Indian Sex Stories She Made Me Lose My Virginity

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    She Made Me Lose My Virginity

    This incident happened in the month of January 2018. Let me Introduce myself. I’m Marty (name changed), a little wrestler kinda body, with a not so big tool but still can satisfy a woman. Coming to the story, Vishala was our maid for a year and a half. I didn’t have any bad intentions in my mind about her from the beginning.

    But all of a sudden in the month of November 2017 she was acting a bit weird when she came to my room for cleaning purpose. She used to wear no bra inside her nighty. (She always used to wear nighties.) I was so surprised by her behavior that I wanted to fuck her badly.

    From the next day on I used to stare at her cleavage and her perfect ass. I could get a glimpse of her nipples too. It was going on till January 2018. I guess that day was my lucky day. College was on an off (ABVP issues) so I stayed at home. Later I left my mom to her office and returned to wait for my heroine to come.

    She came home and started to do her daily works. She asked me, “College ge hogilla?” ( Didn’t go to college?) I replied, “College band ada ivattu.”( College is off today.) I could see a spark in her eyes. But her hesitation dominated her. As soon as she was near the kitchen sink, I went behind her.

    Slowly and steadily I touched her waist. She was pushing my hand back. But still, I continued doing it. All of a sudden I grabbed her waist. She didn’t react. Then I grabbed her ass. This grab on her perfectly round ass gave me an instant hard-on.

    I rubbed my tool on her ass crack. She was a bit reluctant for few seconds but then was going in a flow. I grabbed her boobs and started massaging them. Here’s a twist.

    All of a sudden she turned and started kissing me like a wildcat. I was in a shock for a second. Then she took me to my bedroom and started kissing all over my face. I was still in a shock. She then quickly undressed me and caught hold of my tool. She then started giving a blowjob like this is the last dick she’s blowing.

    She was a pro in it. Within 8-10 minutes I came in her mouth and she drank it all. She asked me how was it. I didn’t say a word and took off her nighty and started sucking her melons. (As I told she wasn’t wearing a bra.) I bit kissed and sucked her melons so hard like there’s no tomorrow.

    She was moaning louder and louder. Then I took off her petticoat and to my surprise, there was no panty. Her pussy was shaved clean. I kissed her pussy and started licking it. She loved the way I licked her. After a while, I started fingering her pussy and increased my pace. She had her orgasm with a loud moan.

    I drank every drop of it and lay beside her. She hugged me tightly and said don’t stop now. She went in doggy position and I entered her. It was a bit painful as I was a virgin. She too felt some pain as was being fucked after a long time. I went slowly in the beginning and increased my pace after a while.

    She started moaning so loud that maybe even my neighbors might have heard it. She had her second orgasm after 20 minutes of stroking and dug her head in the pillow. I was still fucking her at the same speed. In 5 more minutes, I came inside her and was exhausted. We slept for a while.

    Again I got hard and took her in missionary position and rammed her pussy. After a while, I turned her and tried to enter her ass. Damn it was so tight. But I somehow managed to enter her ass. She was screaming like hell. I closed her mouth with the pillow and slowly stroked her.

    Her pain was converting into pleasure. Then I started banging her. I switched from her ass to pussy and back to her ass every 5 minutes. She was enjoying it a lot. I caught hold of her melons and squeezed them. In a few more minutes, she had her third orgasm. She collapsed on the bed like a dead body.

    But I kept on fucking her pussy and ass. Few more minutes later I came in her pussy again. My cum was flowing out of her pussy. I slept beside her and saw her satisfied face. She then smooched me for 15 minutes. We then went to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and pushed her to the wall.

    I started kissing every part of her face while squeezing her boob and fingering her. Then sucked on her nipples and licked her pussy for while. She was continuously moaning in the process. Then she went on her knees and gave me another awesome blowjob. I controlled not to cum.

    I lifted her and lifted her left leg and inserted my tool in her pussy. We had good shower sex and I came again in her. I turned her kissed her bare back and squeezed her melons. A few minutes later I was hard again and entered her ass. This time I fucked her ass rough.

    She kept on screaming to slow down but I didn’t listen to her and kept it rough. I came in her ass and fell on her. She kissed my cheek and said it was awesome. She hugged me tightly and said thanks for satisfying me. I told her we can do this whenever she wanted to.

    She smooched me. Then she wore her clothes and finished her chores and went home. This was my best experience till date. This is my first story on ISS so kindly ignore any grammatical mistakes.

    Any girl/woman staying in/ near Hubli can contact me for satisfaction. Your Identity will be secret to me. Contact : [email protected]

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