SISTER SEX After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-4}

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    I woke up right away. I was lying on the floor, and Vlad was kneeling on one side of me while Addie knelt on the other side of me. She was saying my name over and over again. I also heard her say, "I didn't mean to," a couple of times. Vlad had his hand on my shoulder, but he was talking to her, asking her what happened. I think she was so rattled that she just told the truth.

    "I just wanted to know what it felt like so I touched it and he started shaking and fell down."

    "Ahhhh," he said, with that firm, calm voice. "Is normal. First time boy feels that it is sometimes too much for him. Is okay. He'll be fine. See? He's coming around already." He leaned back and, since he wasn't worried about me anymore, spent some time looking at Addie's naked, oiled body. It was impossible to miss that her breasts were thoroughly oiled. All of her breasts.

    "Is normal, you know," he said. "In my country."

    "What?" Addie looked from me to him.

    "Is normal for brother and sister to learn about things with each other."

    "What?" Addie looked crestfallen.

    "Is nothing to be ashamed of," he insisted. "You are beautiful woman. He is handsome man. You love each other, yes?"

    "Well sure," she said, "but ..."

    "No buts," he said, firmly. "Is nothing wrong with brother and sister to learn from each other before they go into wide wide world and get married and all that. Americans think about things funny. I think this is because of Puritans I hear so much about when I get here. But Vlad not tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me. I know this is simply way of learning things about sex. No problem."

    He looked back at me. He held up three fingers.

    "How many fingers, Bobby?"

    "Three," I said, automatically.

    "Good!" he thundered. "Try sit up. See how you feel."

    He helped me, having to try twice because I was as slippery as an eel. I got upright and felt silly sitting on the floor with my legs out in front of me. I looked down at my cock, which was limp, and then remembered who touched it last. It inflated before my very eyes. Theirs too. By the time they helped me up, it was standing tall again.

    "You get dressed while he take care of that," said Vlad. "Then he get suit on and we continue, yes?"

    He said it like it was such a natural thing to do, that it just seemed like it was okay. Another way of looking at it is that he gave us permission to do that. Then he left, letting the curtain swing closed and leaving us alone. We stood there for a few seconds, looking at each other.

    "Are you okay?" she asked, her voice high.

    "Yeah!" I said, trying to be macho after fainting at the touch of a girl. "You just surprised me, that's all."

    "I'm sorry," she said. "I just had to see what it felt like."

    "I know," I said, as if I had expected her to do that.

    "Don't help him!" yelled Vlad from the other side of the curtain. "His stuff get all over you if you help and then we have to start all over."

    Again, he spoke as if it was a foregone conclusion that she was going to watch me beat off, that she might even help, and that it was perfectly normal for all that to happen.

    "Get dressed on other side of booth from him," yelled Vlad. "But not too fast. He like to watch you while he do that."

    I noticed, of all things, that his accent was getting heavier, and his English deteriorating. I was to find out later that this happened while he was masturbating.

    Addie backed up, watching me like the cobra watches the mongoose.

    But she didn't cover any part of her body. There were another ten seconds of us just looking at each other.

    "Are you ... going to?" she whispered.

    I wanted to ask, "Can I?" or maybe, "Do you want me to?" but neither of those seemed like the right thing to say. I ended up saying, "I need to," with a little pleading note in my voice.

    "Okay," she said, so rapidly that I realized I could have asked either of the other questions and it would have been just fine. Not only did my sister want to know what the teat felt like, she wanted to see one being milked.

    It is one thing to come to the completely unexpected and unbelievable agreement with your sister that you're going to beat off in front of her. It is another to actually reach for your cock and start stroking it.

    "Should I really stay naked?" she whispered.

    It didn't sound like she was disgusted, so I just nodded. That also gave me the courage to reach for my johnson and start stroking.

    I have no idea how long it took to do it. I do remember my eyes bouncing from her breasts to her pussy lips. They had blossomed, by the way. She seemed to have some kind of itch on her abdomen, right above her newly shaven mons, because the fingertips of her right hand strayed to that area and went in little circles. I'm pretty sure she had no idea she was doing that, because her eyes were riveted to my cock and hand.

    I gave no thought to my underwear, and this time I did exactly what I think she had expected I'd done before. I shot spunk all over the place, in five healthy two foot long ropes that made my balls ache with the intensity of my cum. Well, the first two went two feet. The others were much less, but felt just as good.

    As I started spurting, I stared at her pussy lips. I admit it. I was thinking about fucking her. I'd feel bad about it later, but not then. Then, as the enormity of what had just happened hit me, I looked up at her face. Her mouth was open in a big "O"and her eyes matched it in size. Her left hand came up to cover her mouth and her eyes left my cock to meet mine.

    I was gasping, of course. I probably looked like a fish out of water, but at least I didn't faint or fall down and flop all over the floor. We stood there, me gripping my quickly softening cock and her just frozen, for maybe fifteen seconds. I got enough air into my lungs to rasp, "You okay?" and she nodded.

    Then, suddenly, she was all business again. She lifted the pieces of the next suit, which was a series of long strings that crisscrossed her body, with patches of material at strategic points, connected to two strings where they barely covered her nipples and four strings that crossed, making a square that covered her pussy lips. I picked up another version of the Speedo that I seemed to wear a lot and stepped into it.

    When we came out, Vlad was fiddling with his camera like nothing was amiss. He said nothing as he posed us for the first shot. Ten shots later he said, "I have an idea," and told me to take my Speedo off.

    "Here?" I asked, confused.

    "I have seen you naked already," he said. "Camera, however, will not. Try this. If you no like, we delete from card, okay?"

    In the end I shucked the suit and he posed us again, this time with me behind her, like we had done before, with just my bare hip protruding into view. I realized it would look like I was naked (which I was) and suggest my cock was pressed up against Addie's butt (which it was). Since she was almost naked too, it would not look odd. Except for the fact that this was to advertise swim wear.

    He took three or four more poses, one of which was us front to front with our arms around each other. The camera got us from the side, so really nothing except my naked side showed.

    But I was pressed up against Addie, our naked bodies sliding around against each other. Her suit didn't move, but then it didn't really have to, because by this time I was getting hard again and my cock was pressing right against that little square that covered her pussy lips.

    Vlad didn't give us time to get completely worked up, though. Like I said, he was slick. He put us into two more outfits, promising that we'd get to see the ones he'd just taken after we were finished.

    I did get fully erect one more time that night. Again, Vlad told us to take care of it while we changed.

    And that time Addie didn't look so startled ... or scared.

    In fact, she asked me to tell her when I was about to spurt, and when I told her, she came to stand beside me, her hand on my shoulder, and watched as I decorated more of Vlad's floor with my spooge.

    There had been several times when our ride home was ... interesting. But this one took "interesting" to a whole new level.

    I was driving this time and we went four blocks before either of us said a word.

    "Wow!" was how Addie broke the silence.

    "You okay?" I asked.

    "I will be when we get home," she said.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I told you ... I do it too sometimes," she said.

    "You mean you're going to ...?" This time it was me who couldn't finish.

    "Hell yes," she gushed. "I've never been this horny in my entire life. I'm going to cum so hard that I'll be the one fainting."

    "You're kidding," I said.

    She turned her face toward me. "Don't even think you're the only one who's going to get to have that much fun."

    "I didn't think that," I said, defending myself. "I haven't even had time to think about all this!"

    "Do you think we're freaks?" she asked, suddenly. "Or is Vlad right? Do you think this is normal in Russia?"

    "I don't know what to think," I said, honestly.

    "Are you sorry it happened?"

    "Which part?"

    "All of it, you Dodo!" she squealed. "It was so cool! I couldn't believe you were doing that. And because of me?" I saw her frown in the light from a passing street lamp. "It was because of me ... right?"

    "If you're asking did I get hardons all night because of you, and then masturbate in front of you while thinking about doing terrible things with you while I stared at your naked body ... then yes, it was because of you."

    "Wow," she sighed. "I can't believe that."

    "Believe it," I said. "And believe it that I'm not the first boy to do all those things because of you." I frowned. "Well, not the staring at your naked body while they did it part, but the rest of it has been done countless times. Trust me on that."

    "You think so?" she asked.

    "I know so," I said firmly. "You and every other cheerleader in school."

    She let a block go by without saying anything.

    "You want to know something?" she asked.

    "Sure," I said.

    "I don't care how many boys fantasize about me. You're the only one who will ever get to look at me naked while you do it."

    "Let's not get carried away," I said. "You're going to get married some day."

    "Of course," she said. "But until then, only you."

    "Now I think you're getting a little freaky," I said.

    She laughed and undid her seat belt to scoot over and hug me.

    "I love you, big brother. And not just because it's normal in Russia."

    "Fasten your seat belt," I said, feeling my cock trying to lift its head again. "The last thing I need is some cop writing me a ticket after what just happened."

    Then, just like everything was normal, she changed the subject and started yammering about asking Rebecca Hamilton to be lab partners with her in biology, because Rebecca was so smart, and how she was going to get an A in the class. We didn't talk about Vlad or modeling or the complete upheaval in our lives the rest of the way home.

    I know I didn't tell you about screening those shots Vlad took of us when I was completely naked. That's because we didn't actually talk about them until we were on our way back to his house the following Monday. Like I said, Monday and Thursday were our days. We knew he did shoots on other days in the week, including some Friday nights. And we knew that at least four other kids from our school worked for him. They were Jerry Thompson, Cindy Jenkins, who was his girlfriend, and Kerry and Natalie Watson, who were also brother and sister. Cindy had told Addie that "we might even work together" way back in the beginning, but had never said another word about it. Addie had asked Vlad about it once, but he'd just said, "Not yet. Not until I get you two up to their experience level."

    So we never went over there any other nights than our two nights. I don't know why we didn't. Looking back on it, it seems like it would have been natural to want to see some of the others posing, to find out how we compared to them. We got to see the shots he took of us, assuming we wanted to. Some of them he showed us regardless, pointing things out that would help us improve our look and stuff like that.

    And we had to admit that the pictures he took of us with me naked and Addie as good as naked were hot. And in many ways they were actually tasteful. I mean nothing was shown in most of them other than the side of my naked hip. By that I mean one whole naked side of me. But the naked hip screamed to the viewer that I was, in fact, entirely naked.

    There were a couple of shots he had taken when I was getting into position, where my dick showed. It was half hard. But when those came up he said, "I delete that now,"and punched buttons that showed on the screen he was, in fact, deleting them. The rest he showed us twice, pointing out what he liked about each one, and how erotic they were.

    "I happen to know owner of company likes this kind of shot very much," he said. "That why I took them. He has parties where he has pictures like this on the walls. These shots not for showing off his merchandise. They for getting his guests in the mood to have orgies. And he pays very good for this kind of layout." He didn't wait for one of us to ask how much "very well" was. "He pay five hundred each to models who pose naked, or partly naked like this."

    "We couldn't do that," said Addie, staring at the screen. "I mean I agree, those look hot, but what if somebody saw us. What we're already doing is bad enough. If my Daddy saw some of the shots you've taken he'd ground me until I was twenty-five."

    "Owner lives in Barbados," said Vlad. "Nobody there have any idea who you are. There are others who have done this. I can't tell you who they are unless you sign up for same thing, but nobody has been seen by anyone they know yet. Plus we can put sunglasses on you, or big, floppy hat to hide your face."

    He shut the monitor off.

    "How about this. I send him a couple of these as samples. See if he interested. You think about it until next time. If he interested and you want to do it, fine and dandy. If not, we get rid of these and go on with normal work. Deal?"

    "Can we have copies of them?" asked Addie. "I mean even if we decide not to do it?"

    "Sure!" said Vlad, expansively, his too-white smile blazing. "No problem. Kids like hot pictures, yes? Vlad understands. But you be very careful with them. It would not be good for wrong people to see these, yes?"

    But that issue was like a hot coal, sitting in a fireplace. Neither of us wanted to try to pick it up and decide what to do with it. I think too much else had happened, maybe. The idea of posing naked for what would clearly be dirty pictures was just a little too much to contemplate right away.

    Thus it wasn't until we were on our way to his house Monday evening that we talked about it.

    "So ... what are we going to tell him?" asked Addison.

    I didn't know what to say. While we hadn't talked, I'd been thinking about it all weekend. I felt like a pervert because the idea of posing naked with my sister excited me. But we had done some other things that most people would have called perverted, and the sky hadn't fallen. And Addison hadn't been freaked out by any of it. Not really. I mean she had grabbed my dick!

    "Can I ask you a question?" I asked.

    "Of course," she said.

    "When you ... um ... touched me ... you know, in the changing room?"

    She looked straight ahead, but said, "Yes?"

    "Can you explain that to me?"

    "No." That was it. All she said was, "No."


    Finally she glanced at me, but then looked out her window. I was driving, so I couldn't look at her for more than a few seconds. I heard her take a deep breath.

    "Do you think I'm a pervert?"

    I had thought about that plenty, so the answer to that was easy.

    "No." That's all she'd given me, so that's all I gave her.

    "So when I touched you, and you fainted, you didn't think I was some kind of weirdo?"


    We drove on in silence for a while before she finally spoke.

    "When I saw it that first time, I remembered what it looked like when we used to take baths together. I realized you were all grown up, because your ... um ... you know ... was so big."

    She stopped and I tried to figure out if she was finished or not. But she went on.

    "Do you promise not to laugh at me?"

    I wondered what I might laugh about. I couldn't think of anything that had happened since we met Vlad that was humorous.

    "I promise," I said.

    There was another short pause, and she said, "I thought it was beautiful."

    I'm a guy. I wanted women to be attracted to my prick, but I wasn't sure "beautiful" was quite the adjective I was looking for. Still, I had enough world experience to know that "beautiful", when used by a woman, might equal "studly" in a man's conversation.

    "I guess that's fair," I said. "I think you're beautiful."

    "I know!" she said in a rush. "And I know you really mean it. You're not just trying to get into my panties like other guys would. You actually think I'm beautiful and that just ... I don't know ... I can't tell you how that makes me feel."

    "So, because I said you were beautiful, you wanted to touch my penis?"

    "Penis!" She shuddered. "I can't get used to that word."

    "It's what it is," I said. "You're a big girl. Just say it. It's not a big deal."

    "I had to touch it," she said. "I knew I'd go crazy if I didn't. You made me so horny while you did that -"

    "Masturbated," I said, cutting her off. "Big girl words, Addie," I reminded her.

    "When you masturbated it was all I could do to keep from doing it myself, right in front of you. I thought my body was going to explode. And I kept thinking it was impossible for me to feel that way because you're my brother, except I did feel that way. And you kept looking at me like I was a steak and you were starving, and I knew what that meant. It meant the same thing that it always means when the men look at us while we cheer. They want to fuck us!"

    She was getting loud and moving around in her seat like she had ants in her pants.

    "Calm down," I said. "I'm not trying to do ... that."

    "Fuck me?" She looked right at me. "We're just saying it ... calling it like it is ... right? I know that's what you were thinking, Bobby. I know it!"

    "Okay, okay," I said. "I admit it, okay? But that doesn't mean I'm going to try anything like that."

    "I know that too," she said. "Vlad was right."

    "Right? What do you mean?"

    "That girls want to try things. But I can't do anything with any of the boys I go on dates with. That's reputation suicide. You let a boy do anything other than kiss you and suddenly he's bragging about it. So we can't explore and ... you know ... try stuff. Except with you I know it won't get crazy. So I just had to see what it felt like."

    Her hand moved right on top of my penis. It squeezed.

    "That is why I had to touch your ... penis."

    "You're afraid to do that with other guys, so you wanted to do it with me."

    "Exactly. Do you understand?"

    "I do," I said, amazed that I understood exactly. "When you put my hands on your breasts ... it was crazy. Usually girls slap you if you try something like that."

    "Exactly!" she said. "Vlad was right. It makes sense for us to explore things, because neither of us will hurt the other."

    "Okay," I said. "But how far does that go?"

    "I don't know. That's why I don't know what to decide about what he wants us to do."

    I thought about that for a few seconds.

    "So ... do you want to try it? Because if you don't, that's okay with me. I'm not going to try to pressure you about it."

    "See? Most guys would be slavering to get me naked and get their hands on me. But you care! And that makes me want to try it! I mean I couldn't even imagine doing that with somebody else, but with you it doesn't seem so bad."

    "You know that's kind of ass backwards," I said.

    "Of course I do," she said. "But it's how I feel. So what should we do?"

    "Well, you want to try it, and I admit I want to try it. So ... let's try it. We can always tell him we changed our minds, or go back to just doing clothes or something."

    "Okay," she said.

    Just that. "Okay."

    When we got there Vlad was moving racks of clothes around, probably lining them up for future shoots. He grinned at us as we walked in.

    "There are my stars," he said. "I sent a couple of shots to my customer in Barbados. He is going wacko over them. He says he will pay for two or three sessions with you. Big bucks." He grinned again.

    "We're not sure," said Addie. "I'm nervous about it."

    "Are you nervous because you're afraid someone will see them, or because it is with your brother that these pictures will be taken?"

    "More the first," she said. "If our parents ever saw pictures of us naked they'd freak out."

    "I was thinking about that," he said. "I have idea."

    He went to one of the rows of backdrops on the ceiling. Vlad had screwed two by fours to the ceiling, parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the wall. Then he hung rolls of backdrops on them in a row. There were three of those arrangements in the room, and each one had a dozen rolls hanging from it. The ones we had always used were pretty close to the wall. The one he chose now was three feet or more from the wall.

    He reached up and pulled one down. When he did, I saw it was different than the others. It had translucent paint on it, of palm trees and the ocean at sunset. But the paint was on the back side of it, rather than the front. The front was a smooth sheet of plastic.

    "We backlight this. You two stand in front of it and you will be only silhouettes, yes? Your bodies will be only outlines. No faces. Nobody possibly know who you are. This will give you chance to try a series and see if you can do more. If you like it, we move on. I have tricks to alter your appearance. But we can talk of that later. You want to give the sunset a try?"

    "Will it really work?" I asked.

    He beamed. "You wait. I show."

    He moved some lights on tripods, taking them behind the backdrop. He angled them towards the center, aiming them at the sun painted on the backdrop. When he turned them on, the backdrop sprang into light like a stained glass window. It was amazing. It didn't look real - not like a picture of a real sunset - but real in a surreal kind of way, like it had been painted by one of those painters who distorts reality just enough to make it look fascinating. He came around and looked at it, and then went to a cabinet and pulled out a long, thin set of lights. He put that at the bottom of the backdrop, aimed up at a 45 degree angle. He turned that on and I was surprised to see that a strip along the bottom hid the lights from my view, but the bulbs lit up the ceiling above where we were standing. He stood up and moved in front of the strip of lights.

    "You turn out room lights," he said.

    When I went to the wall, I could see him normally. But when I flicked off the lights, he was suddenly just a black outline against the backdrop. It wasn't as bright as I thought it would be, but I knew the camera could adjust for that. He was right. I couldn't tell it was him if I didn't know. I went back to Addison and leaned to whisper in her ear.

    "What do you think?" I asked.

    "We'll try it," she said to Vlad.

    After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-4}

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