Indian Sex Stories Di Develops Hots For Neighbour – Pt 2 (Innocent Play Gets Sexual)

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    Di Develops Hots For Neighbour – Pt 2 (Innocent Play Gets Sexual)

    Hello friends, this is your friend hardman back with the second part of the story. If you have not read the first part, please read it from the above link. Thank you friends for your response to my previous story. I was so overwhelmed that I decided to pen down the second part soon. In the morning, Nisha casually went to Harsh’s house and she approached Harsh’s mom for some work.

    Seeing this, Harsh’s face went pale thinking that Nisha was going to complain to his mother. Nisha knew this and was enjoying it. She spoke for some time with his mother while Harsh was behind the door listening to the conversation.

    He got relaxed when he heard the conversation was about some different matter. Meanwhile, Nisha’s work was over and as she moved out of the kitchen, she noticed Harsh peeking from the door.

    She approached him and whispered in his ears, “I liked the story”, and went off. Harsh was in utter confusion about what just happened and couldn’t figure it out. After some time, he understood but wasn’t sure that if Nisha meant that she was ok with it.

    The whole day passed, Harsh kept thinking about the incident. At night about 11:00 pm, he got a message from Nisha.

    Nisha – Hello.
    Harsh – Hi.

    Nisha – Slept?
    Harsh – No.

    Nisha – How did you come to know about this?
    Harsh – What?

    Nisha – Duffer, sex stories.
    Harsh – Friends.

    Nisha – Oh, I see.
    Harsh – Yes.

    Nisha – Since when did you develop a liking for me?
    Harsh – Childhood.

    Nisha – What?!
    Harsh – Yes, di.

    Nisha – Why?
    Harsh – You are so beautiful!

    Nisha – Acha.
    Harsh – Yes, di. I like you a lot.

    Nisha – What are the things you have imagined with me?
    Harsh – Everything.

    Nisha – Everything what?
    Harsh – I want to hug you, kiss you, and love you.
    Nisha – Ok.

    Harsh – Will you allow me?
    Nisha – Let’s see.
    Harsh – Ok, di.

    Nisha – Acha. Do you have a whitener?
    Harsh – Yes, di.

    Nisha – Acha, I need it. Come to the balcony.
    Harsh – Ok, di.

    (Their balcony was attached).

    Harsh went to the balcony and Nisha was standing their in a sleeveless low necktop and her sexy deep cleavege was clearly visible. When Harsh approached to give the whitener, she bent towards railing of the balcony to take it. Her cleavage was more clearly visible now and Harsh starting staring it with open mouth.

    Nisha caught harsh staring and withdrew herself and stood back and whispered, “What are you staring at?”

    He got afraid and again said, sorry. Nisha laughed and said, “I am kidding”.

    Again Harsh approached and this time, she took the whitener and Harsh made sure not to stare at her boobs. She thanked him and asked him to come closer as if to whisper something. He came closer and Nisha gave a small peck on his cheek and ran back in her room. Harsh couldn’t take all this and was flabbergasted.

    He went to his room and saw there was a message on his phone which read: Goodnight. Sleep well ❤️.

    He replied, “Di, good night and love you. Hug you tight, kiss you long, cuddle you and sleep with you ”.

    This was too much for Harsh. He zipped down his pant, took out his tool and started fondling it with Nisha’s image in mind. What struck him, he sent one of his favorite stories of sex with neighbour to Nisha. Nisha acknowledged it and said, “Thank you”. Harsh messaged again saying, “Let’s enjoy it together in our respective rooms”.

    Both of them started reading the story at the same time. Harsh was fondling his tool, Nisha was rubbing her pussy and they slept after they were done. This continued for a few days and Nisha use to occasionally give a peck on Harsh’s cheeks while Harsh was still shy to do so.

    A week later, Harsh went to Nisha’s house in the morning and Nisha was sleeping at that time. Nisha’s mom asked Harsh to go and wake up Nisha.

    As Harsh approached, he was mesmerized with Nisha’s cute sleeping face and quietly went and gave a peck on her cheeks.

    Nisha immediately opened her eyes and Harsh was caught! But she gave a cute smile and with her sleepy eyes, signaled him to come closer. As he did so, she gave a long smooch on his lips and Harsh too responded to her after a few seconds. Harsh immediately got a boner and in order to hide it, he immediately went back to his house.

    At night, Nisha texted: “I wish you could wake me up everyday similarly” and Harsh replied, “Why not, di.”

    But Harsh had become confident and had something else in his mind and so did Nisha.

    Nisha woke up little early the next day but remained in her bed waiting for Harsh. She opened her shorts as well as panty and was only in her loose top without her bra.

    Meanwhile Harsh made a plan to hug Nisha that day. He took a rubber lizard in his pocket and told Nisha’s mom that he was going to surprise and frighten Nisha with a lizard and wake her up and so he would close the door of her room so that she can’t even run and shout. Her mom agreed thinking it to be kids’ innocent play.

    As he entered the room, he quietly closed the door and went beside Nisha. He first kissed her lips and started caressing her cheeks and neck and slowly climbed on the bed. Nisha kept her eyes closed and kept reciprocating to the kiss. As harsh went inside the blanket to hug her, his legs felt the bare thigh of Nisha.

    Nisha started kissing more vigorously and Harsh wanted to see if she was wearing anything below. As he crawled his one hands near her thighs, he felt a small bush and his penis was fully erect and tight realizing that his di was naked below!

    He started caressing the bush and unable to control, Nisha took harsh’s hands and guided his middle finger inside the pussy which was flowing with fluids. Harsh started inserting deep in her pussy and rubbing the clitoris.

    Meanwhile, she grabbed Harsh’s hot dick from his pant and started to shag it. They started to pleasure each other while kidding at the same time. Both of them tightened their grip and came together. Both hugged each other tight and quickly dressed up realising that they were in home.

    Harsh went back to his house and the rest is history. Now you know what must have happened next. Sex sessions all day, in the store room, terrace and whenever and wherever they got the opportunity.

    So this was my friend’s story. Feel free to express your views about the story. Girls and bhabhis from Kolkata can ping me up at [email protected] for fun rides. Privacy guaranteed. Thank you, friends.

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