we were afraid to move or say anything.

    When he let go of the shaft, the foreskin tried to flow forward again, but ran into her inner lips, where they looked like they were sucking on the tip of my cock. I realized that my own wrinkled skin looked amazingly like hers.

    "Hold very still," he said, apparently unaware that neither of us had moved as much as a centimeter since he had touched my cock to her pussy.

    Vlad started taking pictures of my cock, about to push into her pussy. I was sure that was what those shots would look like, even as he took them. My butt flexed at the thought of trying to move my cock forward. Even if it was only an inch.

    "Stay still!" he thundered, which startled Addie and made her whole body jerk. I watched in pure fascination as her pussy moved toward me half an inch. Her lips spread and my foreskin bunched a fraction. Then she relaxed, and things went back to where they had been.

    "Good!" he said, after maybe a hundred shots. "Now, Addie needs to be on her knees between his."

    She got there, her face a foot from my cock.

    Vlad got down on one knee beside my hip. He looked at Addison.

    "When we were doing shadow shots, Vlad thinks maybe you put handsome penis in your mouth, yes?"

    She closed her eyes, but then, slowly, nodded.

    "Do that again for Vlad now. Pretty please?" His voice was softer than I'd ever heard it.

    She didn't even try to object, or pretend she was embarrassed. She just leaned forward and sucked my dick.

    It was funny, in a way. By that I mean as I look back on it now it's funny. He had to make her slow down. She had me in her mouth before he could take a picture, and he had to make her take her mouth off me and kiss it first and stuff like that. Then he let her suck it again, but kept making her stop so he could take a picture without her moving. It frustrated her. I knew this because I could see that her non-cock-holding hand was down at her pussy. At least if it was still attached to the arm that was headed down to her pussy. I think she got actual sexual pleasure from sucking my penis, and not being able to suck it the way she wanted to frustrated her. So she masturbated to compensate, or something.

    Vlad knew what was going on, of course.

    "I would like very much to take pictures of him cumming. Can you do that for me?"

    Addison simply pushed her face against my body, getting more of my cock in her mouth than ever before. I managed an "Uh huh!"

    "Vlad must see his cum, Addison. Do you understand me? Addison must not swallow Bobby's sweet cum, because Vlad must take pictures of it. Okay, Addison?"

    She made some kind of noise.

    I watched as she knelt there, between my thighs, making love to my penis just like I had made love to her pussy. Vlad got down on his knees too, with his camera right beside Addie's face. I'm sure it must have been distracting for her, but she kept going. Maybe she closed her eyes or something.

    On my bed, when I had cum in her mouth, it had been purely reflex. The only thing that had been going on was her mouth, sucking my cock. Now, though, with Vlad there, while it felt fantastic, I didn't have the urge to cum. I hadn't actually realized that until he said he wanted to take pictures of it.

    "I can't cum!" I gasped.

    "Use your hand, Addie," said Vlad softly, from behind the camera. She kept going just like she had been, and he had to try again. "Addison, we want him to shoot, yes? It will help if you stroke him. You can suck more later, sweet one. But for now, let Vlad take pictures of you stroking him. Please?"

    She pulled her mouth off of me. She'd been holding my cock with her right hand, but only for the purpose of directing it into her mouth. Now she used that hand to grip the shaft. She squeezed tightly. She looked a little angry. At least her face was red and she was frowning.

    "Stroke it," said Vlad.

    "I don't know how," she said, through gritted teeth.

    "What?" I think we had finally done something to astonish Vlad. A blind man couldn't miss the fact that my mouth was intimately familiar with her pussy, and that she had sucked my cock before this. Apparently we had skipped the early experimentation they did in Russia on a regular basis.

    Anyway, eventually he said, " Is not problem. Bobby and I will help you."

    And help her we did. Within two minutes she was working my prick like she'd done it a hundred times. And I was reacting the way Vlad wanted me to.

    "Now Addie?" he said, putting the camera back into action. "You have tasted him before, yes?"

    "Yes," she said, easily. The look of concentration on her face as her hand slicked up and down my cock made me wonder if she'd actually heard the question.

    "Can Vlad get shot of handsome cock shooting into Addison's mouth?"

    "Yes," she said again, just as vacantly.

    "Vlad is pleased," he said.

    And he did get one shot of her aiming my spurting penis into her mouth. That was after the first spurt jetted up into the air right in front of her face, and landed on her wrist. Vlad had a motor on his camera and it literally whirred as the cum rocketed out of my cock. The second one was aimed into her mouth, and the last two he couldn't see because she was sucking my cock again.

    Vlad would make up for this later. On every subsequent visit he had her masturbate me to completion, and then photographed her getting it in her mouth.

    Well ... for two more weeks, anyway.

    But I'm getting ahead of things. Let me go on with that night.

    When we left, it was the most quiet drive home we'd had, since we met Vlad. She was hard to read, and I was afraid she might have been pushed too far, and was angry. And if that was true, I didn't want to push her more now. We were closer than we'd ever been before, and I was pretty sure I'd find out what she was thinking sooner or later.

    When we got home, it was a repeat of the previous time that things had gotten wild. She ignored me while we ate, talking to Dad instead. He always asked us about school. Usually we gave him minimal data, but that night she was a fountain of information. Then we did homework and she was still uncommunicative with me.

    The next morning she seemed like her old self, singing with the radio on the way to school and touching my leg when we parked, saying, "See you after school. I love you."

    All day I thought about how she was acting. I decided that she was overwhelmed by it all, and like stories of mental patients I had heard about, she had pushed it all into some little compartment in her mind where she was trying to ignore it. If she pretended nothing had happened, then she wouldn't have to deal with it.

    That made me think about how I was dealing with it myself. But that was almost embarrassingly easy. I loved it all. I wanted to keep doing it all.

    And I wanted more.

    Of course the fact that it was easy to look at my own motivations and reactions didn't mean it was easy to justify them. No matter how much Vlad reminded us in his broken accent that incest was normal in Russia, I knew nobody in our town would applaud if they found out what we were doing. For that matter, I doubted anyone would approve of us even posing for pictures. At least the kind we'd been posing for lately.

    So I knew I should feel guilty for loving my sister in the way I had recently been loving her. And wanting to keep loving her.

    But I didn't. I was wary of getting caught ... oh yes. No doubt about that. But that was only because they'd put me in juvenile hall, or a military school somewhere, or something like that, and I'd never get to see Addie again.

    But I didn't want to stop.

    By the end of the day I was a wreck, because I had convinced myself that, as much as I didn't want to stop ... Addison would come down on the side of the argument that did. I was so worked up, in fact, that when I was leaning against the car, waiting for her in the parking lot, and I saw her walking with two of her friends, laughing and talking like everything was perfectly normal, that I simultaneously got an erection and started crying.

    It was that helpless kind of crying, where a guy doesn't even try to wipe away the tears, because he feels so hopeless that what his peers think of him crying is of no importance. It wasn't sobbing, or anything like that. I didn't even make any noise. But the tears rolled down my cheeks continuously. They even increased when she saw me and left her friends, coming towards me with a beautiful smile on her beautiful face. That smile made my heart sing, but I knew she was going to take it away from me forever.

    Of course she saw me crying when she got up close to me. The smile vanished.

    "What's wrong?" she asked.

    "You're going to make us stop ... aren't you." It was a statement, and not a question.

    "Stop what?"

    "Posing," I pined.

    She blinked. "You mean for Vlad?"

    "Yes," I sighed, already thinking of my days as a model as the good old days.

    "Of course not," she said. "Why would I do that?" She frowned. "Wait! Have you heard something? Has somebody said something to you? Has somebody found out what we're doing?" With each question she got more and more upset.

    "No!" I said. "Nobody said anything."

    "Then why do you think I'm going to make us stop posing?" She looked around. Other seniors were moving through the parking lot, going to their cars. "Get in the car," she said. "Give me the keys."

    "I have to drive it out of the lot," I said. The crying had stopped. She hadn't reacted at all like I had expected her to. I was beginning to realize that I had overreacted in a serious and embarrassing way.

    "Well then drive, before somebody sees you crying. What is wrong with you?"

    It wasn't until we were well away from school before I was able to explain ... okay, that she got from me through interrogation ... why I had acted the way I had. And trust me, she got it all out of me ... even the part about getting an erection and crying at the same time. I wanted her to know I was confused, not just an idiot.

    She sat back in her seat and stared through the windshield.

    "See?" I said. "That's what you did the other night. You just sat there and didn't say a word."

    She looked over at me.

    "Bobby," she said, with exaggerated patience in her voice, "It's supposed to be the girl who is insecure and worried that her boyfriend is going to find some other girl he likes better, or will flake out on her for some reason. You're a big strong guy. Get a grip, Bobby! I love you. You're my brother. Nothing can change that. And now you're something else to me too. We can't change that either. We can't wish it away. I don't want to wish it away! But I still need to think about it all. Why do guys always feel like they have to do something? Why can't they just think about things?"

    "That's what I've been doing all day long!" I yelped. "And look where it got me!"

    "I changed my mind," she said. "No more thinking for you without my express approval. Now shut up so I can think for both of us."

    After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-6}

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