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    Hot Lady Crossed Path In Local Train

    Hello folks, Chandrakant Sharma here. I am almost 23, 5’11 tall with an average body, I would say. Although I have been reading here for quite some time now, this is my first story here. So please read and give me your valuable feedback. Without further delay, let’s get on with the story. Enjoy!

    It so happened that I was travelling in a local train. I boarded the local at Thane station. It was during rush hours and there were a lot of people pushing, yelling and cursing at each other. It so happened that there was this hot lady in front of me boarding along with me. The train was packed with people.

    I was literally hugging her. At first, I thought that she must be with someone as ladies usually board into ladies compartment but when I looked around, I found out that she was alone. It is not good for a lady to be surrounded by a lot of guys. So I started pushing people around me and led her near the gate where she could stand by some support and now I was in front of her.

    She looked at me and said, “Thank you”.

    I replied with, “No problem”.

    I finally got some time and space to look at her properly. Man, she was damn hot. She was really adorable and had this angelic face with bewitching eyes and eyelashes that drifted like daisy petals. This hot lady was really thin and had juicy lips. I felt like sucking them then and there. Her silky and flowing hair was made into a bun and her neck was coyly curved.

    She was wearing a white shirt and a gray long skirt. So to say, she was in formals. Maybe coming back from the office. She was busty, had full breasts that can be said to be unmeasurable and infinite! Her shirt was tight around her boobs, it was like they would burst those buttons at any moment and pop out like ‘whoosh’.

    By looking at her you can make out the outline of her bra. She had a slim waist. Overall, she was near perfect in my eyes. She was somewhat shorter than me.

    My dick started moving in my pants by just one look of her and her body. It was hard to control my erection. I guess she noticed me sizing her up but decided to ignore. Then I tried having a conversation with her. Seeing her discomfort, I just casually asked, “Why did you get into this compartment instead of ladies compartment?”

    She said, “I was in a hurry. So, as I got down from the overhead bridge, this compartment was the closest one.”

    Then the next station came as we were casually chatting. I came to know that this sexy girl’s name was Mahima. She was working in an MNC and was staying in Colaba with her husband, who was also working in a company. And I know, almost all of you must have guessed by now that I also stay in Colaba but a bit far away from her.

    A lot of people boarded and same as before, they were pushing each other. This time, I couldn’t help and was pushed onto Mahima.

    I felt good but could not show it on my face. Instead, I showed flustered expression on my face and scratched my head and said, “Sorry, it was not intentional”. She said, “It’s okay” but with an unnatural smile.

    Her huge boobs were crushing against my chest. Damn, that felt so good. We were sweating a lot. I could smell her scent which was mild and graceful. That is what I like about older women, they have this elegant and mature air around them.

    This time we were literally into each other. I got an instant hard-on and my dick was poking at her stomach. I knew I can’t hide it this time. So, I started observing her reaction. I thought she will be angry but when I took a look, her face was somewhat red. When I looked intently, I came to know that she was somewhat blushing.

    I got some courage and decided to increase the stacks. Then I put one of my hands down on her stomach and started rubbing it. I glanced at her and she too looked at me and I was amazed as well as shocked to see her flash a smile. Suddenly, I felt her hand caressing my thighs.

    I was getting excited so I moved my hand towards her boobs and started pressing her left boob. She started breathing heavily and her breath became warm. She leaned her head on my chest and was licking my nipple over my shirt.

    I moved my other hand from behind her, sliding it down across her back and placed it on her alluringly ample ass. She moved her hand into my pocket and started rubbing my dick. I started pressing her ass and boobs with my hands. We both were getting in the mood so we almost forgot about our surroundings, as I playfully pinched her nipple.

    The hot lady Mahima could not control herself and bit my chest. I was surprised and almost let out a yelp but then I just shouted, “Hey motherfucker, who is pushing this daddy here”. She could not help but giggle a bit. I also awkwardly smiled. We continued like this for quite some time when I noticed that now there were fewer people around us.

    It was about time we reached, only a few more stations to go. I looked around and found that there in one part, no one was there. So, I whispered in her ear if she wanted more to which she nodded. I held her soft, delicate hand and asked her to follow me. Then I led her to that place and made sure no one was around. I asked her to sit on my lap.

    I couldn’t control myself so I straightaway cupped Mahima’s boobs and started kissing her. Next I slid my tongue in her mouth and was sucking on her lower lip while exchanging saliva. Then one of my hands slid across her flat belly inside her skirt and I started rubbing her. She was already dripping down there.

    I inserted my finger in her wet juicy pussy and started fingering her while kissing and playing with her boobs. She suddenly became stiff and I knew she was about to cum. I increased my speed. She came and bit my lip at the same time.

    Mahima got up and wanted to help me with my hard dick but the train was slowing down. So we adjusted our clothes. I helped her adjust hers and while doing so, I bent down and inserted my hand inside her skirt and pulled her sexy black panties. She was surprised and wanted to stop me but I pulled it down till her calves.

    Then I told her that it will be more fun that way. She was hesitant at first but after looking at my naughty smile, she agreed. I removed her panties completely and took a sniff of her intoxicating fluids. Then I put it in my pocket.

    She too looked at me and smiled naughtily. I walked up to her held her waist kissed her lips and spanked her ass and whispered that after getting out, she has to take care of my cock or otherwise we are not leaving today while smiling cunningly. She said, “Ok”.

    Then I let her get down before me. Mahima got down and I saw her ass bouncing. She was walking in front of me while I was watching her huge ass sway from left to right. She noticed I was not with her so she looked back and blushed as she saw me looking at her ass. I walked towards her and hugged her.

    As I was looking around, I saw that a passenger train was at the station which was supposed to depart in about an hour. So, I whispered something in her ear. She first blushed but then nodded immediately afterward.

    Readers, sorry for being too descriptive at times. I will continue how I made her help with my cock.

    Do let me know of your opinions. I will be waiting for feedback of my first story.

    Bhabhis and aunties can also contact me for chat and enjoyment at my email id or hangout on the same id – [email protected] or kik moomomoon27_

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