Indian Sex Stories 10 Most Popular Indian Sex Stories Of The Month – April 2018

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    10 Most Popular Indian Sex Stories Of The Month – April 2018

    Find below the 10 most read and popular Indian sex stories published on ISS in the month of April 2018.

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    1. An Indian Mother’s Concern

    By EroticFantasies

    In this sex story, the author’s mom submits herself to the author so that it would give him joy in their hard life.

    “I heard you on the phone.” she said, and I stopped talking. “I even saw you the other day, in the kitchen. I know how desperate you are… for…” mom bit her lower lip sexily. “I’ve even seen how you look at me. When I come out of the bath, when I bend down to sweep the floor.” mom unzipped her nighty slowly. I could see her dark cleavage in the light coming in from the streetlight outside.

    She gently took my hand and placed it on her tit and squeezed it. “and I thought, what better way to repay my darling son than giving him what he wants.”…Read the complete story an Indian mom’s sacrifice for the happiness of her son.

    2. Playing With Indian Bhabhi

    By samdavid1108

    Sexstory of author’s playful, lustful relationship with my brother’s wife, an Indian bhabhi.

    The first time I had lustful intentions about my Indian bhabhi was when I saw her cleavage while she was cleaning the house. She was about 5ft 5 inches tall, wheatish color and was slim at the time of marriage. I didn’t care about measurements back then. All I did was look at her white bosoms whenever she was cleaning the house. I knew the exact timings, once in the morning and once I’m the evening. I would watch the cleavage, go home and masturbate thinking of her. This started as a harmless attraction in my teenage. I would sneak into their bathroom and sniff her dirty panties and bra. The smell still gives me a high…Read the hot story of a young guy’s fantasy of fucking his bhabhi getting fulfilled.

    3. My Hot Mother Malini and Me

    By pnabhiram

    Abhiram’s sexual encounter with his beautiful mother.

    She pinched my cheek hard. “Sssshhaaa.. why are you pinching so hard. “That is the punishment”. “Really? then I will tell again and again you pinch me..”, I said teasing her.

    “Cha.. cha.. buddi leni vedhava.. intiki pada nee pani chebuthanu..” (chi chi.. mannerless fellow.. let us go home I will take care of you”. “What will you do?” I teased her again. “That you will know when we go home. Now drive calmly. There is traffic on the road. I drove the vehicle feeling and enjoying the soft firm touch of her boobs on my back.

    Oh! Yes readers. What you read is correct. She is my mother. She is the most beautiful woman. Very, very attractive and sexy also. As I said I am 23 and my mom is 40 years. she is from the village atmosphere. So her father married her when she is only 16 years to a man who is 12 years elder to her…Read the hot story of a young guy’s sexual adventure with his mother.

    4. Aleema – My Innocent Hot Mother In Law

    By SalimAli

    An incest story about how Salim seduced his innocent hot Mother in law.

    While I was carrying her, my hand was on the side of her right boobs and it was pressing my hands as it was huge and trying to pop out. When I looked her face I saw her boobs jiggling in the walking from the top of her nighty. I saw the whitish flesh of her boobs and both boobs were like fighting each other. That is when I realized that my cock has started to erect and since I had worn my underwear it was not clearly seen by my wife coming behind me. I entered the bedroom and made her lay in the bed. My wife sat beside her and asked about her pain and she was saying that she had pain in the buttocks as she hit her ass on the floor while falling. I was standing beside her and that was when I realized the hidden beauty of my mother-in-law. She was breathing pretty heavily and her boobs were going up and down due to it. The shape of her thighs was seen from the shape of her nighty. Her thighs were really big and fat and she had an awesome shape in the hips…Read the hot story of an incest adventure between a guy and his mother-in-law.

    5. Exploring Friend’s Hot Wife

    By KavinKumar

    How I took full advantage of my friend’s hot wife.

    Smitha: I need job and sex. I am ready to do anything with you. Just get me a job and make me happy once again. My in laws are asking me for kids. But my husband is not having sex with me because of my problem.

    Me: I understand your situation but…
    Smitha: No but….

    She suddenly started coming close and hugging me. We were becoming hot. I wanted to stay calm but being a man, I was finding difficult to hold it. Her lips were so hot and attracting me. I got her lips and kissed her first time. She too cooperated smooth and it ended in 2-3 minutes. We stopped and looked at each other eyes. Her eyes were saying everything. I don’t understand why her husband was not having sex just because she lost her job. Women should be respected for their character and love not for their job and salary. Not only him, there are many husbands / bf’s chasing money while they leave their women. Or they don’t respect her feelings. I understood Smitha was upset and wanted some helping hand both in job and sex. I thought not to leave her in this mindset…Read this story of a guy cheating with his friend’s hot wife.

    6. My Intimate Sex With Mom

    By iammfkr

    Sexstory of how after a lot of trying, I managed to have an intimate sex session with my mom.

    One night when she was sleeping deeply, I made my effort to open her blouse hooks and saw her boobs and nipples. Nipples were dark brown in colour. That made me more desperate to have her. Next few days I thought of touching her mouth with my cock and felt very happy and did it, but second time while doing so, she woke up and scolded me. With all these attempts and scolding, I came to know that she knows my intentions but she is not taking any initiative. While I am doing all these things for many years and she started missing her sex for more than 10 years.

    I started reading incest stories and seeing incest porn. Finally, I decided that I need to try something different to have my mom. I also wanted to help her physically since she may be starving for sex due to the inability of my dad due to his sickness. One day she and I were at home in the afternoon. I went to her and said, mom, my dick is paining, can you please check? I took it out, it got hard and I started shaking it. She said, go to the bathroom and do it, not in front of me. But I masturbated in front of her only. She again scolded me and said I am your mom, don’t try this on me…Read this story of a a guy seducing his mom to satisfy his lust.

    7. My First Sex Teacher, My Sister

    By cutie.sneha

    How I learned masturbation from my sister and how she became my sex teacher.

    This was my first porn experience and I was curious. I watched the girl play with her pussy and make noises. The same kind of noises my sister made in the bathroom. I watched for 5 minutes and then paused the video and turned to my sister. She was definitely blushing. So I asked her:
    Me: What is this?
    Priyanka: Masturbation video.
    Me: What does that mean?

    Priyanka: When you are excited sexually and want to release tension it helps.
    Me: So this is what you do in the bathroom?
    Priyanka: Yes. (not looking into my eyes)
    Me: I have never done this. Could you teach me please?….Read this story of a girl learning all about porn and sexual pleasures from here sister.

    8. I Seduced My Aunt

    By Aaryankhanna5691

    How I seduced my Aunt and we spent some quality together.

    When I looked down I found it was my aunt’s feet. I felt like omg !!! What is she up to… After sometime when everyone was busy having the meal she suddenly winked me and gave a naughty smile. I was awestruck. Then she got up from her seat and started walking towards the washroom which was at a distance from where we were sitting. I was watching her and she signaled me to go to her. I pretended to receive a phone call and got up from the table. When I reached the washroom she came out and we were staring at each other with eyes full of lust. When I looked at her boobs, the top two buttons of her blouse were open. My heart was pounding heavily but I tried to act normal. She asked me how are they, I said can’t say without seeing them properly. She gave a naughty smile and started walking towards the table. I was having goosebumps, I understood that now I can have her on bed very soon. We joined our family members on the table…Read this story of a guy getting lucky with his hot aunt who was also horny.

    9. The April Fool’s Day Prank Leads To Sex With Teacher

    By Mr.MVA

    Sexstory about a student and his female teacher who got intimate on April Fool’s Day!

    Her building came and then she asked if I would come in to have a glass of buttermilk. I agreed. We entered her apartment, I sat there for awhile and then she changed into her nightie. I could clearly see that she had removed her bra as her melons were hanging. She came with 2 glasses and a jug filled with buttermilk. She gave me the glass and bent down to pour the buttermilk and man! I could clearly see her boobs. What a beautiful scene it was.

    Suddenly I came to my senses and realized that she caught me looking at her boobs. She then took the glass from my hand. I was going to apologize but she kept her hand on my mouth so I could not speak. She removed her and my clothes. Looking her naked my dick became fully erect. She sat on her knees and started giving me a handjob. The feeling was so good that I closed my eyes and suddenly I could feel her lips on my dick head. She started blowing me off, and as it was my first time I cummed over her face…Read to find out how, having sex with teacher was not on his cards when he played the silly prank on her and how it all came true.

    10. Sex With My Friend’s Starved Mother

    By r9176427342

    Story of how I satisfied my friend’s horny mom when we were alone.

    Well, I find you attractive and sexy, the moment I start thinking about you I get a boner. I shamelessly replied, hoping that I don’t get kicked out of her house.

    Hmm, Is that True? Yes! So, Tell me, Rahul, what do you like about me?
    I knew I was on the right track, I replied, Your breasts, your ass.

    Now I was so worked up I could n’t stand it anymore.Sensing this Monisha moved even closer and put her hand on my shoulder as my dick got harder, Monisha could see the bulge in my pants starting to grow larger. I asked her why she asking these questions, then Monisha said: “Rahul my husband is away for years, I’ve not been with a man since.”

    “But, you’re so pretty, There will be many men who would be knocking on your door if you…Read this hot story of a young guy getting lucky with his friend’s attractive mom.

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