Indian Sex Stories Fun With A Divorced Hot Indian Woman – Part 2

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    Fun With A Divorced Hot Indian Woman – Part 2

    Hi, this is Sagar. This is the second part of the story of my fun time with a hot divorced hot Indian lady. If you have not read the first part, please go and read it.

    Coming to the story, I stayed obedient after Khusboo sucked me off. I waited as I watched the TV. But my mind was not on the TV. I was fantasizing about enjoying her hot body.

    My tamed cock stirred up again. If she took longer, I would have entered the kitchen again for the second round.

    Was it me being lucky or not? Khusboo finished the cooking and called me to have lunch.

    I did not care what she cooked. My mind was entirely occupied by her hot body. Was it me unromantic and being perverted? I enjoyed the lunch though. Khusboo was a good cook. I have forgotten all sabjis now. But it was good then.

    I told her to sit at my side. She happily complied. She sat on my left side which was good for me. I placed my hand on her thigh as I ate. I rubbed gently on her thigh. She did not complain but she patted my hand when I reached her inner thighs.

    “Be patient. Let’s have lunch first.” She chided me.

    I was not patient at all. I continued to rub her inner thighs. Khusboo did not say anything again and instead, she opened her legs to let me roamed easier.

    I rubbed her pussy over her pant. Her breathing became hurried, but she continued to eat. It was like a challenge and I wanted her to moan on my touch. Despite her hurried breathing, she did not utter a word. The food shut her up. Then I tried to insert my hand inside her pant but I did not succeed.

    “You just can’t wait, can you?”, she pouted. And I found it lovely.
    “I want some sauce from there”, I replied.
    “Oh”. That did the trick. This hot lady moaned for the first time during lunch.

    She stood up and unbuttoned her pant. I helped her pull down the pant. She was wearing a white pantie matching to her bra. There was a wet spot on the pantie. It proved that she enjoyed my touches. She pulled down the pantie too and let it fall on her ankles. She sat down again and opened her legs.

    “Are you happy now?”, she asked with an enchanting smile.

    I almost forgot my previous objective when her smile shone upon my eyes. I shook my head and recovered my mind.

    “Oh? You are still unsatisfied?”, Khusboo asked as she saw me shaking my head.
    “No, no. I am satisfied. Let me taste your sauce”, I corrected her hurriedly.
    “Okay”, she started eating again.

    I reached out my hand and started rubbing her pussy. Khusboo was cleanly shaven.

    “Did you shave this for me?” I could not help but ask.
    “Yes, I want to make it easier for you to..”, she trailed off her words.

    “Easier for me to what?”, I questioned her.
    “Easier for you to eat it.”

    Her face was red. She did not faze when she sucked my cock but she was flustered when she talked about eating her pussy.

    “Oh! How thoughtful of you! I will thank you by eating it all day.” (Yes, I was really planning to eat her pussy).

    We had already talked about eating pussy during our phone sex. Her husband used to eat her out from time to time and she found it very pleasurable. How a man would not want to fulfill the wish of a beautiful woman?

    I was just an average man who fell in lust with the beauty. I promised her to eat her pussy all day.

    Coming back to the main story, Khusboo’s pussy was already wet and hot fluids were leaking out. I inserted a finger inside it. “Aah”, she stopped chewing food for a moment. Soft moans spilled out of her lips. I took my wet fingers to my mouth and tasted her sauce.

    “Your sauce matches with your food”, I teased her.
    “Aah.. you are too naughty”, she patted my arm.

    We stopped the lunch halfway as I wanted to taste more of her sauce. I picked her up and placed on the dining table. Khusboo giggled and did not object what I was doing.

    She opened her legs for me. I lapped on her sauce. She arched her back and closed her eyes. I continued to lick on her slit. Her mouth was open wide as she moaned in pleasure. My tongue played with her hood where she hid her clit.

    “Ah”, she cried out. But we both knew that it was the cry of pleasure.

    My tongue continued to play with her clit as I inserted a finger in her pussy. Her hip bucked and her body quaked a little. My finger in her pussy was flooded with her warm juices. I won’t waste them for god’s sake. I considered them as ‘Amrit’ as I licked them off her pussy.

    “It was good”, she said as she recovered from her small orgasm.
    “I am just started. Lean back and just enjoy the journey”, I smiled back at her.
    “Good”, she was excited. Her face was already red and beads of perspiration had already formed.

    I inserted my tongue inside her pussy as far I could go. I wished I had a long tongue. Then I started licking inside of her pussy as my thumb rubbed her clit. She expressed her appreciation for my efforts by loud moans. She placed her hand on my head and pushed against her pussy.

    “Ahh.. yes.. Lick my wet pussy”, Khusboo hissed.

    I was almost suffocated. But I continued to eat her pussy as if my life depended on it. I did not have to eat her for long. Hot liquids gushed out of her canal. I tried to slurp them all but some spilled and flowed down her pussy and then to her butt hole.

    (I was not that fond of licking buttholes as I love fucking it. But my ex-girlfriend changed it. If you want to know about my ex-girlfriend, read it from the link at the bottom. I had already started sharing my experience with her).

    Coming back again, her juices flowed down from her pussy and to her butthole. I just wanted to lick all her juices. I licked them off from her butthole.

    “Ah!” She cried out and closed her legs which suffocated me.
    “So, you like me licking your butthole too?”, I asked her.

    Khusboo looked down at her crotch where I was. Her eyes were filled with pure lust.

    “Yes,” She smiled broadly.
    “Let me lick it then”. I planned to continue licking.
    “Lick it later. I want you inside me now”.

    She wanted my cock inside her wet pussy. I started removing my clothes but she dragged me into her bedroom.

    “I want it memorable. Let’s do it properly.” She helped me remove my clothes. She also removed her shirt and bra.

    I will share our fun time on the bed on the next part of the story. Please leave a comment or send me feedback.

    Any ladies who want some fun chat or time, pm at [email protected]

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