SISTER SEX After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-3}

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    I think that comment about wishing she wasn't my sister was what really convinced her I wasn't going to laugh at her. And my opinion really mattered, for some reason. The point is that, from that point on, instead of being freaked out that her brother was looking at her like ... well ... not her brother ... she was more or less comfortable with being naked in front of me. But more than that ... her own curiosity about boys was allowed to come to the fore.

    The first indication of that was after I got the mesh suit on her. That was, by the way, both ridiculously easy and astonishingly difficult at the same time.

    Getting each piece where it belonged was the ridiculously easy part. I went in reverse order, doing the bottoms first. It was just big enough to cover all her curly short ones. The hardest part of that was figuring out how the strings went. She bent over and pointed at things to help me spread it all out. I glanced up and saw those fabulous breasts, just hanging like ripe fruit on a tree, and my cock got even harder. She stepped daintily into the arrangement and I pulled everything up.

    Then it was hard to get all those strings tight enough but not too tight. And then there was the part that went between her ass cheeks. It was elastic, but I had to spread her butt cheeks to get it to lie right so it would pull the bottom of the front panel to curve over that tightly closed cleft between her legs. It worked best if the cord around the waist was high in the back and the side strings went high over her hips.

    The bra was easier to get on, but then it needed to be tugged and moved all over each breast to present an even appearance. I realized she had tiny, fine hairs on her upper torso that I would never have been able to see unless I was this close to her body.

    I finally stood back.

    "Wow," I said.

    "I look okay?"

    "They're going to sell a million of these suits," I said.

    "You really mean that!" she sighed.

    "You're damn straight," I admitted easily.

    "Thank you."

    "You're most welcome," I said.

    This was when her curiosity bubbled up to the surface.

    "You need to change into your suit too," she reminded me.

    I thought about my rock hard prick, and how what was shaping up to be a very comfortable relationship might take a completely different turn if she found out I had a boner for her.

    "You can go on out," I suggested.

    "No way," she said. "You saw me. It's only fair I get to see you too."

    "That's crazy," I said.

    "Crazy or not, you got to see all my flaws. I get to see yours too. Fair is fair."

    "You don't have any flaws," I said, somewhat heatedly.

    "Shhhh," she said, quietly. "Hurry up." She stuck her head through the curtain and told Vlad we were about ready. I heard him say, "Take your time," which should have registered as odd, but did not. I had other things to worry about just then.

    My sister stood there in that incredibly sexy "swim" suit, oblivious to the fact that she had turned my penis into a bar of tungsten steel, and waited for me to expose that fact.

    "I can't," I said.

    "Why not?"

    "I have a ... problem."

    She didn't get it at first. I could see her turning it all over in her mind, trying to figure out what kind of problem I could possibly have. I could also see when she did get it. Her face changed from a frown of concentration to The Joker's face as he laughed at Batman.

    "You're kidding!" she whispered, leaning toward me and covering her mouth as she giggled.

    "You said I couldn't laugh at you!" I reminded her.

    "I'm not laughing," she insisted ... while laughing.

    "Come on, Addie. I couldn't help it. It's not something a guy can control when he sees a beautiful girl. And you are beautiful."

    "Change!" she hissed.

    It was obvious she wasn't going to cut me any slack.

    "Look away," I said.

    "Don't be ridiculous. You saw everything I have!"

    "It's not the same!" I insisted.

    She finally turned around, folding her arms over her chest.

    "Okay then. Just hurry up."

    If I'd have thought about it, I'd have realized she could have just left. Assuming she was no longer going to even the score. Which, of course, she was.

    She must have had eyes in the back of her head, because as soon as I was naked and reached for Vlad's Speedo, she turned around and bent over to stare at my manhood.

    "Good grief!" she gasped, like there was something horribly wrong with it.

    "What?" I asked, looking down, expecting to see bleeding, or boils or something horrible.

    "It's huge!" she said, weakly.

    "It is?" It was an automatic response. I'm not suggesting I didn't know what size I had.

    She looked up at my face, but only for a split second.

    "Not that I've seen any," she said. "But I can't help but imagine ... and that looks way bigger than I expected. It looks ... scary. They say it hurts the first time. I can sure believe that!"

    Guys look at that prospect differently. We know it's happened zillions of times, and nobody was killed by it. Plus we all assume we'll be good enough lovers that the girls will all say, "Pshaw," at whatever pain there might be and beg for us never to stop.

    "It's never killed anybody yet," I said, with typical teenage bravado. It was an instinctive thing to say ... the kind of thing I would have said if I were talking to a guy. Maybe I was trying, unconsciously, to stop lusting after my sister and put her on the level of a guy friend. I don't know.

    "You've done it?" she said, loud enough for our father to hear, clear across town.

    Vlad called out. "Is there a problem?"

    "No!" I called back, shushing my sister immediately after.

    She looked mad for some reason. Or maybe she was just shocked and disgusted. In any case, I saw things going south in a hurry, so I fessed up.

    "I've never done it!" I hissed. "Guys just talk like that, okay?"

    "You're a virgin?" she said, more softly. "Really?"

    "Of course I'm a virgin," I said. "Just like you are."

    There was a split second delay before she answered, and when she did her eyes sparkled. I saw it, but was unable to react to the cues when she said, "Who says I'm a virgin?"

    Instead, I shot back, "You better be a virgin, or I'm going to have to beat the living shit out of some guy."

    She giggled again.

    "Of course I'm a virgin," she said. "I'm glad you are too."

    That confused me.

    "Why?" I asked.

    "I don't know. Get your suit on, before Vlad charges in here to find out what's wrong and he sees your monster ... thing."

    "It's not a monster," I growled.

    "Sure looks like one to me," she giggled.

    I grabbed the Speedo and stepped into it. I looked ridiculous as I pulled it to cover my boner. And there was nothing I could do about it. In the end, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I hoped I looked professional or something.

    When we stepped out, I think we both expected to find a frustrated Vlad waiting, wanting to get the fuck on with things. We'd been there more than half an hour by then, and he had yet to take a single picture. Of course we didn't know then what we know now ... that he was grooming us for bigger and better things, and that, from his point of view, however much time it took for us to get used to seeing each other naked was worth it.

    "Very nice," he said, casually. " I knew that suit would look good on you."

    He ignored me, which didn't surprise me at all. If I were in a room with some guy and Addison, and she was dressed like that, I wouldn't look at anybody else either. He took her to stand in front of a backdrop that was all sand and sun and palm trees, like the scenes on her nails, and stood her there while he fiddled with light meters and exposure settings and all that kind of thing.

    "We're going to have to oil you up," he finally said. "Your skin is so fair it bleaches out. The oil will refract the light and give your skin a more golden tone."

    It took no imagination at all to envision what "oiling her up" meant, and it sounded like he intended to do it himself. That was unacceptable.

    "I'll do it," I said, firmly.

    "Of course," he said, flashing his perfect teeth. He went to the table and picked up a bottle, which he handed to me. I realized I was about to rub my oily hands all over Addie's skin. My cock twitched under the towel.

    "Should we go back in there?" I asked, looking at Vlad for some reason.

    "No," he scoffed. "Is just oil. No big deal, right? She is your sister, after all, yes?"

    "Of course," I said, knowing that was what I was supposed to say ... what any normal brother would say.

    That was when I found out how firm her breasts were, as I had to slide my oily hands along the sides and tops of them, where the suit didn't cover. It was insanely tempting to slide my fingers under the cloth too, but I managed to resist doing that.

    It did not help that she kept saying, "That feels nice, Bobby."

    I do not remember dragging out the oiling up of my sister. She later told me I did that. I denied it, but then she said, "I didn't mind." I didn't know what that meant, so I just dropped it.

    Anyway, I finally stopped, and Vlad pronounced her well oiled. Then he said, "Okay, Bobby. Your turn."

    "My turn?" I said, not understanding.

    "You need oil too."

    "I'll do him," said Addie.

    "You can't," said Vlad. "Your nails will fall off if your fingers get oily."

    I suddenly imagined Vlad's big, hairy hands going all over me and had a mixed reaction to that. That was because while the thought of his hands on me made my skin crawl, I also felt my erection begin to soften.

    "He can do himself," said Vlad, carelessly. "He has no nails."

    The long and short of it is that, by the time Vlad told me to lose the towel, my cock was only half hard, which I hoped would actually made a nice bulge in the suit. Guys do want to be perceived as being "huge" after all. Even if not usually in their sister's opinion.

    Vlad glanced at my Speedo.

    "Move your junk into the middle," he said, casually. It was so weird hearing his Russian accent using what I thought of as an American term.

    I looked down and saw that it looked like I had a big slug in my suit, that was crawling towards my left hip, trying to escape the Speedo. I couldn't do anything except pull the waistband away from my skin and stick my other hand in there to rearrange things. I looked up to see Addie watching me with interest.

    "Don't laugh!" I warned her.

    "I wouldn't dream of it," she said, and then promptly giggled.

    "All right then," said Vlad. "Let's make some money!"

    I have mixed feelings about that session. Vlad may not have minded that we took half an hour to get into the first outfits, but he made up for that by shooting over fifteen changes in the next hour and fifteen minutes. Again, this may have been because he knew our family might ask questions if we got home late, or it may have been because he knew that, if I was putting things on Addie and then taking them off, and having to do it rapidly, we would eventually become used to the concept of me seeing her naked and touching her body. If it was the latter ... it worked.

    By the time Addie got behind the wheel of the bug and started us home, I had touched just about every part of her body, including those pussy lips. Which, by the way, did not stay tight and white and invisible. As that hour and fifteen minutes progressed, two lines of darker, more wrinkled and flushed skin began to push out from the cleft where her white skin dipped inward. I didn't say anything about it. But I sure noticed.

    Then there was the fact that I kept getting boners. More than once she said, "Is that really because of me?" One time I said, "Of course. I said you were beautiful." Another it was, "Who else is here?" Another time I responded, "Get used to it, okay?" I only spoke one more time about it and that was to say, "Stop fishing for compliments!"

    But I think another really important thing was the reaction we had to the poses he put us through. They weren't sexual, exactly, unless you were a teenager. Like, I was usually standing behind her. And he'd tell me to put my hands on her hips, or further forward with my fingertips on her abdomen. It was just boyfriend/girlfriend kinds of poses. Once he had me kiss her neck, and I felt her whole body shudder as I touched her skin with my lips.

    Come to think of it, the next costume change was when I noticed something pushing out of her pussy slit.

    There were lots of poses with my arms around her, or our arms around each other, half turned to face the camera.

    All I know I was extremely glad it was me touching her, instead of some other guy.

    "Thank you," she said. We had gotten about two blocks and it was the first time either of us had spoken. We each had six crisp twenty dollar bills in our pockets. I was going back and forth between thinking about that, and what my sister looked like naked and oily.

    "What for?" I asked.

    "For not making me do that with some other boy."

    "No way is some other boy ever going to do that to you," I said, automatically.

    "Ever?" She shot me a look.

    "Not in the foreseeable future," I said.

    "I can live with that," she replied.

    "Good," I said.

    "Don't go all caveman on me," she laughed.

    "Sorry," I said. "It's just that ... well ... I know how I felt, and another guy ... I just can't think about it, okay?"

    "I actually know what you mean," she said.

    "You do?"

    "Yeah. It was ... um ... intense for me too."

    "Was it?"

    "It was."

    "Can you explain that?"

    She drove on for another couple of blocks before she answered.

    "There were times when it was hard for me to remember you were my brother."

    There is one thing I am quite sure of, and that is that that first modeling job of adult swim suits caused a behavioral change in Addison. She was a lot less modest around the house. In the past, she used to cover her panties up with running shorts, and she had always worn a bra under her T shirts or whatever she was wearing after we got home from school and she changed into "comfortable" clothes.

    But now, she ran around in panties and a T shirt with no bra under it. Our father noticed it too.

    "This modeling stuff has made you more comfortable in your skin, hasn't it," he commented one night.

    "I guess so," she said.

    "Remember there are two males living in the house with you," he said.

    "How could I forget that?" she asked, looking confused. "You both live like pigs and leave things lying all over the place."

    "I was referring to you exposing your feminine charms to us," said Dad, dryly.

    "I'm not exposing anything," she said, looking down at her T shirt, which displayed Donald Duck wearing a conical birthday hat and blowing one of those paper things that unrolls and squeaks as you blow into it. She'd gotten it on her birthday a couple of years past. I hadn't noticed it before, but after our father drew attention to it I saw it was a little small for her now. The cloth was thin enough you could see dark circles through it where the tips of her breasts pressed against the cloth. I also noticed that there were no bumps there. That was the first time I realized her Bing Cherry pits weren't always on display. They had been in all the shots Vlad took of her wearing various bikinis, by the way.

    "Addison," said our father, patiently, "I know you like showing off to all the men in the stands. And I suppose that has translated into enjoying showing off as a model. But it isn't fair to your brother and me to show off at home. We are both normal men, and we can't help but notice how ... um ... grown up you are."

    I smiled. Part of that was because my father had included me as a "man" in his comment and part was because he was blushing.

    "Awww, thank you, Daddy," she said, going and hugging him, to press her braless breasts against him. "You and Bobby make me feel so pretty. You guys are really sweet. I love you."

    What that translates into in real meaning, in case you're a guy, is that she ignored his suggestion she put something on and make it easier on us guys. She didn't. She didn't flaunt it, but she didn't cover it up either.

    That eventually evolved into her asking me if she looked good, but before we get there, I'll just tell you that, over the next five or six sessions at Vlad's studio, we got thoroughly used to seeing each other naked. And, after that first time, Addie started asking Vlad what nails he wanted her to have on for our next shoot, and she glued them on beforehand.

    What that meant was that she didn't have to have any help undressing. But she also said, "We can both change at the same time. It will save time."

    It took me a little while to figure it out, but she was doing little stripteases for me. She always looked at my crotch when I was naked. And of course I always had a hardon. After a while neither of us had any modesty left. At least not around each other.

    And having her nails on ahead of time meant she could oil me up ... just like I oiled her up.

    Vlad knew about my boners, of course. The first time I couldn't hide one he said, "No worries. Is normal. Addie is nice looking girl, yes?"

    What he did was pose me in ways that the boner didn't show. Which, of course, was fine with me. I wasn't embarrassed by my boners any more, but, like Addie, I wasn't about to flaunt them.

    There were two things that advanced us toward the goal Vlad had in mind, which we didn't know he had in mind.

    The first was one night when, after the shoot was finished, he said, "Addie? Next series of suits will show your golden hairs down there. Must trim them back, okay?"

    "How much?" she asked. This will give you some idea of how comfortable we were with Vlad by this time.

    "Personally? I would say all the way," he said, carelessly. "Be more form-fitting that way. But is up to you. Just so nothing shows, okay?"

    "Can I see one of the suits?" she asked.

    He got it for her and she looked at it critically. I wasn't to find out until the next shoot that she decided to do what he suggested ... take it all off.

    When I did find out about that, by seeing the result in the changing booth, it left me a little shell shocked. I was used to seeing her pussy by now, but the complete lack of hair just changed things somehow. That was the first time I wanted to touch her there, just to see what it felt like. I didn't do that, of course, but I wanted to. And it made it a lot easier to see when her pussy "blossomed" as I thought of it.

    We had admitted to each other that we got turned on by all this. I'm not sure either of us knew what to do about that. Or I should say that both of us knew we shouldn't do anything about that, and yet we spent hours at a high state of sexual excitement around each other. So it was impossible not to let the imagination slip a little, into taboo territory.

    Then came a day when the shoot involved the two of us sitting on chaise lounges, side by side, holding hands with a view of what was supposed to be a resort behind us.

    "Boner is now problem," said Vlad, again using what I thought of as an American word, with a Russian accent. Then he tossed off, in the most unbelievably casual way, "You can go behind curtain to take care of it."

    "What?" I knew what he meant. I just couldn't believe he'd said it.

    "Go in there!" he said firmly. "Beat off. Get rid of boner! What? You stupid?"

    I looked at Addie, whose mouth was hanging open. Her eyes looked as big around as the little coffee cup plates mom kept in the china cabinet.

    "You never do this before?" Vlad's voice sounded incredulous.

    "Sure I have!" I said, in instant self-defense of my manhood.

    "Well hurry up. We have shoot to do," he said. Both double-u's were pronounced as vee's.

    I got up. Addie was lying there on her chaise lounge in a dark blue "swim suit" that was little more than two triangles that barely covered her areolas and was extremely form-fitting, as Vlad called it, where it covered her pussy lips. Those lips were always more full and lush these days. I actually wondered if they went through some kind of growth spurt or something. I know that's silly now, but I just didn't have enough experience back then to understand that when she got really turned on, her pussy lips blossomed into a beautiful camel toe.

    And, of course, that's exactly what Vlad wanted.

    I could see what she was going to look like, lying there on that chaise lounge, with her camel toe clearly visible and her nipples almost bursting through the cloth covering them. She had on sunglasses, and the lamps he had shining on us were hot enough to make her sweat a little bit.

    Suffice it to say I had no trouble, once I got behind that curtain, deciding what to think about as I spanked my monkey.

    I didn't even think about the fact that I felt completely normal beating off to a mental image of my sister.

    And, of course, I didn't know that's exactly what Vlad had intended to orchestrate.

    The rest of that shoot went pretty routinely. If, that is, it was routine for me to have to beat off two more times as Addie and I changed outfits.

    After that first time, when I came out of the dressing alcove, Addie was still lying there, looking like she was simply lounging around in the sun. Vlad was sitting on a stool at her feet, talking to her. I didn't have any proof, but he had to have picked that spot to sit because it gave him a perfect vantage point to stare at her pussy cleft, and her spiked nipples, through that thin suit she was wearing. He happened to be talking when I emerged, and I realized he was telling her how normal it was for me to have been required to go do what I had been doing.

    Her head turned just a little when I opened the curtain and walked out. I couldn't see her eyes, because of those sunglasses, but her upper chest and cheeks got so pink suddenly that it almost looked like she really was in the sun, and was getting a bit burned.

    But that went away as he stood and moved the stool and directed me on how to lie, and to reach and hold her hand, like we were on the beach being romantic.

    He took a dozen shots and then told us it was time for a costume change.

    It was me who was blushing when we entered the changing room and I had to get naked in front of her again. She didn't bat an eye. I could see them this time because the glasses had been left out on the chaise lounge. She reached to flick at the bows I had tied earlier, and the little pieces of cloth dropped to the floor. She stood, naked, as I pushed my trunks down.

    "Did you really ... do that?" She was breathing deeply. "In here, I mean?"

    "I guess I did," I admitted.

    She looked around and I realized she was looking for what my body had produced as I had imagined my sister while I masturbated. I guess she thought I'd just shoot it on the floor or something. My eyes darted to the underwear I had taken off when we first got there ... and did not plan on wearing home.

    "I didn't know you did that," she said. Then she frowned. "Well ... I guess I never thought about you doing it. I mean I know guys do it, but ..." She let her voice trail off. I think I said what I said next because I wanted the attention off of me. Maybe.

    "So ... do you do it too?"

    She got red clear down to almost her nipples this time. But she took a deep breath, which did amazing things to her breasts, by the way, and then let it out.

    "Sometimes," she said, softly.

    "Let's go," I said, as I felt something twitching in my groin, and imagined her naked, lying on a bed with her hand between her legs. "Before it happens again."

    She got to work putting on the next suit, which was a one piece, sort of. The top and bottom were connected to each other by cloth in the front that narrowed in the middle to where it just covered her belly button. The back was completely bare. The top was held up by a strap around her neck and the bottoms were held on by another of those thong arrangements. There was also a deep vee between her breasts that showed most of the insides of those swells. Again, her nipples and pussy lips were clearly displayed by the fabric, which was bright red.

    My suit was a set of baggies that looked like they were tie dyed. At least they gave my cock some room.

    That series had us both on one chaise lounge, with our arms around each other.

    About ten shots into the series, Vlad said, "Can you make it look like you're about to kiss?"

    We weren't wearing sunglasses for this set, and when we turned our heads to face each other her blue eyes stared into mine. She licked lips that looked fuller than usual for some reason. We had always kissed Mom and Dad good night with little quick pecks on the lips, but not each other. I suddenly wondered what those lips would feel like pressed against my own.

    "A little closer," he said, moving over us and taking a shot.

    Her head tilted in the exact same way some of my dates' heads had tilted just before they kissed me, but her eyes stayed open. Her head came closer and suddenly her lips brushed mine, ever so softly.

    "Perfect!" he said, as the flash went off three times in a row. "Okay, that's it for this set. Time to change again."

    We rolled apart, but the arms on the lounger dug into our backs and we had to basically hold on to each other as we struggled out of the chair. My hand went to her bare shoulder and hers went to my waist. We finally made it out of the thing and stood up. Both of us were breathing hard.

    "Oil each other up for the next set," said Vlad, casually.

    I turned to look at him and he tossed me the bottle of baby oil. When I turned around, Addie's naked back and ass were all I could see as her body split the curtains to the change room.

    I was stiff when I got there. Which was fine, because she was already out of the old suit and standing there with her feet spread about a foot apart and her arms out at her sides like she was balancing on a surf board.

    "Do me before I put on the suit," she said.

    Like I said, I was already hard, but if I hadn't been, just hearing her say "Do me" would have done it. I didn't stop to wonder why she wasn't doing herself. Maybe it was his suggestion that we do each other.

    I started on her back and then did her arms. She left them sticking straight out. I wanted to move to the front, but I've always been one of those people who like delayed gratification, so I knelt and did the backs of her thighs. I didn't even think about the fact that I had my hands on the inside and outside of her right thigh until I slid them up so far that she went up on her tiptoes. I could hear her rasping intake of breath as I stopped. I moved to the other leg and she went back down onto her heels. This time she stayed there, feet flat on the floor as I slid my hands closer and closer to her sweet spot.

    But I didn't touch her there. Instead, I did wax on and wax off to her butt cheeks. I even said, "Wax on ... wax off." She giggled.

    Then I moved to the front.

    "Why'd you put oil on my butt?" she asked, still breathing hard.

    "None of these suits cover it," I said.

    "He's never taken shots of my ass," she reminded me.

    "Yet," I said, moving my hands smoothly from her shoulders across her collar bones and up the sides of her neck. I started to do her cheeks, nose and forehead.

    "Not there," she said. "Don't make my face shiny!"

    "Oh," I said. "Sorry."

    I moved down to her sides and knelt to do her stomach and hips. My face was right in front of her pussy as I did the front of her thighs. I made sure not to go too high with my thumbs.

    "There," I said, standing up.

    "You didn't get everywhere my skin will show," she said.

    "Yes I did," I argued.

    "These suits are showing almost all my boobs," she said. "All you did was above them and below them."

    "You want me to put oil on your boobs?" I stared into her eyes.

    "Not all of them," she said. "Just most of them."

    "Oh," I said, staring at the orbs we were talking about.

    "Do you really like them?" she asked, suddenly.

    "Of course I do," I said. Then I thought about how that might sound. "I mean they're fine. They're part of what makes you beautiful."

    "I think the left one is bigger than the right one," she said.

    "Really?" I leaned back and my eyes went back and forth between them. "I don't see it."

    "Never mind. He's waiting," she reminded me.

    I gingerly reached and used my fingertips to circle each breast, getting closer and closer to what I knew I shouldn't touch, but wanted to desperately.

    Suddenly she brought her hands in and they grabbed mine.

    "For pity's sakes," she growled. "Just do them!"

    Then my sister made me flatten my hands and she moved them all over her boobs, nipples and all.

    She made this funny little "Uh!" grunting sound and pushed my hands down toward her stomach.

    "That's fine," she said. "Get your trunks off."

    I admit I was a little light headed as I leaned over and pushed my old suit off and stepped out of it. She already had her hands full of oil and she slathered it all over my chest and back, moving her hands in broad strokes like she was in a rush. Her right hand slid down to my own ass cheeks and I gasped as her fingertips slipped into my crack for just a second.

    "Addie!" I croaked.

    "Don't be a baby," she said, kneeling. Her hands moved smoothly to do the front and back of my left leg. "We don't have time to fine tune all this. I'm just getting you shiny, okay?"

    "Yeah," I gasped as the fingertips of her left hand rose and tickled the left side of my scrotum.

    She stood and moved to my other side. She refilled her hands and knelt to do my right leg.

    Then she moved to kneel in front of me. I looked down. The tip of my erection was an inch from her nose. It was straining up at a 45 degree angle.

    She ducked her head and I felt her hands doing the inside and outside of my left leg. Her hair brushed against my cock, moving it to the right a little. Then she changed legs and moved my cock to the left with her head. I was getting a little dizzy and realized I was holding my breath when she leaned back and, like she'd done it a thousand times, reached for my cock with both oily hands and got it thoroughly oily by sliding them up and down its length twice.

    She let go of it like it was burning her hands and stood up. Her eyes were a little wild and she was panting.

    "Sorry," she gasped. "I just had to see what it felt like."

    The trouble with holding your breath is that when your sister strokes your cock unexpectedly, and you try to breathe in, it doesn't work. I don't know what happens to other people, but what happened to me was that spots appeared in front of my eyes. I could tell there was something wrong with my lungs, but couldn't figure out what to do about it.

    So I passed out.

    After School Job Brother & Sister {Part-3}

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