SISTER SEX After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-5}

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    We went to the changing room and took off our clothes. Don't ask me why, because we could have gotten nude right there where the camera was. Habit, I guess.

    Addison's nipples were there, pointy and hard, just like usual. In my peripheral vision I saw her reach and rub one finger up and down once right where her pussy lips were. I pretended not to have seen it, but I knew she was excited.

    I was stiff, of course. Just thinking about posing nude with Addie had gotten me stiff. I stuck my head through the curtain and asked Vlad if I should masturbate. He'd turned the room lights back on and was fiddling with his camera.

    "Not this time," he said. "We can work with that under these conditions, and for these kinds of pictures. Is helpful, in fact. Just come on out."

    This was it. We were going to go out in front of him stark naked. I'd done it before, so it wasn't so bad for me. I looked at Addie.

    "You ready?"

    She nodded rapidly.

    I reached for her hand and we walked out holding hands. Vlad looked over like he'd seen it a thousand times. Actually, I suppose he had.

    "Remember that pose for later," he said. "That's a sweet pose."

    I felt Addie's grip tighten. I was amazed that she seemed so calm and cool while appearing in front of a strange man naked.

    He fiddled with the camera for another thirty seconds and then told us to get into place in front of the screen. He'd put down two short strips of masking tape, and told us to start out standing on them. Then he turned the lights off.

    The strip of light that backlit us was bright enough that we could see each other a bit. He started us out facing each other, just standing and holding both hands. I imagined what her nipples must look like, and then realized my cock was standing out too. I heard the click of the camera, but there was no flash. It seemed odd.

    "Get closer together, but keep holding hands," he said, from the dark out there.

    We did and the camera cycled again.

    "Closer," he called.

    He took a picture.

    "Okay, now his hands on her waist and her hands on his shoulders," he ordered.

    He took that one and told us to get closer.

    We inched towards each other and the tip of my cock touched her abdomen. She took a deep breath.

    "Yes!" he called. "Push pretty titties up at his face and lean upper body back a little," he called. "Keep big penis touching her, Bobby."

    I felt my hands take her weight as she leaned away from me with her upper body, and pushed her lower body against my prick. I felt it slipping up and to one side, across her abdomen.

    "Hold it there," he called. We heard him shuffling towards us. " I touch you for just a second, Bobby. I'm not queer, okay? Don't move!"

    I felt fingers grip my hard prick and bend it down. He let it up and it lodged where her legs joined.

    The tip of my cock was touching my sister's pussy.

    "Don't move!" he said again. "Keep breathing. Don't faint on me now. Faint later, but not now, okay?"

    "Bobby," Addie moaned.

    "It's okay," I said, trying not to move my lips. I was, after all, holding the pose.

    We heard the camera click several times.

    "Okay!" he called. "New pose."

    I felt Addie step away from me as her hands left my shoulders. My fingers drifted off her waist reluctantly.

    "Bobby," called Vlad. "We going to make it look like you sucking her titties. But no real sucking, okay? Just bend at the waist and put head behind her. I line things up."

    What he did was put my head in position between the backdrop and her body. From his viewpoint, it looked like my face was right in her boobs. Then he had me move little bits until it looked right to him. All Addie had to do was stand there and arch her back, sticking her breasts out. He took that picture and then lined one up with me sticking my tongue out so it looked like it was just touching one of her nipples. That one was hard, because moving only a tiny bit screwed things up, and we had to try that one four times before he got one he liked.

    Then he had me stand with my hands on her shoulders and tried to tell her where to put her hand so it looked like she was gripping my erection. He kept telling her to move it up, or closer to her, but it wasn't working. Then, suddenly, I felt her hand wrap around my cock and grip it firmly.

    "Perfect!" he yelled. "Don't move!" I heard three clicks.

    "Okay," he said. "Addie on both knees. We make it look like you giving him blow job."

    I expected her to complain, but all she did was drop to her knees.

    "This one tricky," he said, "like making Bobby's tongue look like he licking pretty nipple. We have to get hand right and head right, but I'm sure we can do it."

    She lifted her hand at his command, again moving it in increments until, to get it right, she just gripped my penis again. He told her to hold her hand right where it was, thinking I'm sure that it was between me and the backdrop, rather than actually touching me. Then he told her to move her head toward me.

    I felt her lips kiss the tip of my cock and gasped. I also leaned backwards so much I almost lost my balance. That pulled my cock away from her lips ... but not her hand away from my cock.

    I think that's when Vlad figured out there was more going on than "pretending."

    But all he did was talk her back into position. Again, her pursed lips kissed the tip of my cock. This time I stood still. Then she moved her head sideways and slid her cheek along the side of my manhood.

    I felt something soothing leak through the middle of my penis.

    "Open your mouth, Addie?" he said. "Your jaw must be lower."

    Apparently she did, because I heard him take several shots.

    "Hand down, Addie?" he ordered.

    She let go of my penis. It moved upwards.

    "Something wrong,"Vlad said. "Your head was perfect, but now is all wrong."

    "Wait," she said. She looked up at me. "Don't faint!" she whispered.

    I felt her fingertips pull my cock down. She opened her mouth and put it around the tip of my penis.

    "Don't move!" he yelled.

    The camera went off four times.

    "Magnificent!" he yelled. "You two are natural at this! Okay. Now we find something for Addie to sit on. We gonna make it look like boy is having feast!"

    Addison stood up and moved to my side.

    "You okay?" she asked, breathing a little roughly.

    "Not even," I managed back.

    "Don't be mad," she said.

    "Mad? How much of your homework do I have to do for that?"

    She giggled.

    Vlad got one of the chaise lounges we'd used in the previous shoot and set it parallel to the backdrop. He put the back up at a 60 degree angle and had Addie lie down on it.

    Then he ran us through a series where I kissed my way up her leg, actually kissing her skin, because Vlad said, "No big deal to kiss sister's leg, right, Bobby?" And he took pictures as I basically climbed up on the end of the chaise lounge, heading for dessert. As I got closer, he had her bend the knee of the leg closest to the camera and raise her thigh up so it looked like my head was between her thighs. He said, "Up, up, up,"until my nose was close enough I could smell something I had never smelled before.

    "Reach for his head with your hands, Addie," called Vlad, and I felt her fingertips ruffle through my hair. "We going to make it look like you pulling his head to your sweet pussy."

    Her fingertips reached where my skull started to transition from the sides to the back. I heard her take a deep breath and, suddenly, she was pulling my face.

    I have to admit that, initially, things didn't work out quite like either of us would have actually planned it. Basically, my nose slid between her pussy lips and my forehead bounced off her pubic bone. I think it was just raw instinct that made me lift my face upwards, to get my nose out of her pussy.

    But that brought my lips into contact with her skin and my nose, which was registering something that was as far from being fishy as it's possible to be, instructed my tongue to find out what that delicious smell tasted like.

    So I licked my sister's pussy.

    "Oh shit!" she gasped.

    Her fingers pulled even harder.

    So I tried to lick her again. But she was pulling so hard now that all I could do was stick my tongue where my nose had just vacated.

    "Oh fuck!" she groaned.

    "What is wrong, Addie?" called Vlad.

    "A cramp!" she gasped. "It's just a cramp."

    "You want stop?"

    "No!" she gasped. "Just finish the pictures."

    Her fingers eased off and I confess that I licked her some more. I found her split and licked between those pussy lips. They didn't feel tight at all, despite how they looked. I decided that, while I was there, I'd try to find this mysterious clit thing that everybody talked about. I searched for it with my tongue, and she jerked.

    She also pushed my head back hard.

    "Bobby!" she said, loudly.


    "He said we're done!"

    "Oh," I said. "I guess I dozed off or something."

    "Man who can doze off when so near such a beautiful woman must go to doctor and get sleep remedy," said Vlad.

    Suddenly the room lights came on and I squinted. Through partially closed eyelids I saw Addison, lying there with her legs splayed apart, two fingers rubbing circles around what I suspected was that clit I'd been looking for. She was flushed so much she looked sunburned.

    "What's that?" she asked, pointing at my groin.

    I looked down to see a string of white hanging from the tip of my cock. Vlad said, "That is proof you are beautiful, Addie."

    "It is?" She sat up.

    "Is ultimate compliment to woman," Vlad said. "But surely you have seen this before."

    "No I haven't," she said.

    "I am amazed," said Vlad. "Boys in America must be truly stupid not to have shown you this before."

    "Vlad," said Addison, standing up. "I think you have the wrong idea about me. I don't look at boy's cocks, and boys don't get to see me like this," she said.

    "Only Bobby has seen you like this?" he asked, making his face show what I think he meant to be shock. Then he grinned. "And me, of course."

    "And you," she admitted. "I'm not like this. I don't do this kind of thing."

    "I feel great honor that you trust Vlad to be nice guy," he said. "I jump to conclusion. I see many beautiful women. Most are sluts."

    "Well I'm not," she said, hotly. "We're just doing this for the money, not because we like it."

    "I see," he said, with a twinkle in his eye. "Well, let's look and see if there will be any money, okay?"

    We stood behind him while he cycled through the shots he'd taken. They were incredible. It looked more real than it had been.

    During the review I felt Addison's hand find my cock.

    She kept it in her grip until we were finished reviewing the shots. It was obvious they were saleable shots.

    Then it was time to get dressed.

    Addie drove home that night.

    "We have another problem," she said as she accelerated.

    "Sorry," I said. " I guess I got carried away. But part of it was your fault. You pulled so hard!"

    "That's not what I'm talking about," she said. "Well, I guess that's part of what I'm talking about. I'm not sure it was a good idea to do that after all."

    "I thought it went pretty well," I said. "I admit I almost freaked out, but everything worked out. I had a good time, I'll also admit that."

    "I did too," she said. "In fact, I had too good a time. It scared me."

    "I scared you?"

    "Of course not," she said. "You know how, on the way over here, we were talking about how I have to fight other guys off, but not you?"


    "The problem," she said, looking over toward me, "Is that knowing all that makes me want to try more things with you because I think of you as safe."

    "I am safe," I insisted. "You know I'd never do anything to hurt you."

    "I do," she said. "Which is why, when Vlad asked us to do what we did tonight ... I did it. But think about it. You know he's not finished with us. Those pictures were so hot I almost creamed right there. And he's going to want us to do more. With the lights on this time. And yes I'm sure he has tricks so that nobody will know it's us, but that's not the point. He's going to want us to do things like that - real things - and I'm going to want to do them. And I know you're going to want to do them too, and that feels ... I don't know ... scary?"

    It might seem odd to you, but at that moment I think I grew up a bit. I realized this was really a serious decision. We'd gotten used to having spending money, and I think that had caused us to just kind of sail along, going wherever the wind (Vlad) had taken us. But she was right. I had thought about fucking her. I had imagined pushing my iron hard prick between her blossoming pussy lips and imagined what it might feel like. I'd never done that, so all I could do was imagine, but it still got me to spurt every time I thought about it.

    And Vlad did think that this incestuous play was normal. So it was quite likely he would ask us to do more things that most brothers and sisters just didn't do.

    "I don't want you to be scared," I said. " I know the money is good, but if it's going to worry you, then I don't think it's worth it."

    "But you want to," she said.

    "Okay, yes, I won't lie. I loved what happened tonight. But the last thing I want is for you to be scared of me."

    She laughed one of those explosive, barking laughs that releases pent up emotion.

    "I'm not scared of you!" she blurted.

    I looked over at her.

    "I'm scared of what I'm going to want to agree to!"

    "Are you saying you want to do ... more?"

    She cocked her head at me. "Do you think guys are the only ones who wonder what it will be like to have sex? Girls do too. We dream about it too. I have a feeling we're a little pickier about who we dream about doing it with, but we still fantasize about it. And we want to do it. We just can't. Not with just any old guy. It has to be someone we can trust, someone we love. But that doesn't happen this soon in most girls' lives. Sure they might get it over with, but it probably won't be with any boy they really love."

    "Then why do it?" I asked.

    "Because it's such a huge deal that a lot of girls can't stand the suspense," she said, shrugging. "They'll agree to do it with the wrong guy just to find out what the big deal is. Most of the time it isn't the big deal they thought it was. That's the point. Everything that's happened with you has been wonderful. It hasn't been scary or weird. I mean a little at first, but not really. And I know that if we keep going, and he wants us to do really serious things, I might not want to resist."

    "Really? You'd think about doing something like that ... with me?"

    "I can't wait!" she gasped. "And that's what really scares me!"

    "Okay, then," I said. "I'll be the brakes. I'll call a halt if I think things are going too far, or getting out of control."

    "That makes me feel a lot better," she sighed.

    "Good," I said.

    "I can't believe I want to do sexy things with my brother!" she sighed again.

    "I can," I said.

    "You can believe I want to do things with you?"

    "Sure," I said. "Because I want to do things with you too. We'll just have to be smart about when to say no."

    Looking back on that, now that I'm older, I want to laugh and cry at the same time. How callow we were. How foolish was my firm belief that we could counter the urges we might have with simple self-control.

    Of course there was also the fact that Vlad was there, trying to make sure no self-control was ever used.

    I was amazed, to be truthful, at how calmly Addison acted when we got home. Within twenty minutes we were eating the meatloaf and baked potatoes Dad had kept warm for us, and doing homework. Our father was a self-employed accountant, and he did books for half a dozen companies in town. He did a lot of his work during the day, while we were at school, but a couple of nights a week he had some kind of work to finish up in the evenings. He went back to that after he served us supper.

    She sat there, doing her assignments like nothing had happened. I spent quite a bit of time peeking at her. It was surreal. All I could think about was how her skin had felt, and how she had tasted. And, of course, how she had let it all happen like nothing was wrong. She paid no attention to me at all, except once to look up and say, "Stop smacking. Chew with your mouth closed."

    Finally I was able to concentrate on my math, which calmed me down enough that I could work on a speech I was going to have to give in two days. That was agony, because I was sure everybody in class was going to laugh at me. I got close enough to finishing it that I finally stopped, to work on a paper in sociology. As I got ready to study for a quiz I had the next day, she closed her books and got up. She took her dishes to the counter and rinsed them before putting them in the dishwasher. Without a word, she left the kitchen, turning toward Dad's home office.

    It was easier to study with her gone, and I felt pretty good about the test when I finally quit. I walked into the living room, but it was empty. Our house was built like a short, fat T with the upright being the living room, dining room and kitchen. The cross piece at the top was a long hallway with two bedrooms at each end. On one end was our parents' room and Dad's office. At the other end was my room and Addie's. Each side had a bathroom and the utility room was in the middle. As I turned toward our end, Addie came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head and another one encasing her body. She looked at me and said, "Night. Daddy's going to bed soon, so don't start anything that makes a lot of noise."

    This was the old Addie I was so familiar with. Whenever Mom went on one of her expeditions, Addison thought she had to take over running the house, which meant ordering me around. It was surreal, hearing her say something so normal, after we had done such abnormal things at Vlad's.

    I decided to read, but as I pulled my T shirt over my head, the odor of sweat and excitement swirled around my head. I decided to take a shower too. I got the rest of the way undressed and grabbed a clean pair of jockeys to take with me to the bathroom. Normally I'd have put on a robe, but I knew Addie was in her room, and if Dad wasn't in his office, he was probably in his room, so I just went to the utility room naked and tossed my clothes in the hamper. Then I went on to the bathroom.

    The water in the pipes was still hot, so I got finished quickly. I wiped the steam off the mirror and started to comb my hair, but decided sleeping would just mess it up again anyway. I put on my shorts and left for my room.

    The book I was trying to read was by John Grisham, and was called Ford County Stories. It was different than anything I'd read by him before. In the first place, it contained short stories. Second, they weren't very happy ones. At least the first two weren't. Not that his work is all sweetness and light, but these stories were downright sad, with sad endings. At least so far. I had just started the third story when my door opened and Addison slipped in. She was dressed in her usual sleepwear, which consisted of a long T shirt and panties. It hadn't bothered me before, though I have to admit I had admired her legs in the past. Now, though, I couldn't look at her the same way.

    Apparently she couldn't look at me like she used to either. Her eyes were pinned on the front of my underwear as she approached the bed.

    "What are you doing?" she asked.

    I looked at the book in my hands, and then back to her.

    "You okay?" I asked.

    "Fine!" she said. Then she seemed to wilt like a twenty day old cut flower. "No I'm not."

    "Feeling guilty?" I thought that was a legitimate question, because I had been feeling some guilt myself.

    She sat down on the edge of the bed.

    "No and yes," she said.

    I blinked. "Isn't it usually said as 'Yes and no'?" I asked.

    "I do not feel guilty for anything that happened at Vlad's tonight," she said. "And that makes me feel guilty."

    "Ahhh," I said, closing my book. "Women's logic. One of the great mysteries of the ages."

    "Don't make fun of me," she said.

    "Wouldn't dream of it," I quipped. "So what brings you here?"

    "This," she said, reaching to lay her hand on what she'd been looking at before. That was all it took. Just her saying that, and her touch made it start transforming. She actually felt it and lifted her hand, only to drop it again.

    "That's insane!" she whispered. "How do you do that?!"

    "I don't do anything," I said. "It does it all by itself."

    "That's so weird," she said.

    "Can I ask you a question?" I asked.

    "Sure," she said, but she was distracted by what was happening under her hand. She kept squeezing, like she was trying to judge how far along things were.

    "How come the cold shoulder during supper and homework?"

    "I had to," she said. "I kept thinking about what you did to me with your mouth. It was all I could do to keep from dancing and shouting."

    "Come on. I wasn't that good," I said.

    "I suspect you're right," she said. "But I knew I was coming in here later tonight ... so you could try to do even better."

    "No way," I said.

    She squeezed again and jumped. Then she squeezed a second time and said, "That's just crazy!"

    "What do you expect when you come in here and say something like that?" I said.

    "I didn't know what to expect," she replied, squeezing yet again. "You're completely hard! It's amazing."

    "Do you have any idea how distressing it should be to me to hear you announce that I'm completely hard, and know that you're right, and to further know that you're right because you have way more experience with what you're squeezing than you should?"

    "Don't be stuffy," she said. I jumped as she moved her hand and then slipped her fingers in through the leg hole of my shorts. Her fingers drifted over my balls and the leg band of my jockeys stretched almost painfully as she reached far enough to find - and firmly grip - my penis.

    "Nobody uses the word 'stuffy' any more," I gasped.

    "I do," she said. She squeezed my cock. "I love this," she sighed.

    "Until Dad catches us," I said.

    "When was the last time Daddy came into your room after you were in bed?" she asked.

    "I can't remember," I said, distracted by her fingers fluttering along the shaft of my prick.

    "Because he hasn't done it for years and years," she said.

    "My sister wasn't in my room talking in a normal voice while playing with my penis," I said. I had meant to add wording to the effect that the fact she was doing that now would bring him there in seconds. But her hand made it hard to think.

    "Take off your underwear," she said, pulling her hand out of my shorts.

    "You're crazy," I said.

    "Take off your underwear," she said, leaning over and spacing out the words. She also used her heavy voice, like Mom did when she used the same tactic, but it backfired. When I thought of our mother, it was even worse than thinking about Dad catching us. Don't ask me why. Either parent would go nuclear.

    "You take off your underwear!" I said, challenging her authority to boss me around.

    She stood up and flipped up the front of her T shirt, where I expected to see panties. Except there weren't any. What was there was her bare, tightly closed pussy.

    "I'm not wearing any!" she crowed.

    She sat back down.

    "Now you," she said.

    "This is crazy, Addie," I moaned.

    "I want to see it again," she said. "Here, without Vlad waiting for us or ogling me with his nasty Russian eyes. Just you and me."

    "When we do that at the studio," I explained patiently, "It's for work. If we do it here, that makes us officially perverts."

    "I don't care," she said. "Take ... off ... your ... underwear!"

    She didn't wait. She reached and grabbed and started pulling.

    "Ow!" I yelped as one of those fabulous fake nails Vlad loved so much nicked my skin.

    By the way. I had already figured out that that stuff about the glue not being strong enough, and that I had to help her change was bullshit. The problem was that when I figured that out, I didn't know what it meant. I thought he was just messing with me or something. Then he hit us with that "Incest play in Russia is normal" stuff, and I didn't know whether to believe it or not. But I couldn't think of any way to check it out. And then I was in way too deep and quit analyzing stuff.

    "Sorry!" she said, jerking her hands away from me. "I'm really sorry, Bobby. Are you okay?"

    "Depends on whether Dad sees the bloodstains on the sheets," I said, trying to sit up. My abdominal muscles aren't that great, and what I basically did was balance on my butt in the bed. Finally I lay back down.

    "You are such a baby!" she scoffed, leaning over to look. "It's just a scratch." She started to lean back and then stopped. "Wait!" she said.

    "What?" I asked, still trying to see.

    "Let me kiss it better," she said.

    She didn't give me time to resist, diving for my abdomen with her face. Her right hand came down on my chest, and her left on my left thigh. She stood at the same time, which put all her upper body weight on my body. I felt her face hit my belly and tightened it up. But she adjusted and really did kiss my skin there. Her lips felt warm. I reached for her head and realized, oddly, that she'd gotten her hair dry while I took my shower and all that.

    Then her left hand came up and pulled the waistband of my jockeys down, and she moved her lips into my pubic hair.

    Do not ask me how it happened, but the next thing I knew she was pulling with both hands and my butt was arched up off the bed and my cock was exposed.

    She abandoned my shorts when they got to my thighs. Apparently "off" means something different to women than it does to men. Her face hovered over my johnson and she froze, just looking at it.

    "Ohhh Bobby, it's so beautiful," she sighed.

    All I could come up with was "Thank you."

    "Don't talk," she said, staring at my penis. I wanted to tell her it wouldn't, but I wasn't that stupid. Not with her expressing that much interest in my manhood. I had a feeling deep in my balls that something very important was about to happen, even if it only involved her grasping my cock and squeezing it some more. And I didn't want to screw that up.

    "I've been waiting to do this all night," she said.

    "What?" I couldn't help it. I had to ask.

    "This," she said.

    The hand that had been on my stomach came to pick up my penis, which she stood up like one sailor helping his drunken mate stand up.

    Then she opened her mouth and put it on my penis and sucked.

    And I mean she put as much as she could get in her mouth ... in her mouth. And she sucked hard!

    After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-5}

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