Indian Sex Stories Sexperience With My Chubby Friend

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    Sexperience With My Chubby Friend

    Hey guys. First of all, I would like to thank for your feedback. It feels awesome to know that your work is being appreciated. As you all know about me. I am 5’11’ tall, average built. I won’t lie that I have a big dick but I can satisfy a woman. The main pleasure is building up the moment. So have to spend time on foreplay too.

    Let’s come to the story. This experience is with a girl I met in Pune. Let’s call her M. I was bored on Saturdays and Sundays. Surfing net was the only timepass. I installed an app where we can chat with nearby girls if they are interested too. I had sent a greeting to a girl 2 months ago. But there was no reply then.

    I again saw her online and sent her greeting. To my luck, she replied this time. There was no dp so I thought it to be a fake profile. We chatted for a while and I asked for her pic. She sent me one but still, I was not sure about the truth. So I asked her to meet on Saturday. She agreed.

    I was waiting for her at Dange Chowk, excited. We had shared numbers so I called her to know her whereabouts. She came with a scarf around her face. Let me describe her. She is 5’3”, fair, cute brown eyes, healthy and an ass of 40. We went to a nearby café, ate pizza, talked a lot and got comfortable with each other.

    After a lot of talks, we bid goodbye. But I wanted to meet her again. So I asked her out on Sunday. She wanted to meet too. So we met at Birds Valley. I asked her the reason to be on the app. She said she had a breakup and was just trying it. She asked the same about me.

    I told her I am here for friends but if the other person is ready I wont mind some fun too. She giggled. I understood that she can be ready just have to ask her nicely. I asked her can we meet on Monday at my friend’s place. After a lot of thinking she agreed.

    I was all excited for the next day as was she. We met at 11 am in Dange Chowk. I had asked my friend for a place but could not get as there was some society issue. So I booked an OYO. We checked in till 12.30. We both were excited about it. She sat on the bed and was silent. I broke the ice and hugged her from behind.

    I kissed her neck. She was moving like a snake. Then I made her lie on the bed. We were kissing. She was not opening her lips at first but after a while, she was wilder in kissing. She was wearing a kurta and leggings. After lips, I started kissing her neck, ears. She liked it and was moaning. Then I removed her kurta.

    Her tender breasts were in a red bra. I kissed her breasts above the bra. Unclasped her bra. As she was healthy her breasts size were 38. They were soft and tender. I played with her breasts, kissed and sucked her nipples. She was enjoying. I then removed her leggings and panty.

    Meanwhile, I too got naked. I was caressing her pussy with my fingers. She was holding my dick with her hand. I then moved to her belly, kissed her belly button. I moved to her sweet pussy which was already wet. She had asked me before if I liked a clean shaven pussy.

    Trust me, girls, guys don’t line the bushes on your vagina. It’s the meal that is tasty and worth eating. But a lady is more appreciated if she takes efforts too for the opportunity. Her pussy was cleanly shaven too. I kissed her clit. She started shivering and moaning. Simultaneously I started fingering her.

    She was holding a pillow to lower the moans. She came hard. The nectar of her pussy was sweet. She rested for a while and then moved to suck my dick. She was experienced by the looks of it because she was deep throating and sucking great. After some time I was on verge of cuming and informed her.

    She started sucking vigorously and I came. She did not spill anything and drank all. We rested for a while. I again started to suck her clit. She was moaning again with a pillow on her mouth. My dick also got erect again. I placed a condom on my dick (guys always wear a condom. It is for both of your safety.)

    I then slid my dick in her wet pussy. It was a little tight at first. Then she got used to it. I started entering slowly at first in missionary. Her breasts were juggling. It was awesome to watch her breasts juggle. Then I started ramming my dick in her pussy fast. She had come once and was on verge of cumming again.

    We both came simultaneously. We were sweating in the AC room. We rested for a while. Had lunch. Then again we went into the shower. I like shower sex very much. She was experiencing it for the first time. So we applied the lotion on our body. It was great to apply slippery lotion on her soft breasts.

    We started the shower. I kept her one leg up and I was sucking her clit. It was awesome to watch her tremble while standing. She came again. Then it was her turn to return the favor. She went down on her knees to suck my dick.

    With cold water hitting on face and body and a warm mouth sucking my dick, I was experiencing pleasure out of the world. I hope we get the privacy again to fuck the brains out of each other.

    Any woman from Pune for friendship, (if you watched STREE you will get it!) can mail me at [email protected]. Or you can ping me on kik- sadmirer113. Guys, please stop asking for pics as I don’t do it. feedbacks are always welcome. Cheers!

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